last nite a DJ saved my life...

now looking for more Club work experience includes Pure. Bombay Flyer 8 Wilk'ie House.

Jak 6131 557 5261 07666 716829

Call for a tape.

I Chickweed require singing guitarist. Singles and album releasetl. I.tilltl()ll management. Serious opportunity for the right person. 'l‘ape/phtito/hiog. to 46 Albion Roatl t3l‘3i. litliriburgh lill7 5(‘)l ',

EXCELLENT FOUR-PIECE male eoyei Iiantl ayailalile tor \yetltlmgx. birthday parties. priy ate functions. clubs etc. ('tiy't‘t' The Beatles. The I)t)tit'\. ()asis. l'Z. The Kinks ete. Contact Lynn on 0860 155538.

I Recording studio Ii\ten\r\e equipment. professional engineering and protluetion. outstanding tlll.tlll_\. tligttal reeoitling. etliting antl ieiiii\iiig ('onsultaiiey. tintioii. giapliie tlesign antl \yeli C‘till\lltlelltill, (iooti rates. lully llle‘lll\l\t‘. I‘til a tlistmetiye. intliyitlual \Ulllltl. eall (HI I 00-1184.

I Wanted, wanted, wanted eoyer bands. neyy talent. tributes. \tilllltl alikes. \tic‘;ili.\l\. entertainers. comedians required for major Scottish \Ittiyye‘;l\e. (‘ontaet Michael on (0383

83 I 732 til” Hob 0|‘)(i.\’ (i(i000(i. I Vocalist outstanding I‘lllt‘\/ soul \oiee. \eyy to Seottisli seeiie. Seeking. preferably \yorking. blues/soul bantl \\ itli ambition. tliiie antl talent l’liotie (‘liiix 0|~ll 3~I.\ 5055.

ORIGINAL VOCALIST toioiii home \Illtllti \\ ritei‘. piotlueer. .-

uniiiiportant. lrilluenees:

Neyy ()itlet'. Madonna and

many more. Contact Marc 0141 633 5492 evenings only.


I Are you a seriously .llllI‘lIlt‘lh singer/song“ r itei .’ “by not ieeoitl your ('I) at the .\lu\ie I’iotluetion llouse \‘.IIII the help ol the liest guitarists. "pass. keyboardist .lleI \a\ players lll Seotlaiitl' You tlon‘t neetl to play an lll\Illllllt'lll at all ('all John (llll ii" 3355,

FOLK SINGER WANNABE seeks iiiusieiaiis iesp guitar. litltllei to toiiii baritl making Seots/Iiish liatl lllll\le‘. Phone lain on

0131 661 9094 evenings.

FEMALE VOCALIST \l\ years liaiitl'ieeoitlmg e\peiienee. \.lllt‘ll\ ltll|\le.ll styles. seeks regular I‘aiitl \yoik Call Annie on 07771932652 or 0131315 3523. \\etltling \lll}.'t‘l .i\ seen lll lltnli /\’t t un/ -‘) .ltitiei


I The Hair Pocket seek management to finish what yy III create a very sellahle band. lriterestetl'.’ l’hone Seott (ll-ll HI: 0707. (ilasgoyy.


I Laid-back accommodation for intliy'itluals or gl'tillpx of boo/ers. gourmets. \yalkers. eyelists. rulers. and/or lazy \Utl\. in a really loyely' part of north 'l‘useany. near lateea antl Barea. 'l'el: Rt‘llto 003‘) 583 (ififio l_

I Scotland World Cup tickets \\ Norway. .\~l. and .‘yloroeeo. \-l. Willing to map lor linglaiitl llc‘kt'h tillly'. It‘l ‘I‘tiliy 0108

X I H l h. I .tilttltitt.


I use lam! C," Astra/050' 10 help you flux/)7)!” men (In-mm” in life. Phone lohn

Ol3l 225 9436

before luly 3rd

I Eating disorders Help .illtl support by trtialilietl antl eyperieneetl lllt'l'tll‘hl. (let to the root ot your eating tlixottlei aiitl start feeling happy in your hotly. I)L‘l;lll.\ phone I.Ulll\t‘ llay Training ()131 HS 3533.

