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Our Approach is still the most successful to date!

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flitl\l‘.:" Ha I:er .i. 3““!

Scotland’s exciting introduction

agency for gay men & lesbians.

0845 606 3636

low cal/ rate 7 days 2pm—lOpm


Dinners, Golf, Go-Karting, Scuba Diving, Country Walks, Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoots, Parties and Weekend Breaks for single people of all ages.

(,llz’lI-lel INI mm-

THANK GOD WE'RE GAY! Metropolitan ('ommuriity (‘hurch is an inclusiy e Christian church l'otrnded within the lesbian and gay community and welcoming all who seek to worship (iod and eyploi‘e spirituality. Sery'ices in lidinhurgh and Glasgow.

Call Stephen 0131 332 7088.

QUEST (iay or lesbian and (‘atliolrcL’ So are we? Quest is a sell help support group.

In times ol caliir or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397. liyery Sunday between 7- lllpm.

I Partying parents!! Babysitting e\cltangcd l'or' nights otit. .\'o costs. telephone

tll 3l (int) .3034. PS. remember the l‘estryal is approaching.

96TNELIST ll 2‘) Jun H.108


I Gentlemen It you are a business or prolessional guy. 35+. who's lilcslylc dictates yotr don't meet the kind ol' lady you would wish to share your me. ('all lilite lntrtxluctions. It works. ()l3l ()20 7777. ()l4l 330 7777. See our main ad in the groups section.


I Emotionally mature, domesticated man. .34. tall. educated. lel'trsh. rrrto personal growth. spirituality. adyenture. culture. conversation. l'ood and sex. \‘s'lfl'M. intelligent. attractrye. lidirihurgh woman to share ahoy e in spirit of equality. Iun. Irieiidship and romance. lios .\'o 333/7.

I Attractive transsexual l'emale (post-op). 3‘). Slit h‘m. slim. intelligent. artistic. alil'ectionate lidirihurgh prolessiorial seeks tall male. (40+ l. l'or Iun. l‘rreridslirp. possible romance. ('haracter. honesty and (iSUll more important than good looks? Hos No .333/I l. I Attractive friendly and sensitis'e girl. 24. l.o\ es art. music. good lood and w .llIss III the countryside. Wlfl'M similar guy Ior l'riendship. interesting conversation and laughter. Hos No 333/!4. I Attractive spirited professional I'emale. 4t). I.IIsL'\ theatre. cinema. music . reading. otlltloot‘s’. llllls etc. 'I‘lt’ed ol‘ hemg strong and independent. needs rescued. Seeks iirale w rtlr similar Ililel'esls. Box No 333/”. I Tall, handsome deep— tlimking/l'eeling. passionate. sensuous and sensrtry e man i3-l i. Spiritual. romantic. ie non- egotrsttcal \alues. l enioy cinema. literature. acting. watching a

’iim ()7 line and laughing at ttry larltir'es to Its e up to my ideals. Seeking a pretty. serisitiy e woman with a good heart and intelligent. Ior' friendship/tun. Hos .\'o 334/l I Bored, creative male (31) Ill urgent need ol‘ nonsense. seeks Iemale to help make w hoopee. lakes cake. countryside leat'ootns. cluhhmg. cinema. making music. poetry. working out. theatre and food. lidmhui'gh. lios .\'o 334.2. I Adorable black lab seeks stlllal‘le two-legged male to.put a spring in the stepolmy loyely lady owner Shes a young 3.3. Sit 3m. prolessional graduate. attr'actiy e. easy going and positiye ('oiitent w ith lile hut misses closeness. I'.lI|oys running. sw rmmrrig and cycling (but not litriess lanatrc i the iuts. walking. good conyei'sation and quiet country pubs .‘\'o ties raprut Irom me? I You're a like-riiinded male. 3.3 43. emotionally 'soited'. \ol\elll. non-smoker. l’rel'er Iirsl l.titluan/lilrnhurgh. Replies w llIl photo please to Rory at lios .\'o 334 3

I Edinburgh male (25) its.

piol'essrorral. good loolslllg. slim.

a I‘ll shy. seelts intelligent. tun lernale. 21 2.3. to share moy ies. music. pubs. clubs and good llllles I3o\ No 3 34/4.

I Shy, sensitive, young man 3.3. I'.tllltI‘tllgll area. likes tilm. literature and classical music. seeks similar girl l‘or' pleasant summer trips to concerts. the cinema and charming sunlit parks. Hos .\'o 3 34/5.

