witli costumes. ceramics. lurniture and I ; l . I t I

t'tiils. Colours Of The Indus Until Still 2* .ltiti. Textiles and costumes lrotit l’akistan leattiring over lfitl pieces dating lrom the mid l‘)th century to the present day. See review. The Lost Century llrilrl Sun 5 Jul. An exhibition locusing on Japanese export porcelain til I730 lfizll. Designs For The Scottish Parliament Until Sat 20 Jun. An exhibition organised by The Scottish ()llicc show mg the otrtlirie design approaches lot the Scottish l’arlialiient building in Holyrood. Furniture Of The Future tlnttl Well 30 Sep. A display tilCotilcriipot‘at’y ltirniture by Rod (‘liisholirr and Helen McC‘oig.


l.ady Stains ('ltise. S29 J‘)l)l Moria Sat lllairr 5pm. .-\ treasure-house ol items relating to llrree oI' Scotland‘s most laniotrs writers: Robert Louis Steyensori. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.




3 Shore Road, HHS} 860705. Mon -l"ll ltlam 5pm; Sat llarii 5pm; Still 3 Spin. Figure, Form And Movement limit the 30 .ltrii. Paintings by inyited artists I'roni File and Scotland.

East Kilbride


()ltl ('oach Road. (MASS :(illlllll.

Mon Sat 10am 9pm; Sun noon ‘)pm. A Time For Dreams llltltl Sun S .lIll. Paintings by Peter Naidini which draw upon the artist's Scots-Italian background.



~12 Mar'ketgatc Sotitli. (Earl. (ll iii 450707. Mon Strli llarir 5pm (("losed 'l‘uei.

Inner Vision l'ntil Still 28 Jun. l’attrtings. ceramics and prints by yarrous artists.


lectures & events


Paintings 0n Railings Sat (3 ts Sun rt .Itlll and Sat 3t) ts Sun II It”). 9am 5pm. (ilasgow Botatiic (iartleiis. (Jtlt‘t‘ll Margaret l)ir\e. NJ 1133 Open an art lair.

Reality And Representation Sal l3 Jtrrr. 3pm. £3 (U l. ('(‘.'\. i5“ Saticlriehall Street. ‘33 753 l. .-\ symposium leaturing a patiel ol' artists. critics and l-r'erich w riter Ray mond Bellour.


Becuccio Bicchieraio I‘ll I3 .Itlll.

ILLS l.l5pni. \atrortal (iallety til Scotland. |)uiicari 'l‘ltorrison gryes a talk on .-\ndrea del Sarlo's painting,

Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory .\Itill 15 Jun. l2.-15 l.|5prii. National (iallery ol Modern Art. Bill Hate tltscusses .\laik Boy le"s painting.

John Maitland, Ist Duke Of Lauderdale Wed l7 ,ltai. ILLS l. iSpm. National l’ortrart (ialleiy Sir Peter l.ely's painting I\ ptrt under the spotlight by Michael ('assiti.

Niagra Falls From The American Side l-rr I‘) III”. I: IS l.l5prri. National (taller ol' Scotland. \'r\ren llarirrltori discusses l-iedctrc ('liurcli‘s painting. Girl Mon 33 .lun. ll 45 | ISpiii. National (iallery ol Modern .-\tt. (‘lirrsttne 'l‘hoiiipson talks about Reg Butler's painting.

George Hay, 2nd Earl Of Kinnoull Wed 24 Jun. l2 4* |.l5ptii. National Portrait (iallery. Matthew \\'ellard talks about Sir Anthony \'ari l)\ck's painting '

listings SPORT

Events are listed alphabetically by sport. then by da . Fixtures are correct at time o publication, but may be affected by weather. Sports listin s compiled by Brian

Dona dson.


Glasgow Hash House Harriers Mott IS. Quarry ltiii. Tewchar. 7.30pm. Glasgow Hash House Harriers Mon 32. (‘arbeth IllII. (‘arbetlr 7.30pm.


Saturday 13


GHK V Heriots FP ()ld .-\nniesland. (‘row Road. (ilasgow. llatii.

Grange v Dunfermline l’ottgott-cr l’lace. lidinburgh. llam.

Kelburne v West Lothian Wtiitcltattglt. Paisley. llatu.

Saturday 20


Dunfermline v Forfarshire Mels’ane l’ark. I.Iltlt.‘k'lllt\ Road. l)unlertri|iiie.

l lam.

Hillhead V Grange Ilughenden. Hughendeii Road. (ilasgow. llalii. Kelburne v Heriots FP \\‘Iittt-Iiauglt. l’aisley. llam.

Watsonians v Stenhousemuir Myreside. Myreside Road. Iitlittbtlt'gli. l lam.

West Lothian v GHK Bogliall.

lidinburgli Road. l.tltlitligow. llarn.

Wednesday 24


Scotland v Worcestershire (it-atige ('rickcl (‘lub. l’ortgow er l’lace. lidriibtirgh, Ilani.

Tartan Tent Sal I3. (ilasgtm (il'L‘CIi. 7pm. £7.50. llyotir layoured ptrb is L‘\[‘L‘Clt'tl lti haye it Hillel-llke I'llliltg. then it may bean idea to get your tickets tor the big riiatches early. Tonight sees Holland take on Belgium. lollowed by lrye music li‘onr 'l'he Abba lisperietice. 'l'he hotltrie nirliiber “03702-102013.

., .r, [(2/1

Salsa Celtica play the Tartan Tent Tue 16

Tartan Tent the Hi. (ilasgow (ireen. lprii. 1.7.50. Salsa ('eltica get things oll to a liol start at 3pm belore the crucial Scotland y Norway clash. The band return. liopeltrlly not to a deserted tent. alter the match tti warm the croth up again prior to the Bra/rlrans and Moroccans taking the lreld.