I Need help tlon't knoyy

\y here to turn'.’ .lust lift the phone? (‘ounselling and telephone eounsellmg ayailalile to help you deal \y lIIl lite. I‘or further infoiiiiation phone e\perieneetl I,Utll\t‘ Hay eoutisellor on 0|,il 3 l 5 ‘5 ‘3. I Relationship, personal emotional tlitl'ieultiex.’ (‘ounselling can help you make sense ot'your' feelings and e\plore options for the ltituie l~or tletails. ring .\lieliael Rrgg on (ll-II 95‘) 2 H5.

STRESS, ACHES, FATIGUE l'xe tlieiapeutie iiiaxxage to soothe and refresh lllllltl antl hotly.

Janet Bremner DTM MSHP. 0131 661 6692.

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Ileteawrnent. lt‘l.llltill\Ill[‘\. \Ilt‘\\. L‘lt‘ttlnt' lllt‘ltll‘ltN. personal tleyelopiiient ete l'ee negotiable Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

lI-l-lioui .tll\\\ er phone i

lnyest in Your Sell

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE I{t‘l.t\. I{t‘\ltitt‘. I{t‘\tl.ill\t‘. \liiitl. Holly. Spirit. Emma Mackenzie AIPTI, 0131221 1415; Rob McNicholls MGCP, 0131 554 0445.

HOMOEOPATHY HELPS l'.\.rm tear l’ooi' eoneeritiation'

Hall memory ’.-\ene. lllS. asthma. I’M'l‘. eating tII\UI\It'l\ Stutlent tll\C'HlIIlI\ ayailalile. Contact Heinke Woodbridge 01312211415.

I Homoeopathy - patients \yantetl lot tinal year \IlltIL‘III\ at

Scottish (’ollege ol‘ Homoeopathy. ('ost £20 first

you. £13 thereafter. Supei'yrsor e\peiieneetl and reputable l l lyrietloeh I’laee. (ilasgoyy. 'I‘el: 0|(i‘)S 235.19%.


I lyengar Yoga l)on't tlelay phone tioyy tor tIL'l;lll\ ot~ lyengar Yoga Cl.l\\e\ ltl (illl\:_'ti\\ and surrounding area. .-\ll leyels eateretl for. Beginners \yeleome 'l‘el (llll ‘HS 30.0.

I The lIll\ l’L'lit‘al otters a time to let go. who and e\ploie your inner light a tllIIt'lt‘llI programme eaeh tlay iiielutlrng. niethtation.

\ l\tl.lll\.|lltill. colour and sound yyotk antl \yalkmg in nature ('ontaet ‘l'lie ('entie ol light. lll\t‘l'llt‘\\llll‘t‘. tel: til-ltii “10354.

I Sahaj Marg: iiietlitation on the heart. .-\ natural path ot~ tianxtormation from \\ itliiii that balances spirituality \y itli eyery tltt} llIt‘. NU I-L'L‘N ()Pt‘tl It) all regardless of baekgrountl or l‘t‘l\ll.l\ltlll. ('ontaet: (HS-75 ulttlinliurgh i. Ill-l I 33" 3355 i(il.l\gti\\ l.



Black and White Photography for Beginners 23-241n May 8- 20-2l June I) :..i Spin {.50 (.40 Composition and Printing ll J.;"C to |91n J..Iy {60 {.50 7;,r“. {.51 9pm D g-tai lti‘ag-r‘g (OutSCS aLso Available

Cit. In 1.! team


Unique hand crafted furniture in metal 8. wood (chairs, tables. mirrors. beds etc].

Bar, Shop 8 Niteclub design 8 fitting. Commissions taken.

Showroom open at West End Market, Gibson Street 612.

01698 8621641131” 125-mobile


small flat move speciallsls 6 years of stress free moving


full-time, friendly, convenient 8. dependable


, 9?:

The Big Isstre, Yellow Pages 8. ThomsOns

Peter Volente


C’QI ll’ir‘ C V you tilt:

looking It .r

Phone Ol3l 557 3884

° cv services ° Reports 0

flREHORSE Communications 8. promotions


want a BUSY event?

Have your flyers/passes given Out by those who've got the chat 6 llik the part. Uni’s. shops. pubs 6 clubs. From £6.50 per hOur.

