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e\tia word

I This is a lineage ad. Minimum cost is Ur lor tip to 3H words plus 25p per e\tra wot'd l’ci'sotial ads Ill this style include a Hos .\'o and

cost l'rom L'li).

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personal ads


(‘opy for Classified ads must reach its by second post on THURSDAY A \VICICK BEFORE I’l'lll,l(‘:\'l‘l().\‘ \Vl. \\'l-.l.(‘().\llz (‘All IRS .it N High Stieet iopp .lolin ls’iios's

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I Morningside large. single. sunny bedroom. |i\cellem sliaied lacilities. Rent negotiable (all 0| 3| 452 8727. I Large room lll toyer llal to share with one other nr .\lusselbiirgli. handy for bypass U51) [‘L‘lll. LL50 tlt'ptistl pllls' bills. Sorry no l)SS. Available immediately. 'l‘el Rachel (H31 .175 2375 tday l (ll 3| 053 277l

I Large room in shared llat in ('olmton. Newly decorated All mod cons. Suit iioii-siiioking pi'ol'. L2 ll) pcm. HI 3| 4-11 |()|2 tit' 0-198 725 Hill.

I Sunny room available in large New Town llal. (ii'eal location. Double bed. central heating. electric shower. washing machine. large kitchen. Available l July. U75 pcm + L20 ('ouiicil 'lli\ + bills. 'l‘el: (ll3l 557 2.355 alter (rpm.

I Single room available limit I .luly tn large lt‘llll Walk llat.

L' l(i5 pcm plus bills. .\'o l)SS. (’all til3l 554 402 3.

I Gay flatshare Nice double room available now. £l(i(l pcm + bills .\Iust like cals. 'lellot'd (‘tlllt‘g't‘ ttt't'a. 'lt'l (ll_3l 3.32 (i224.

I Student flatmate wanted to share spacious ('oiiiely Hank llat w itli two lllt‘lltll} postgtads. L221) pcm plus one month's deposit Available Mom I July. Phone “I 3| 332 3200.

I West End rarely available lll lower liall' ol spacious llat. listed building. double room to let liom August. Share llat with one other. Bathroom with showci/kitclien/little sitting room/iiiaiii door. (iood back courts. (iootl transport. All mod cons. .\'/s. Stilt prol. L245 pcm inc (‘oiiiicil 'l‘as. lll~ll 357 2287. I Double room wanted Young couple t2~l/27l require double room iii shared house. central location. liiid olfllune eaily ()clober. L200 £250 pcm. (‘all Scott l||3l (>24 7027.

I Single room to let Ill lltl_\'. bright. l'i'iendly. w ell-l'urmslied. 'l‘ollcross llat sharing w itli two girls. All mod cons. Av atlable between July and August. {I83 pciii. ('all HI 3| 228 2|)5(i.

I Friendly flatmate wanted loi sunny iooiii iii attractiye \cwiiigton liouse. available liom 2| .lunc. {I80 pcm plus bills. We are students and working graduates. please phone HI 3| (i(i7 492-1 al'lei (ipni.

I Female professional or mature strident wanted to share laigc .\laiclmioiit llat with one otliei Room available 1/7/98. Ll75 pcm v Uri) (‘/'l‘a\ + shared bills. (‘oiitact l'ltlll.l oii (H31 447 ~11 I5.

I Female student seeks room in n/s llat neai university. liom July oi ()ctobei (‘all Kale lll3l (uh: 9887


I Large, light room Ill t.erili tlat sharing with one other ll‘l‘tilt‘sSlttllttl artist i. Available lor July and/or from 1 September. £200 pcm plus shared bills. (iC‘ll. All itiod cons. Vegetarian. light/non- smoker preferred. l’hone Jenny (ll3l 554 WW).

I Central, New Town large room iii shared. two-bedroom. lu\ury llat. bills incl and (flax e\cept plione. Stiit young pi‘ol‘.

£370 pcm. tll3| 220 0.33.3 day.

lll5l 225 37-12 eve.

I Sunny room iii easy-going llrougliton llat for female. sharing w itli three others. large llat with big living room. kitchen and power shower? Rent L'l(i5 pcm plus bills. Available end ol‘June. (‘all 013! 557 .3300.

I A large room is available t‘or rent in a gay-lriendly household. sharing with three other \\'t)lllL‘ll. Rent £200 pcm + bills. (‘ontact Kim on (ll 3| 550 9868.

I Double room Ill lover (‘i'aiiiond bungalow. (}(‘H. washing machine. dishwasher.

access to garden. parking on drive. £240 pcm including bills e\cept phone. Suit ii/s lemale.

(ll .3 l .330 .3920 evenings.

I Student required for a good si/ed room in llrougliton Street. to share with post-graduates. Ll7o pcm. Available l/7/‘)8. 01315570002.

I Room with a view Central. en suite shower. all mod cons. great outlook. £350 pcm. Available July arid August. ('all (ll3l 228 3676.

I Large, sunny room lll shared West lind llat. £l85 pcm plus L220 deposit. Available 1/7/08. .\'o USS. t)|3l 22‘) 7562.

I Female postgrad looking l'oi‘ iooiii in south lidiiibui'gh llat lt'otii .luly. Non-smoking l‘l'eleri'ed. ('all ()l3l 555 ()‘)l7 evening. 0| 3| 5.35 .32l2 day.

I N/s student for room in quiet. West l’ilton llat. sharing

w itli one other and three cats.

£180 pcm. no bills. Immediate entry. l)eposit £90. l’hone (ll 3| 3.1.3 (i454.

I Female student, 21 looking tor a room Ill a llat from October onwards. not over £|‘)(l. not too lar l'rom l’niversity area. ('all Kallalll.“ ()(i2lll(i2tit'()l-1l 3.34 899.3 teveiiings) or c-mail: K..l;tlllls(('

I Two large rooms lll spacious. n/s. gay and veggie- l'i'iendly main door Newingtoii llat. ()w ii garden w itli mature trees. w itli ol'l' street parking. L2|lll + l; l‘)(l pctii pltis ('fl‘ax + bills. (‘oiitact Jenny ()l3l 4m» l()7(i.

I Arthurs Seat view attractive room available immediately in ultra-central newly renovated (ieorgian New Town llat. All mod cons. stiit quiet. mature. ii/s. prolessioiial. £250 pcm pltis (‘.'l‘a\ plus bills. 'l‘el: (ll3l 556 9398.

I Room available Ill modern. l'riendly. terraced house. Sharing w itli three others. 'l‘lit‘tiuglt central heating. ll\ mg room and residential parking £2 lllpcm + L H) pw. (‘all lll3l 3-H) 22 l2 tit” (ll3l ()22 2053.


I Room available gay liicndly. Ht) pw' iiicltisive ol' bills atid ('otincil lav lll23(i 7563-19. llsll l 407768.

ll 2‘) Jun lll’38 TIIELIST 95