DRAMA& DANCE listings



Orwell Terrace. 3-16 1405. [Accessz I’PA. I.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. G. C] Ticketline: 220-1349.

Rings Of Time Wed I7 Jun. 7.3()pni.I-‘ree..»\ tiew play Iot‘ yottiig people by Edinburgh-based writer Tom .‘schrath. Part of the Iidinburgh International Festival's educational outreach programme. the show examines the nature of tragedy. and is lolloyycd by a discussion with the playyy right.

TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 22% l-IU-l. 'Ivl'. lAccess: l.. Facilities: \\’(‘. \\'S. H. (i. (‘l (‘losed Mons.

Valley Song Until Stiti l4 .Itiii. Rpm. £8 (£4). Athol litigard's exploration of conflicting generations iii the new South Africa is performed by 7:84 Theatre Company. Set in a dusty y'alley'. Abraam Jonkers plants pumpkin seeds while his grandaugliter Veronica yearns for lite as a singer in the city.

Five Wed I7 Sun 21 Ill”. Spin. £7 (£3.50). A unique poetryr’theatre eyent as John llegley. a man described on more tltan one occasion as ‘coniedy's poet laureate'. presents the world premiere ol fire. which may or may not be set in ancient Rome. See preyiew. page ()2.

Working Legs Sat 20 Jun. 7.3(ipiit. to (£3). See review. page (i5 and Touring.



Musselburgh. (iofi 224i). [Accesst l.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. (i. (‘. Help: AA] Morag Alexander School Of Dancing School Show l’ntil Tue lb .lun tnot Stiii [4). 7.30pm. Sat l3 mat 3pm. co (£4). Annual showcase ol' btidtliiig talents. Rainbow Rider Thu 25- Sat 27 Jun. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). A community theatre adaptation of a Name American legend using dance. drama. puppets and masks.

EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘) (i()()(). [Access2 l.. l‘acilities: \\'(‘. \\'S. AS. II. (‘. 'I'. Help: A]

Nederlands Dans Theater 2 Tim

ll Sat l3 .Iun. 7.30pm. £5.50 LIT/’50 (£4.50 £ I450). ()iie ol the world's outstanding young dance companies brings a repertoire of sis pieces on the

first of two \‘isils to lidinburgli this year.

The bill includes ('ii liti/lo. Suites 0/ .Il Ilitr/urt'r. l’tl.\.\(tlll(’ffll. Sui/(11w. Sit/it /\)(;/’(’ll.\(' iiiot Sat) and Sti/uiiitt/i/ti/l iSal only).

NORTHERN STAGE presents the new production from ALAIN PLATEL

' Alain Platel & Roel Dieltiens

es Ballets C de la 8 / Ensemble Explorations

'16 8t 17 June ra 8pm NEWCASTLE PLAYHOUSE NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE Tickets: Eé-EIO BOX OFFICE [0191] 230 5151

68 TNElIST li—ZS Jun 1998


. '.I'.'. t‘,'d

Seat of power:



Ktldruui. (‘uiiibernauld tum 73387. 'l'l‘. |.»\ccess: l’l’A. l,. ST. R. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. (i. (‘. Help: A. AA] Stagestruck! Thu | l ck Hi I: .Itin. 7.45pm. £4 til). (‘unibernauld Youth Theatre showcases its talents in a night of music. poetry. Shakespeare and comedy

Ernie's Incredible Hallucinations Thu 18 Sat 3t) .lun. 7.45pm. £4 (£3). (‘tinibernauld .Itinior Youth Theatre presents Alan Ay ckbotirne's play about Iirnie. a boy of incredible imagination.

\y hose ey'ery thought becomes real.

The Granny Knot Hi I‘) Jtiii. 7.45pm. to (£4). I-iona Knowles plays the disgruntled old woman in Rona Munro‘s monologue. A comic and compassionate look at a journey through IlIt‘. MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE

L'niy'ei'sity of Stirling. Stirling. t)i7.s'o ~lol()8l. [Access: I’. I’I’A. I.. R. Facilities: \\'(.‘. \\'S. H. (il

Leaves Among Thorns t'nttl suit 1.) Jun. .\'ot Mons. Noon -5pni. l‘ree. last chance to see I( )I' 'I‘heatre’s installation. which retells some ol~ the (irinim Brothers' fairy tales in an iiiiioyati\e way. A colourful forest oi trees is installed in the .\IacRobert studio. each with its own story to tell in its own way. The leay'es are coyered in words and rich images limit the stories. and a soundtrack oi rustling Ioliage. bird song and distant thunder adds to the

attiios there.