0797 0392 188

EASY MOVE for light iemo\al\ and general Il.lll\l‘tilllll:.‘. 'l‘he liientlly [\ltilt‘\\ltilltll \ery ice at .iltottlalile prices. Call Gordon Allan on 0131 3321904.

I Conned? Cheated? llartl done by ,’ Angry" I “am to hear trorii you. .ltitllll.lll\l seeks stories, It you'ye a story or a problem you \yant pulilieixetl. phone (HI I “(i739 .IIMI leay e name antl numlier. KOOKIE HILL 50‘s. (itl's. "0K kll\C’ll antl tolleetililes (’oektaileultuie. I |\ l\. Beatles. pin tip girls. original lionieyyaie. l'aiitastie pl.i\llt. j..'l.itlltittitl\ .ic'c‘t‘\\tit'tt‘\ antl I‘lalalit nonsense \liop at 5 East Fountainbridge. Tel: 0131 229 7920.

I Do you need texts, reports hooks. letters translated in

Item ll Io iiiipioy e your l'reneh through eonyeisations" ('all I)tillllllltltlt‘. ll.lll\ e speaker. 0| il

3:.\ ifi—‘(i

I Tennis Coaching Iiy loriiiei uorltl iatiketl pl ryei I’ii\ate antl group lentilh '\ll ages azitl \I.III\I\IIKI\ l'oi lurther iiitoimation C.llI 0| 505 (“0505' ore iiiail

'l‘I..\'.\‘ISl\'llll»I .v\( )I, ('t ).\l


IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? .-\erobies. llill~yyalking Meals ( )ut. llatlminton. lliitlge. (‘inenLL Danerng. Tennis. 'llieatre. l‘anies. l'ootlull. l.\liihitions. ( 'eilitlhs. \Veekentl Trips and Iotx ol'other .ieti'. ities too numerous to mention?

It could be with IVC

a self—run elub tor goalieatl people \Ieiiilieoliip I\ It‘\\ than £20 a year You ean giyeus a try tor a month or so u itli no obligation to ioiri hut wu- sure you‘ll “ant to'

I)t'l.lll\ from 0131 3321342torlitlinhurgh. 07020 955482 lot" ( il;L\go\\ til 01 Itit‘ I)UII\IL'L‘. o 10pm.

I I Glasgow Panthers Softball

Club require new players for it's \yotllt‘ll'\ lt'tttll. No L'\pCI'IL'IICC

llt‘C‘tlel‘y. It's a great game yy itli

a great metal scene attaehetl. l-or further information. eall

0 I St )5 (i‘)0.\'(i.\'.

LET SPICE HELP YOU to liye your dream.

The original atlyenture soeial group for Iltlllll\. I'.\t‘lll.\ include hot air ballooning. tire-eating. rambles. rally (Il'l\ mg. meals out. theatre trips. \yeekentls ayyay and foreign trips. Phone Spice on 0131 662 9600 for a free information pack.

I Cafe Sunday brunch?

l'rientlly'. interesting.

pl'tilt‘\\ltilltll Iitlinhurgli-basetl people in thirties iny'itetl ltigltilll

\lllillal' lti \\ itlell social L‘ll‘c‘lt‘. Rela\etl and informal.

llt‘\\etilllt‘t'\ \yeleomel I’lione

Julie 0! 3] 225' MD or John

()Hl 00330-12.

EDINBURGH'S VEGETARIAN \yalking group tor non-smoking people \y ho want to walk teaxotlalily long tlistanees Ill the country side \y ithout eating ll\ other oeeiiparits.

Ring 0131 3431175.

TRANSATLANTIC TENNIS l)ori't he put off. take it tip. Tennis l\ a great way to get lit and have fun. Based near (ilasgoyy.'l'ransatlantie

'lt‘llllh has a \y ltlL‘ range of classes

to \tlll ey ery age and eyery stantlartl. priiate lt‘\\till\ can be arranged too. Don’t delay. eall riots and lllltl out “My so many people lllttkt‘ tennis :1 \poll lot a lifetime, Call 01505 690868 for further details.


Iaun tennis & squash (luh


it's the so( ialile may

to get (l( tiye. Il'()lll beginners to e\pei'ts. lust (all in we're at

30 l tyritllantl Road

in the heart of

(llasgoyy's \\’est I iitl. ()i' phone 53‘) 000-3.

t': 1", Jan rm, THE LIST 93