3“" a Are you

“E 1 ST 4. Z; passionate about

\N F0“ 4,,“ ,0 Scottish Music?

Festival Street Sellers


The List is currently looking for motivated people to join our street selling team this Festival.

It you feel that you have the enthusiasm to sell The List during the Edinburgh Festival, write by Friday 17 July, giving a daytime telephone number to:

The Scottish .\lu.\ic lnl'ormation (‘entrc seeks a


to handle the da} to day running ol' the centre and to act as an expert and enthusiastic promoter ol' contemporar} Scottish music. The ideal candidate \\ ill combine a thorough and \\ ide knowledge ot‘ Scottish music \\ ith management skills Festiva' Sales Team (including tinancial systems and lurid-raising). an The List 14 High Street

Edinburgh EH1 1TE

experience ol~ working in the arts and the ability to direct a small dedicated team. l)I-:'I‘.\It.s I-‘Rmr: lion Ritan' 'l‘rrre Sco‘r'rrsrr .\lt S‘l('

[worm \‘l‘l()\ (‘l-LVI'Rl-L

THE. The Action Group need volunteers aged l Btm \|()\'|' (;\Rl)l-;\S r? lé&over to help runa summer (;|,.\s(;(m (:12 9|,R 7 proiect. Training and expenses will be TEL ("41 334 6393


given to all volunteers.

The leisure scheme is based at Leith Academy and The Calton Centre and runs between Monday 24th July and Friday 14th August 1998, tor young adults aged between T2 and 20 years with special needs.

It you would like to help please contact Val Goodwin. Tel: 013] 475 2315.

Website http://u \\ \x'.mu.\ic.g| ll'l‘Ml.l'iddc‘t/Rc‘erirecs/SMl('/homcpage.html

( 'Iusing (late: 30 June I 998

I/Ii' St nil/\l: Urn/t /I:toln.'t;.'mi: (‘i‘n'u’ I\ \.'I'!‘. 11:; In [N' in: Iii/Int." ()/’/’itl.'.'il.’l,'lt \ ('H.’/)."l’\(" - _


Production lleslgn for rum and Theatre {33; '1" Fri 24luIy-Satllu91998 ’93:,

Are you considering a More in designing tor film and theatre?

Are you a young director who wants to collaborate with designers? V_ ,_ This could he ronrour

Aimed at recent or prospective graduates in a related discipline and/or those whose cv indicates an interest in this field. It's Your snace offers you a unique opportunity to learn. experiment. explore, argue and meet like-minded people in an intensive 10 day practical workshop

WORKSHOP BDHRSE lEAllERS Sarah Paulley - Glasgow School of Art, Irina Brown - Artistic Director, Tron Theatre

Rick Stroud - Film + Television Director, Andy Harris - Production Designer A number of distinguished practitioners will be giving informal talks during the 10 day course


lilm office

90 THE “ST ii» 2‘.) Jun 1998

FEB £150

For an annlication torm, contact Gwen Stewart, 0141 552 3148

24 News

Ilcadline tor comnleted annlications is Mondav15 1m

I Work when you want and “here )ou “ant. to Hit per hour. You need a car and a telephone. ll' you're Interested. grxe the a call. Paul Williams.

ll L‘L‘plltittt‘ ()MN) 020 (th I i

I Boogie Nights llaVc _\ou tltc \auce to entice like-minded litt‘tltls.’ ll. \U. \cllllt}: t'tttllc‘ lingerie is \c\_\. prolilahle and t'nn' l'r’ec starter pack: l’axlnonx. Dept 5. l’o Btu i723. (il;t\gti\\ (i-l: ‘)Y(i_

I Wildlife conservation charity requires lllt‘llll‘t‘lSlllP recruiters It] all area\ .\'o \t'lllllfl rmolxed. I: I5 hours per \xeek t5 U) per hour, Send S:\l-. to Mr .I. l.t‘.tlll.lll. l)() Htt\ l'ille l’cmcurk l‘lllo ‘in‘

I Recently formed noun-in theatre company seeks L‘lllllllSldSllc‘ adtttltthit’alotl ('all ttl-tl ‘37 355-1.

I Fancy a career in design? ('rcatne types \xanted tor" the ('ommumt} Design (iroup at (‘entre 3| (ilaxgtm '\ new resource centre l’or \lhldllldl‘lt' dewlopmcnt on the l‘.tlll\\ or the (‘lyde (iood e\perrence in producing a range ol' publications. e\hrl\rtron\ and other [‘tll‘llc'll} ruatcrral To take up llll\ great otter _\ou must he one _\car unemplo} ed and lnmg lll (il.t\gtt\\ Interested (‘ontact .-\rlene ('ullum at (’S\' Scotland. 3% ('lsde Street. (ilaxgtm (il .llll ilt‘l lll~ll 1130564

SUB CLUB require part time ler t\' door \tall Please phone 0141 248 4600 between the hours of noon 8: 5pm Tue-Fri