Get down

l‘iink t“.\s‘|i. Past. present. future. with a late-drinking. iiae (laticm' policy brought to you by .\larky P. et al.

I Cubana Chant at Hay ana.

Spin midnight. Free. An evening of easy latin. |.atin-ia// and Iain) funk from Simon Hodge (( ‘ltib Latino) and Charlie liiiiiat). pltix guests.

I Cul De Sac ('iil De Sac liar. ‘) I lpm. l-ree. Diarmid and Steve play mg aii acroxx»the~board llli\ of 'Siinday‘ tunes from tripped-out [.t// to drum 'n' bass. I Divine at lirel. S30 llpiii. Andrew and Alan l)i\ itie ((ilaxgow School Of Art) play you the stuff they play for lltc‘lttsc‘lyt‘s .tl ltUlttc‘. RL‘II'U \Utll. HUNT} (jentry. llit)\ ie theinex. etc. Pre-club.

I Disco Extravaganza. at l‘tiry

.\ltirry ’x. Ilpm» 3am. £3 (£2). Sttidcnty night of party tunes from DJx Da\e and Phil. -\ll drinks £|

I Optimo .it The Stib Cltib. llpiii—3aiii. £4 (£3 ), l5reakbeat electro. driy itig Detroit and 80x xy nthpop from yer hoxts Jilkex and Hatch plus live bands and lilm events. All drinks £l before midnight.

I Please Yourself at Trash. llpiii—3am. £5 (£3 ). Ste\ ie Smith \\ lll‘. a mellow Sunday nn\ front t'iink. xoiil. swing and liip hop to garage

I Post Pride Party at The Polo Lounge. llpiii -3.nn. l4 Jun only £5. Dana International. the Israeli Tratixse\ual litiroy txion winner binigx the Pride weekend celebrationx to a close. Quite predictably eyeryone who DJs at The Polo are having a shot (Michelle. Ina and John) xo espect a completely insane night. Get there early folks. especially as the place ix open ax a bar before I Ipni and ix free to get iii.

I Reggae Vibrations at The l3lit Noie Club (Basement). I().3()pni—3am. £2. .\'ew weekly reggae night from DJ Jake who has been working the Glasgow reggae scene for a while now playing real roots reggae. but this ix hix firxt residency.

I Shirley's Temple at Archaox. llpiii~3atii £5 (£3) A trippy mi\ of camp theatricalx and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston.

joined on the last Sunday of the month by Maggie from Joy. Paul 'l’iaytior iii Bar l with R&B. hip hop. xw ing and xoiil. Drinks promos.

I Sorted at The ('athotixe.

l0.30pm 3am. £2 l .50; free before ll.30piii). liidie/altet'native \ ibe with drinks promos.

I Squat at The .-\partment. llpiii 3am. £5. Night of e\trcme aural pleasure with Cris Bigll/ll and Jim Hutchixon going for NH) tolerance of commercial trackx and opting for deep electro. hoiixc and techno. iisti'a sound and £l drink promox.

I Straight Ahead at .\te(‘huill‘x \y'ay ()tit West. 8—l lpm. l-ree. Goodfoot mob and friends play ing an extremely diverse selection of soul. iau. ftiiik and dub. Check otit the related L'ptight night at the Bedsit fortnightly too.

I Velvet Rooms llpiii—3am. £5. Martin Hesketh iii Room ()ne. playing mellow hip hop. xw ingbeat and classic soul. Alan Ronald in Room Two. with at) open mix from classic houxe to xoul. All driiikx £ 1.


I Academia De Salsa at Porters.

(i.30- l0.30pm. Highly popular xalxa classes. Absolute beginnerx 6.30—8.30pm; beginnerx 8.30— (0.30pm. No partner required. Pie-club.

I Burn at The Apartment. I Ipnt—3ain. £3. DJs Norm and Richard with the good-time party gt'ooy ex they iixed to provide at Jet. ()0p drinkx promox.

I Echo Beach at The Polo Lounge. 9.30—midnight. Free. DJ .loii playing classic 80x retro with a touch of pttiik and

I Handbag Factory at Tin Pan Alley. ll.30pni—3ani. £3 (£2 ). DJ Stella with the big handbag/hardbag tunex. All di inks £ l .50.

I Speedracer at The Garage. l0,30piii-3am. £3 (£2). Steven iiiisex up a few indie-dance classics atid retro tunes for a buxy. tip-for-it crowd in the main room. Drinks promox.

to some freakbeat electro with Jilkes and Hatch (above) at Optimo, Sun at the Sub Club Glasgow.


I Academia De Salsa at l’ot'lei's.

(v.30 l0.3()piii. Highly popular xalxa claxxex. Beginnerx (r30 3.30pm; iiitei'iiiediate advanced 3.30 I0.3t)pm. No partner required. Pie-club.

I Brazilica at llayatia ()pm midnight l'i'ee. Night of lira/than (lance muxic with DJ 'l‘liaixxa Domingox and a free dance class at ()pm. Music ranges from -\i.i Ketti. (‘lnco (’exai to (‘aelano \'eloxa. plus all the latest laiiibada and samba reggae sounds fresh fioiii thix year's carniy al season.

I Buffo at The l3th Note ('ltib (ground floor). llpiii 3am. £ l. .ler (from Dawxon) hitx the turntables w itli some iioixy guitars. dub. drum 'n' bass. hip hop and iai'ring unrelated clitnikx of folk music from around the globe.