Working Legs 'l‘hu ll Jun. 7..‘~optii to (£3). See I'L‘\‘|c‘\\. page ()5 and Touring. The Aspern Papers ’l‘ltu 251m. 7.30pm. £7 tUSII). See New Show s. page b3 and Touring



Kildruin. ('uinbeinatild. ill: Vs 733357 IAccess. I’I’A. l.. S'l‘. R. I~acilittes1 \\'('. \\'S. H, (i. (’. Help: A. AA]

Jaleo Sat It) .ltiii. 7.45pm £7 Hell). It. Spanish llaiiienco is your thang. get ieady tor some iaiigliiig. loot-stomping t'tiii \\lIIl .laleo. the sensational Spanish llanieiico tlanccis lalco use dance. song. guitar and hand-clapping to create a y l\ id and passionate spectacle.


l'niyeisity ol Stiiling. Stirling. HIRSo JOIIIXI. I.-\c‘cessi I’. I’I’:\. I . R I'.thIllIcs. \\'(‘. \\'S. II. (l. ('l

Freshmess Mon 15 Jun, 7 ‘sopnt c“ H.350). Young. all-inale company

. ‘: at-y N g'vc{§%§§§' “Ex. ‘1 x ‘fi

Kevin Howell as Humpty Dipsy in Alasdair Gray's Working Legs, on tour this fortnight

('onibo is led by Stirling-born cliot'eographci'. Alan li‘y inc. Frey/intuit is (IL‘IIillllI) contemporary. inising tip breakdance \s ttli body popping to sainpled bcalbosing and l).ling. It‘s like that and that's the way it is

At The Movies Sat so It”). 3..)tiptti tk 7pm. £5 SOILISIII. local ballet students present a dance estray agan/a.

This section lists all future dates in the Central Belt of shows that are on tour.

The Aspern Papers Rea .s‘Iitit ‘I'Iteatte ('oinpany specialises in adaptations ol~ classic iioyels. haying turned its hand to IIllfJU-S /.('\ .I/IH'I'tI/h’tw ilIItI .\i\'I\IIIL‘i\ lit/rile/ii' iii the past. ('liaiices are yoti'ie on to a good thing it you go and see their production ot Ileniy .Iaiiiess tale about eliess. poetry and other obsessions

('all Red SIIIII oii Ill—’I tIc‘lalIs.

See New Show s. page h i.

li’i'tuilou l/It’tll/‘t'. .l/iiywlliii/e/i I'll l‘,’ R Sat 2i) .Itin. 7. Wth

.llttt It’o/it'lt .'II'I\ (’t'iilit'. Stir/tire Thu 35 Jun. 7,‘st)pni.

flied/re IliiiAy/io/i, la/iii/im'e/i I‘ll I!) t\ Sat 27 .ltiit. Spin.

The Exhibitionists l)eiry -based company Ritlictiltisnitis show case their tiadeinaik clowning comedy iii this absuidist play. ’I’yyo security guards in a gallery ol niotletn ait pass the time is ith balliooni dancing lessons. clothes swapping and episodes ol (loo/iti/iitii .Vlit't'l. ('all Ritlictilttsnitts on IIIFIH r350“ loi details See New Show s. page ()3. Ke/i'i/iei'uit' ,II'I (iii/It'll, (i/titeoit Mott l5 R ltie lb .Itin. Illaiii Spit)

(VIII/t r //'it tilit'. (Hate-mi. Wed I" t\ 'I'Iiti 35 Ill“. Spin.

I’lit'til/t' Iliiil \/Ir',", /..".'/i."i.'i':"i Thu 3 Sat J Jul. Spin

Working Legs Alasdair (it .t_\ 's ti'agt-coniedy \\IIIIL‘I) specially It)! (ilasgoyy is disabled theatre company Birds ( )l I’aiadise. 'l'he i‘Iay concerns Able .'\Ic.\lanii. condemned by a neat- I‘atal car siiiasli condeniiis to walk about iii a world where most aie c ontlottable in \ylteelcliaiis

('all Buds ( )t‘ I’ai'adise on Ulsll <53. I-I‘II tot details

See rey lL‘\\s. page ()5

l/tit It’u/it'II .II‘M (.( Illlt'. Stu/iii: 'I’Iiti I I Illll. 7..“Il‘lll

l/(II t'l'\t’ //It‘tlllt. 7.30pm

.lumt'i .II/II'H Hint/it. (it'tiieuzt \Ved 3-1 t\‘ Thu 3* Jun. liilpni; I’ll 2o tk Sat _7"

.Illll. 1.30pm

‘78 U787 Itii'

/..//i:/iiue/i Sat 2‘) Int).