I Attractive, amiable linglrshmari. 3.3. with a \\‘S( )II. a loy e ol the arts. nature and .i ‘ltist Ior lrlei. \VIII‘M a similar lady to create lantastic memories w ith. l’hoto please. lidmhurgh. lios .\'o 334/0.

I Edinburgh aromatherapist

rmr seeks mellow munchlsm rl'i tor tnoy ies. music. massage. mullins and mucky moonlit malarlsey: Sell portrait appreciated. Box No 334/7.

I Tall and blond woman «Sir Him. 2% lidml‘ui'gh hased. positry e arid dynamic. likes laughrrig and good company. enioys all lsmds ol' music ilistenmg and malangi hooks. parrrtrrig and nature. \\'l.'l‘.\l kind and happy man l'or possible relationship. Hos .\'o 334/8.

I Twenty something (ilasgow rnale tsltln. good looktllgl seelss intelligent. witty woman lot

w ild nights in .iiid out. l’assion lor pleasure more important than looks hut photo guarantees reply. lios .\'o 334/0.

I Tall, professional I‘.tlllll‘lllgll male. with tiayel hug. looking l'oi medication hour a lun intelligent. strong Icmale. Send your prescription ol'esotic locations and wildest dreams below the summer's gone. Hos No 334/“),

I Tired of crap chat-up lines shouted oy er loud music .’ l‘ancy some conyer'sation'.’ Reasonath attr‘actrye. l‘i'rendly guy \\'l.'l‘.\l (ilasgowish woman. 2.3 3.3. into /.I\ly \ltll‘lh. letter pltls doodle ol. sell. gels nnliel Iios No .334/l l. I Very attractive late tlirr'tres male. emotional. spiritual. sensilry e. ci‘eatiy e. genuine. sensually strlmiissrye/ e\llll‘llIUltl\llL‘. eager to please. seeks l'riendshrp/sesual attention w ith letnale. .-\gc. shape. status less important than entlmsrasmi personality. Ilo\ No 334.4:

I Double I gene llltale' seeks l/l) or better il'emaleI tor hiin altitude esploiatron Hos .\'o 334/ I 3.

I Nervous tick ll'elllale. ls» seeks lrosl. Iio\ No 334/44.

I Good-looking guy early thirties. lit. healthy and iioimal' Seeks l'emale. slim. attractiye. Ill 32. lot Inn and relationship .-\ie you game lot it .’I He is too short. I’lioto please Ho\ No 334/l.<

I Outgoing female, 29 slightly potty. enioys eating. drinking. laughrrrg and arty laity things. \VI 'l‘.\l interesting man. datt enough to reply to such a non specilic description tiairi spotters and cat Irateis need not reply llos .\'o 334/lo

I Glasgow male, 31 (iii llll. atlractrye. lit. with a responsible |olT he wants to lorget. seelss dominant/asser‘tiy e lemale to setye atld ol‘ey. Ho\ No 334d". I Loneliness is killing me Ilo\ No 334/l.\'

I Beautiful woman

«modesty ' i searching loi tall.

darls. handsome. rough. triteilectual. with a kind heart ‘Jlls 'r to start great relationship or inst go to the pictures l’lioto \Vill return. Hos No {ya/iii I Good-looking. easy-going (ilasgow plole\\lttlltll male. late Ros. \\'l.'l’.\1 l’emale. 23 Inn and lr‘iendshrp. hopelully leading to romance. lrito theatre. comedy. cinema. pubs and summer in the hills and by the sea. Ho\ \o 3.34/3“. I Uninspired, lonely albatross '4 3i recently blow it olI course by .i maltunctioning compass. \\'l,'l‘.\l unaggi'essry e. intelligent and \ ryactous woman to esplore new hori/ons. 'l‘w its and l\\llcltels welcome. l’hoto appreciated. Response assured. lios No 334/3 1. I All woman, 42 outgrow mg 'wild tlirirg'. single-again lrl'e. \\'l.'l".‘\l emotionally intelligent. relayed man w ith great sense ol' humour. l'or' mutually lullillrng relationship I'm Sl't lrn. darlsharr'ed. blue eyed. I’llolo please. Ho\ No 3 34/32. I Angel delight seeks strawberry sweetheart I'or' Iriendship. possibly more. .'\l'L' you an arts lo\ irig. (il’l‘ going male to suit this independent and mdryidual lemale'.’ Hos .\'o

\ ml/z s

.35. l‘or

I Edinburgh professional guy i3" i ctite loolss. s/a. intelligent. seeks younger guy I l.\' 33) l'or tun. l'r'rendshrp. romance. hopelttlly l-Z- l. lntocrnema. music (mainly classical/ opera) good conyersatrori. trayel. Illness. .»\l..-\\\'I’ I3o\ No

33 /_3().