I Ceroc Dance at The l'ndergi‘ound 7.30- lt).3()pin. £4.50 l £3.50). Ceroc ix an easy -to-learn. modern _|l\ e with classes here ey ery week. Beginners are welcome. No dance experience is required and you don't need to bring a partner as the teaching methods ensure e\eryone mises together. Ni) need to book. either.

I Eden at The \'el\ et Rooiiix. llpiii—3am. £3 (£2 ). Alan Ronald plays Britpop in Room ()ne and Scott .\lckay playx mellow house in Room Two. Drinks ii'oinox.

I Flun at The |.iine. llpiii--3am. £3 (£2). Student chai'ty. party mix with \odka. Wild Turkey and promo beers all for 70p.

I Pump at Archaox. llpiii~-3ani. £4 (£2.50). Paul Traynor with Rtvli. xwiiig and dance. Drinks promox.

I Jojo's at Tin Pan Alley. ll.30pm— £3 (£2). DJ Stella playing a club xoundtiack to a principally gay crowd.

I Qure at The Queen Margaret L'nion. 10pm—2am. Free before llpiii. £3 (£2 members). Contemporary indie. pop and chart. QML' cloxex for the summer 26 Jun.

I Shooting Stars at The Garage. llpiii—3am. £3 (£2). lnsane. drunken xhetianigans eased along nicely by the

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charty choons ofGerry and Iain in the main room. Staggering drink promos. I The Shimmy Club at Bennets. ll.30pm—3am. £3 l .50). Raymond Davren‘s party-type affair at the straight night in this gay venue. Drinks promos. I T.|.T at Trash. 10.30pin—3am. £2. Studentish night featuring DJ Rory with house classics and future anthems in Room One; Grahame with student faves in Room Two; and extra beats in Room Three. Drinks promos.


I 705 Wonderland at The Caihouse. llpiii—3am. £2 (£l.50; free before ll.30pin). Seventies disco and funk with drinks promos.

I Bennets I l.30pin—3ani. £2.50. DJ Sara with upbeat dance. Drinks promos. I Big Daddy at The |3th Note Club. llpiii—3am. £ l. Big Daddy ensures us he's presenting ‘a half-nelson of funk. jazz. hip hop and petite beats' every week so make of that what you will.

I Chopper at Archaos. l0.30pin«3.30am. £4 (£2.50). House. 00s disco arid pop from Jim da Best and hip hop/rap night Juice in Room Two once a month. Drinks promos.

I Club Havana at Bar San/a (below R.(i's). Spin-tindnight. Free. l7 Jtiii and fortnightly. DJ Jazz. and his Latin extravaganza that is Cltib Havana. complete with all manner of hot and saucy dancing. I Cul De Sac Ctil De Sac Bar. ‘)—l lptii. Free. Richard Brown. of Glasgow‘s Sonia Records. guestiiig every week with a huge pile of white labels. Drinks promos. I Dance Cafe at The lilythswood Hall. 260 Bath Street. 7.307 l0.30pin. £4.50. l.eroc modern jive classes to chart. swing and soul. Beginners welcome.

I Elements at Trash. l lpiii—3ain. £5. l7 Jtiii and monthly. After a slew of immense guests of late the Elements crew take it back home for a residents night (xort of) with Tania Swift. Kemal. Rob 0 and Stevie playing upfront drum ‘n' bass in the main room. plus guests in the second room of the legendary A frika Bambaata and Jazzy Jay.

I Fab at Reds. llpiii-3am. £3 (£2). House and garage and anthems with a twist of soul froin DJ Skud. Drinks promos.

I Fused at The Sub Club. llpiii—3am. Weekly night of intelligent techno to hard liotixe from Domenic (iallaclier. Tangent. Stevie Donaldson and JP.

I Genetix al The l3th Note C‘tuh (basement). I lpm--3am. £2 New night from the crew who brought you lilenients. with Rob (3 and Kemal -- two of the moxt impressive drum 'n' bass DJx in the city - bringing you the fittest cuts from the county's better labels. plus their own dub plates. Hear the future of Scottish drum 'n' bass here. 2-1 Jun they welcome down Scotland's top drum 'n' bass promoters Manga (Edinburgh) featuring DJ Kid and G Mac.

I Jengaheads at The Living Room. Opin—midnight. Free. Mainly big beat session with some daft tunes thrown in for good measure. all from the Jengaheads (Paradise Island). Been rammed lately. so get down early. Red Stripe £1.50 and one house spirit ()Op. Drinks promos.

I Pushy at The Velvet Rooms. l().3()pin—3am. £3 (£2). Stevie Smith with happy house. garage and classic dance iii the main room.

I Rockin’ in a Shy Way at King Tui‘s Wah Wah Hut. 8pin—midnight. £I. The old Cantaloupe Island moves to Wednesday nights with Scrabble.

Play station. [)Js and drinks promos.

I Salsa Y Sabor at Havana. ppm—midnight. Free. Latin divas Ana (Virunga) and Shannon present a delicious blend of hard and soft salsa and merengue. plus a free Latin dance class from the Academia de Salsa at 6pm.

I Sticky Fingers at Tire Attic. l0.30pin—3ani. £2 1 ). Gerry with indie and retro sounds. Drinks promos.

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11-25 Jun 1998 "IE LIST 75