Nescafe United In The Park 'I'ue |(i. Bellahouston l’ark. (ilasgow 2.30pm. l'ree. ll you preler a boo/eli'ee L‘IIHIUIIIIIL'III m which all the lamrly can watch Scotland's grotrp matches. this is your alternalry e. .-\s well as big screen

lootball. there w Ill be a grant human table

lootball coriipelrtron. lace-painting. radar lootball and l)Js. The liotlrne number is 08707 llllll. alitl lree tickets are ayarlable now (iates open two hours beltit'c kick-till.



World Cup on TV

There's a not of lootball (It)ttt(] on in that box lit the (other of your lIVlIl(l room Ar'rrithatr supporters everywhere are in their elerrienl (IS the World Cup consumes the programme sthedules Kirk-off times fer the matches themselves are (liven here, aloog Will“ the terrestrial ( hanriels they'll appear on, but rernemher that elsewhere in the schedules, match highlights and special reports VJlll keep the Frame ’98 party rolling

THU I I Italy v Chile (S( otltsh) 11 30pm Cameroon v Austria (BBC l) 8pm

FR/ 72

Paraguay v Bulgaria (St otttsli)

I 30pm

Saudi Arabia v Denmark (BBC I l

4 30pm

France v South Africa (st otttsli) 8pm

SAT 73 Spain v Nigeria (BBC ti 1 30pm South Korea v Mexico (St ottish) 4 30pm Holland v Belgium (BBC ti 8pm

SUN 14

Argentina v Japan (St ottishi 1 30pm Yugoslavia v Iran (BBC lid 30pm Jamaica v Croatia (St otttslii 8pm

MON 75

England v Tunisia (BBC 1) 1 30pm Romania v Columbia (Sr'otrislii

4 30pm

Germany v USA (BBC 1 i 8pm

TUE 76 Scotland v Norway (St ottislii 4 30pm Brazil v Morocco (Stoltrsh) 8pm,

WED I7 Chile v Austria (BBC I l 4 30pm Italy v Cameroon (Stottishi 8pm

THU 78 South Africa v Denmark (St ottrslii 11 300m France v Saudi Arabia (BBC l) 8pm

Tartan Tent I‘t'l it). (illisgtiw (il't'L‘ll. 3pm. £7.50. Nigeria y Bulgaria and a lrrie dancing e\lrayagau/a w ttli Sydney l)eyine are the highlights today.

Tartan Tent Sat 20, (ilasgow (ireen, 3pm. £7 St). The Whyte & Mackay World's Biggest (‘eilidli with l‘artan Amoebas complements the Belgium and Mesico encounter.

Nescafe United In The Park the 23. Bellalioustori I’ark'. (ilasgow. (ipm. l-ree. Scotland y Morocco I'or all the lairrrly III an alcohol lree enyir'onmerit. See The to. Tartan Tent Tue 23. (itasgtm (it'c‘t‘ll. lptii. £7.50. It's decision day ltit the Scots with the third and linal group clash against Morocco at 8pm. Big \'errr 'n‘ The Sliootahs w ill entertain you below and alter the game. while gettrrig there early enough will ensure your enioyment ol the Italy y Aristrra clash.


Porsche Cup Race Day Sun l4. Knockhrll Racing ('ircuit. by Dunl'erinline. ()arn. Top class sports car classes III the Porsche (‘up and Classic (up. the I’m-Sport Slit) l.e Mans cars and (ilobal Light Sports (‘ars

FRI 79 Nigeria v Bulgaria (St ottrsh) cl 30pm, Spain v Paraguay (BBC 1 i 8pm

5A7 20

Belgium v Mexico (BBC lid 30pm Japan v Croatia (st ()lll‘.li) 4 30pm Holland v South Korea (St ottish) 8pm.

SUN 27

Germany v Yugoslavia (BBC I )

l 50pm

Argentina v Jamaica (St otttslii

4 30pm

USA v Iran (BBC 1) 8pm

MON 2.?

Columbia v Tunisia (BBC lid 30pm England v Romania (St otirsli) 8pm rur- 29

Chile v Cameroon or Italy v Austria (Stottrsh) 3pm

Scotland v Morocco (BBC 1) 8pm

WED 24

South Africa v Saudi Arabia or France v Denmark (BBC 1) 3pm

Nigeria v Paraguay or Spain v Bulgaria (St ottrshl 8pm

THU 25

Belgium v South Korea or Holland v Mexico (BBC Ii 3pm

USA v Yugoslavia or Germany v Iran 'St ")lll'~,lll 8pm

Hz‘/ .76

Argentina v Croatia or Japan v Jamaica tStrittrsh) 3pm

England v Columbia (BBC 1) 8pm

Bob McIntyre Classic Motorcycle Races Sat 20 tk Surer Knockhill Racing (‘rrcutt. by l)unlernilirre. ‘)ani. 'I‘wo day s ol' classic motorcycle racing with pie-(i5 scrambles. trials aiitl a bike tumble. For lurther inlornration on this eyetit call (HZ‘H 833330.

Scottish Schools Rowing Regatta Sat I3 & Stin l4. Strarhclyde (‘ountry Park.

Hamilton Road. Motherwell. 9am. Major eyenl III the tow ing calendar lor schools

and uriiyei‘sities.


Hamilton Sports Festival and Gala Day Sat l3. Bent Recreation Ground. Hamilton. l lam. Attractions include the snowboarding machine. cycle races and a high wire show Irom sortie bloke called /.ak' ('arlin'o.

Peebles Beltane Sports Sat 20. Hay Lodge l’ark. Peebles. 2pm. A varied programme ol races for cash prizes. Highland dancing. hockey and football cyetils.

Ilv2‘i Jun 1998 THE IJST87