I Glasgow gay guy, 28 plole\\lttllal. easy going. tit. ()K IUUI\\ and golllg spare. \eelss tall. masculine. n/s. actiy e man.

35 3.3. The lsrnda ordinary gtry nest dooi type especially welcome. I‘lo\ \o 334/5l.

I Gay male, slim, 36 plolt'sslollal. non-scene. stiaiglrtactmg. looking tor luri summer with youngei guy likes shy. cute guys. loolsltlg tor satislying relationship. let's esploie minds and sip w mes together' llo\ \o 3.34/52.

I Attractive gay lady, 405

n sm. sol\ent. IlIsL'\ good lood. country tIIl\es/\\.tll\\. theatre. cinema etc Honest. caring and 'a wee lut w my \CCIs\ Icrnale. 35 3. to share interests. .’\I..'\. l3o\ \o 334 5“

I Glasgow gay man, 32 I‘ll dit'l‘erent. stocky build. Slit ‘lin. loses music. relaying w L‘L‘IsL‘lltl\ and country side. \Vlfl‘M tall. lylonde/ginger cropped gentle grant. or whales er. for laughs and more? (iStlll true and you'i ..\r..-\w'r’. um No Risa/st '

I Edinburgh female, 24 l arri seeking a sesy. sensual woman to teach me the pleasures ol hisesual/gay lite. I lraye wondered too long? .-\ge unriiiportant. understanding. ltlllslI l)etarled letter please. lio\ No 334/55.

I Enjoy music, film, theatre concerts. eating otll'.’ Iil-IL'IIKIS poor/horirig/non-e\istent'.’ It so. write to lltls :(3 yo gay lidinhurgh griy for some great nights out aird maybe some romance'.’ Box No 334/50.

I Gay male, 31 dry. honest/genuine. not into casual se\. requires honest/respecting/ talking Iriends. Interests hooks/ w ritrng. music and people. l‘or' men ol' humanity and character. :\\l‘sltll'e/(ilasgow. lio\ No 314/37.

I Gay guy, 28 .sliiii. ()K looks. down to earth. (iS( )ll. tired ol' endless casual encounters. seeks warm. happy guy. 23 37. lot Iriendship. possible I-2-l. I’ltolo appreciated. lidinhurgh. Hos No 334/58.

I Good-looking gay guy (31) seeks similar to share large 'I'\' oyer summer. watching World (‘up ('amp I‘ltlloons or lingland supporters need not apply. l'Zasy— going attitude required. ((ilasgow l Ilox No 334/5‘).

I Loving, sensitive unpredictable gay woman. 33. seeks adyentuious. loy mg relationship w itli tri/si woman. 30 3.3. :\ l'oiidness lor Isl\\L‘\ and cuddles .is important as

(18( )ll. (‘ould you be my Miss nglll .’ l3o\ No 334/00.

I Female, 34 \\'l ,'l'.\l single. genuine. l'un. loying atid caring [yr/gay male, 30 40. lot” l'un times. Irrendship. holidays. support and understanding l’ossihle open and uncomplicated relationship. I’ltoto appreciated. (ilasgow/ Ayrshire. lios .\'o 334/(il.

I Gay guy, 38, Glasgow seeks to has e a long term. monogamous relationship and is looking to meet a similar minded guy in his Ills. s/a. rr/s. nothing yentured nothing gained. lio\ No 334/02.

I Glasgow lesbian latt- 3ns. easy going. honest. caring and sincere. w ith a (iS( )ll. Would like to meet similar l'ernale. Interests include: sports. pul‘s. music. crnerna and good conyeisation. Hos No 334/63. I Bi male (22)

late hased. seeks hr lemale who likes nights in and out. lirrioys cluhs. theatre. music. (380” .\'o women o\ er' 3” please. .»\tti‘acti\e. so get writing

‘\l ..'\.

Hos No 334/03

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



iif‘ii we Will forwa'rl :1. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT HAND CORNER.

At the CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G1 310