V I saw you Jaiic III l‘ibbcr Magcc‘s. l.ct's hay c a reality attack. .\'o limtball talk. pi'onnsc. (ianic on. The I'iiigci' l)octoi. lon No [7334/I.

V I saw you |)onald. long curly hair. at (ioing I’laccs. .\larcli. .\Ic: blondc cat girl. (‘aii‘t stop thinking ol‘youl You: I’hl) student. cnyii'onincntalist. l.oy c to incct again. Ho\ .\'o [7334/2. V I saw you I’olo l.oungc. IUL‘ [9/5. l.ight blue \lIII'I. blondc hair. ania/ing \niilcl Ari'iycd aloiic. spoke to pcoplc at pillar. .‘ylc deniin shirt standing with two friends beside you. We stitilctll l’lcaw \\'t‘tlc. Ho\ No

[ 73 34/3.

V I saw you (‘cntral station [;t\I rank. l-i'iday 22/5/98. 'l‘lic l{\orcist and (‘ in Ilighcr l'icncli Sony again. l’lionc the lot a coin incing apology. Ho\ No [7334/4.

V I saw you Kaila on holiday. Monday cycning 25/5/ in the (TA. Six years sittcc \\ c spokc. (ilad you't'c In (ilttsgoyy. Would like .inoi'c healthy communication to catch up. The Itttlssc‘ls \\ ct'c good. I‘Io\ No [7334/5.

V I saw you driy ing BAX

2 [So You sayy inc l \\as thc ottc sitting at Iltc \yindoyy ol"l‘hc Raj (22/5) thcn reading my book at l.cith ()ystci‘ liar. I like \yhat I sayy did you'.’ [I so. write soon. l3o\ .\'o [7334/(i.

0 I saw you smelled you. touched you. heard you then I tasted you. You have re-awakened my senses. I can‘t live without the smooth. full bodied Sauza and Lemonade.

V I saw you gorgeous giil outsidc Stanstcad airport in tlic \[llI\IIIIIL‘. a \iiiglc tcai dropped otilo [llt' ltt\[ Pitg't‘ ol your book (.(I/It/\ \\t' l‘oaltlt‘tl lllt‘ \tlllt‘ planc to(il.t\go\y l3o\ \o

l"; 3 34/7.

V I saw you in my Inbo\. although I don't ktioyy \yho you aic. Your aiioiiy IIIUtI\ IIIL‘\\;lgL'\ lairly cliccr an old girl up? Keep in touch inatc. \.\. Ho\ .\'o [7334/8.

V I saw you across [Itt‘ [ttl‘lc‘ Itt Rooiii (Inc. You grccii \[IlI. inc inatcliing grccti \tlll. \\'ant to come tor a ride iii my purplc iiiitii. linioy l-rancc and happy llltl'llt‘llt. l3o\ No [7334/9

V I saw you sccurity girl. Sti‘atliclydc [hi You long ttcd back bioyy n liaii'. \\ IIlI acccnt. You \nnlcd. askcd lot my student card \lc \IIUII bio\yn liaii giii. liopclcssly ll) lou" lio\ .\o ['x 3 3-I/lo

V I saw you ('cntial \[.tllolt You bcatitil'ul. good at cyc contact. .‘ylc blond. bad at cyc contact. Willing to learn. Box No [.7334/l l.

O I saw you in I‘L‘tl sports car. Satichichall Sti‘cct. \Vcd 2l May (S. lllpinl. Mc: on bikc. You turncd car around and \yaitcd. l rodc past. You: dark hair and tanned. Wanted to \Iop, l)rink" liox No [7334“ 2.

V I saw you Doctor l-iiigt-ix. You put a little sugar in my boyyl. Play the 999 ('l) and I promise not to touch thc rcinotc. III was a /.cbra. you would i'idc inc bareback. Still nursing the bruiscs. Your (‘-cloth ;t\\;IlI\

your nc\t yisit. Box No


V I saw you and thought. by 3c‘c‘k y'ottt' got'gc‘ottsl .\Iott IS May. Battlclicld Band at \'irgin lidinburgh. You tall. dark.

handsome. suit with blue \lIll'I.

.\lc tall. slitn. dark curls. l‘ancy a

dt‘ittk'.’ Box No [7334/[4

V I saw you in thc I3L‘Clll\t‘ on Saturday 9 May atid a text tItottIlI\ ago in I'ibbcr Magcc‘s. You: tall inalc \yith chccky \IIIIIL‘ and “ink. .‘ylc: tall Icinalc. short hair. \Yc spokc oncc iii l-ibbci‘s. btit I don't know your name. I.L'I3.\ ttlcct. Box No [7334/l5. V I saw you I‘raiick at l.u\cly and “mild like to we you again. .\Ic suis l'aitc attctidic IIIiIl\ \[ll\ icycnuc . ti‘op tard Rcyc dc rcpi'cndi'c ou nous nous ctioiis ai'rctcs taprés uric

douchc . . I) Box No [7334/lo. 9 I saw you Louich Rcd drcss’cd. sccond thoughts babc at 'l'ltc (iaragc. Monday 25 May. (lot itiixcd tip about l-riday thing. [Ic my dark \tar‘.’ \\\ Box No [7334/l7.

O I saw you (‘..\'.l).(;. III l-‘iiincgan's. January. l)idti’t think you'd call so glad you did. YOU-\L' I‘L‘L'II I‘tlsy l'\t‘ [‘t‘t‘lt I‘ttsy. Noyy \\ c'lt‘ I'lt‘t'. lL'I3\ hay c \oIIIL' tun. l'\c got thc tolilcc yoghurt. ' I3o\ \o [7334/I l b.

