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Quiz Show Edinburgh: The Stand, Weds, 9pm it y. it a: What was the name of Steptoe & Son’s horse? Who did Robert De Niro play in The King Of Comedy? If you neither know nor care to know the answers to these questions, then this is not a show for you. If, however, you are scratching your head and racking your brain, get down to The Stand at the next available opportunity. For only £1 you can take part in this mutant hybrid of pub quiz and comedy show, presided over by the Buddha of Bathgate, Bill Dewar. Six rounds of questions about comedy may sound punishing, but it benefits enormously from Dewar’s constant jokes, opinions and occasional tangential reminiscences. Video and audio rounds help maintain variety and if your knowledge of comedy trivia is found wanting there's a caption

competition that can prove decisive.

Seated at a table festooned with tacky 'comedy artefacts' collected

from car boot sales, Dewar has already attracted a small but fervent crowd. He takes great delight in tormenting his regular audience with frequent running gags that induce a brand of hysteria all his own. There’s also fun to be had observing the bemused tourists who have gamely joined in, only to be faced with a slew of questions about On The Buses.

The winner scoops everyone’s entry fees, so the more competitors the better the prize so far it has ranged from £12 to £43 . ’Of course,’ as Dewar has put it, ’the fewer people here, the more chance you’ve got of winning, so you can't lose.’ The numerous runner-up prizes have run the gamut from a magnificent 1Slb bag of garlic to an elderly brie and avocado sandwich, ‘very popular with lesbians, I understand,’ claimed Dewar.

You may leave empty-handed, but you're guaranteed a uniquely funny couple of hours. Answers: Hercules and Rupert Pupkin. (Rory Ford)

l Bill Dewar also appears w/th SIM/i Henri/gar) Ill Bx/l ’n' Bibi/l"; {it} flight in», (’L’t‘l'j,’ Tuesday (lawn/:3, whit: lit; ’6 /(.’/l

Not the Spanish Inquisition: quizmaster Bill Dewar



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Comedy is listed by date, then by city. Shows will be listed, providing that details reach our offices at least ten da sin advance of publication. Come y listings compiled by Peter Ross.


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Christie's Comedy Cellar \\'.J. t‘hnsnt- tk Stilt. 27-1“ \Vesl l’ort. 'litc'lxels: 330 (i550. 9.30pm (doors open 0pm). Lil 1U). Well established club at the heart of the local scene. Suxanne l‘l';t\t‘l eoniperex a night of laughter featuring (‘raig (‘rookston and Dougg} l)uttlop. 'l‘liere l.\ a special headliner tonight in the town ol' Miehael Redmond l'roin l'tll/t't r /u/

The Stand 5 York Place. 558 “'27:.

‘) llpni ltlt)t)l\ open 8pm l. l bl; l2lixalieth (‘harhonneau l.\ a (’lneago horn comic on the l.ondon eireuil It‘lt‘l'l'c'tl in l‘} lllt‘ l/lt‘h/tlllt/ .\'t".i \ ;t\ 'llta‘ \xiteh ol' \\ll.. Support eoniex liotn Hill l)e\\ar. .»\die ('and John .\le( itltllllc'\\, .loon lli‘oon eoniperex and there's an Upc‘ll \‘Ptll.



Your chance to help judge the 1998 Perrier Awards for comedy AND win a crate of champagne Held every year during the Edinburgh Festival, the Perriers are the UK's most coveted awards for comedy.

As in previous years, The List has joined forces with Nica Burns, the director of the Perrier Awards, to offer one of

our readers a chance to join the ten-strong judging panel.

Your mission would be to see up to 50 shows [all tickets are free) and take part in judging meetings. You’ll help decide ~who wins the Perrier Awards for Best Comedian and Best Newcomer; and at the end your efforts will be rewarded with twelve bottles of champagne to help soothe your aching laughter muscles.

70 , :* lug ' it-


If you think you know a tickled rib from a pickled fig, and have plenty of free

4“ . time during the last three weeks of August, write to us now. Tell us in about 250 words what’s good and bad about comedy, and why you’d be the right person for the job.

Send your entry, including name, address and daytime


telephone number to:




Entries should arrive by Friday 3 July

Last year's winners: The League of Gentlemen (left),

and best newcomer Milton Jones (right)