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Background \‘~.'HAl_E is a charitable community arts organisation at an exerting stage in its development. With Scottish Arts COunCil l Community Lottery funding for both a purpose built arts Arts centre and a 3 year youth arts programme. . Development called ‘Frre \‘i'orlrs'. WHALE is seeking (v.0 workers (2) positions to implement a programme of Applications are invited for IhIS permanent post within the S I S | :.orriri‘.unity based youth arts ElCiIHilth. Department of Public Affa‘rs' based at the Royal Museum. a at C8 e 1 y , Chambers Street. Edinburgh. The salary range is between I Group The Group Development Post will he 4 I I Development responsible for the development and support £16'000 and £2 000‘ It '5 I'kely that salary on dDDOImWCN WI” FU” T'me to specific youth arts groups. It val: involve be between £16,000 and £18,000 depending on qualifications 2) Tralnlng the planning and irriplementation of a youth and expenence. Development arts prograrttme. Part Time l18hrsl 8mm “11; 7'8" the Training [')i.r\.'elopment Post :s responsihte risocm ours) , ,, , W n H . , , ) , , . ' . or the dext.lop..t( ant. lI.tDI(.Itl(,ttliill()ti oi a Working oosely Wlth J“) Head of Public Affalrs' you WI” be able to i‘iillfitr’ f‘il‘. .‘tzt? r'l'n . .t3m F th to. i it Hi re, s r H ZY H\()\| t1 ssst s {Um your hand to the wme range of duues 888008th Wlm this ur er for recgrtritiitent, training coordinatimtg and the _ t . h ff lnfg’rmatlgn ir‘iteiiration of trainint’, Into other national kl'ld 0 pos‘ With goocj UrnOUr and L (’(‘tlvcness‘ Dunes WI” 3”“ ""‘)"C"“"” training provrsrort. , inelude: the organisation of events at the Royal Museum - WM”; concerts, lectures, receptions and dinners; a contribution to the 88 Dummwdcn [Bot-h posts deitiand recognised qualifications orgamsatlon of the Opemng celebrations for the Museum of Gmdcns_ in Education. Training or Community Work, Scouand: responsmmty for dealmg wnh V'Snor compblms m Public L‘rtintmrgn Skills :n fundraising and budget irtanage'nent Afiqlrs. $9 or amsaqon of PR eventg for a ran C 0‘ aUdlenCOS m EHH 2N2 are essential as is a structured and well r " g‘ ~ g -~ Tel: 0131 ass organised approach to the work. the last few months leading up to the opening of the Museum of 3267 Scotland; a contribution to the delivery of a major programme o.‘ By: Fri 2.6 June wilAlti strives to he an Equal Opportunities prescmatmns and Sue VISItS fof the Museum of Scotland. 005$ny littDlOyOr. including gurded tours of the Site: the administration of NMS and Wester Hailes Arts for Leisure and Education MOS press cuttings: the administration of NMS slides,

transparencies, photographs, etc; and the provrsion of additIOIfal information to ensure an up to date Public Affairs database.

King Citg Leisure

We are looking for someone of graduate calibre, With at least three '7“ Q ,. x - ears‘ PR ex enence. You wril ossess excellent inter ersonal and I DQ/FN y p \ 'p I . p

L__//' tr—T /\/ \cdj If v k; presentation skills, which wrl. be matcned by your administrative

0 m and organisational abilities: you wrll also be able to think creatively and qurckly. You should have good copywriting and IT skills. You will

We requue 035 for our numerous clubs and bars On weekend

nights we need people whose speCiotitu is US/British/Euro House have' at me Very least' a Keen 'mereSt m scomsh history amd m and Garage For studentnights. during the week. we need people museums. Your confidence, experience and charm wrll enable you to piog CommerCiot Indie. Hip-Hop. Rap and Dance to work comfortably wzth all staff from the Director to the [)OFICFS, Pleose opplg with 0 short CV and o tape of gour work to as well as the Wlde range Of VIPS and supporters assooated WIIh

Angus Laurie. Marketing and PR Manager.

NMS. The JOI) wrll recurre you to work at weekends and in the 62 Virginia Street. Glosgoiw Gt tUZ

evenings from time to time. we listen to everg tope. so no longer than

45 minutes pleose 4 Working in the extremely busy Department of Public Afiairs, you

Will have a rare opportunity to contribute to a range of projects which are of national importance in the tourism, education and cultural sphere in Scotland. NMS IS at the forefront of events

I N U leading UD [0 the Mulennnrm - are you?

Further information and an application form, to be completed and retumed by Friday 3 July 1998, may be obtained by calling in person at the Royal Museum's Information Desx, or by telephoning 0131 947 4094 (ariswerpnorte). P'ease state cearly the post you are appiying for and (tuote referei‘ce NM898/7.


24 West Maitland Street (West End) (GIFTS & CARDS ALL INSPIRED BY NATURE)

Having aquired N'TERPRIZES LTD T A Spice Island at so High Street (Royal Mile), the partners seek a motivated young person wishing to further a career in retail. A “No cash input" shareholding partnership in return for input 8. effOrt, beside usual “Shop waged hours" is a unique opportunity for someone who would rather "be doing for their own business".

Refs & driving licence essential. Info/interview:

Telephone Roger Lucas, 2—6pm, 0131 557 5575.

A (Will I GLASGAY! ‘98 grim Deve opment FESTIVAL ADMINISIRATOR WANTED. “Hmmt Blasgay! i31:i:;;:;.-. 5; g;" , ..!t‘.:i:iir'i 591117 IEa, his; F'iasf'a: ""“I‘«"“ "'9? i: z 2 I I '38.? .a' ;': :1 "t: ::‘;:;;e ‘:‘:7.'“. 3:3: 73;;tt;t)ei" t.:: 332” THE SCOTTISH NAT'ONAL ASSOCIAT'ON -. or YOUTH THEATRE (S.N.A.Y.T.) " . .f:"f’: i: +5"::»er"‘§j~:‘33 :. .,.,. ..: .s. aitrt‘“ ti ‘.iia:l ‘7 e»: Iiirfstfi "1"»: ".‘ijz "1:: 3". :t'easie -.:;:"_:-"25 0141 400 0301 :;:‘ féel'Ii ' ' ' '_ Busciiv! c/n thscow Gav 8 [mm Cram, 11 DIXON Smut, S.N.A.Y.T., Unit 106, Buscow 01 MIL. Stirling Enterprise Park, Stirling FK7 7RP. _

I I 1") Jun 1998 THE UST 91