V I saw you l-iona. I’I'. hockcy coach at Jordanliill .\Iay Ball. broyy n hair. gorgeous \Itot't bluc drcss. ()nc cycning in your tlllII\ \yasn't enough. l’lcasc giyc I'tii'thcr coaching? Brian 'llul'ly- lian'cd' itiarkcting tnaii. Box .\'o [7334/l9.

V I saw you cur\accous beauty. \y ith sparkling cycs. in chacc garb at thc .\Iai'kct liar. (‘andlcriggs on I'lltltt} 29 l askcd tor a ctgarcttc and you t'ai‘tcd. l.ct\ meet up and \ycill go lot a curry. l3o\ No [7334/20.

V I saw you handing out tlycis III (‘ity (‘atc and thought you lookcd l‘lllll.lll[. l “as light. you .it'c. llo\ No [7334/2 l.

V I saw you btit you couldn‘t \cc me. you had \olll'c'llllllg‘ salty tn your cy c. You rock my \yoiltl baby. lct inc light your tirc l'iicnian (i \\. l3o\ .\'o [7334/22.

0 I saw you Sit-x c. \Itttlc‘lll t'roiii [Icltast .\Ict you up the hill. 30/5/95. Stay‘cd the night tlicn l lct you go. Wish I'd askcd for your nunibci’. (iracinc. l3o\ No [7334/23.

V I saw you l~inlcy ()uayc coiiccit. lidinburgh. [9/4/95 You: stunning .\chitciianc.in guy in gicy stripy Juniper. standing to the right ol' the audicncc. .\Ic: in i'cd coat. \nnttcn. I turned ayyay and you disal‘l‘carcd. l3o\ No [7334/24 0 I saw you .Iainiic. a lIaIItl\ttlllL‘ lit'cguard on Saturday night. 30 May in .laya. I. tlic \pacc policc girl \y ith a bad IIIL‘IIIUI‘y \ylio abducted you into my spaceship. l-ccl urged to handcult you on a \crious cliai‘gc ol IIII\\llIg a l'cyy too tnany parking spaces. chort to thc iiiotlicr slin ASAI’. l3o\ No [7334/25.

V I saw you Bryan ('ortibuni and l loy c you. IIo\ .\'o ['i".3.3~I/2(t.

V I saw you 3l .\Ia_\. .lot‘\ (iatagc. Bank Sti'cct. You: Nasa

Jacket. .\IL‘I [litt'k \yy Cttlt‘t'. “IIIIL‘

'l'-\hirt. not lacing you. Wish I had. Said you'd dropped your


_|.tc‘kt‘[. \\l\ll you'd pickcd inc tip

lII\IL‘.l\l. l3o\ No [7334/27.

V I saw you Kcn ('unniiighatn at last ycai‘s' lntci'l'cst at llilllicad High School. The L‘\L'ttlltg \\;t\ great. I ltopc to WT you on 24 .lunc. 6.30pm. sanic place. Madainc X. Box No [7334/28.

V I saw you Atinc'.’ Art School [Il\c‘tI. ('cnti‘al station [daughter [It .-\bcrdcciii arid IIyrcs Road at ('hristnias. l-ancy a coll'cc .’ .\lc. woman in \\lIlIL‘ car. too shy to \lop. IIo\ No [7334/29.

V I saw you Replying to my / you. [on Ilayc I \ccii you sincc’ You, \\ IllI ayycsonic cycs and l‘t|\lllt‘\\ \[llI .\lc. drinking \yatci in licnncts. thcn hoinc’ Still nccd a inassagc oi contidctitial cot'l'cc. Yours .| 3st) I /_3 3-I/y3II

V I saw you April 98. Ht‘ltlchx l)cbbic I'roiii I'.tllIII‘tII':_‘ll. \y'c danccd tlicn you lcl't. I Inc in (ilasgoyy l)aik hair. \\tIlL' black lunipci. Would likc to scc you again. Iancy inccting hall \yay l)iaiic l3o\ Nob/3341',”

V I saw you last 'l‘huixday at tlic bus stop in \cht .\I.iitlaiid Sll't‘t‘l. yott \yt‘tt‘ \Nfillllltg lot your inotlici" .\Ic: black icans. black It‘ati iackct. black boots. gicy top. glasscs You long.‘ black coat. black. tcd liait. [\lac k l‘ools I Ilkt‘tl lltt‘ \\.t_\ yotl lookcd l'ancy a glass ol \\inc' l3o\ .\o [7334/32.


0 I saw you .'\Il\IlL‘\ III Soho. You: buying bcautit'ul postcards [or your II;IIIII.IIL‘\. .\Ic: tuna/ed hit your good tastc. I.CI.\ \pcnd onc \ycck in l.ondon. You knoyy: onc colour tor cach day. l.oy c you. Sarah. I3o\ .\'o [7334/33 V I saw you \yatching the honcy iiioiistcr at tltc gallct‘y on Saturday 30/5/98. Watch out for niorc parties. I‘IllIIlItIlI\C K. l3o\ Ntil'fl334/34.

V I saw you too at ()ptiino at tlic Sub ('lub. It you \ycrc thc onc \ycaiing lislinct stockings thcti l dctiiiitcly \yant II. l3o\ No [7334/35. '

v I saw you Jo [y .Iak ty (‘arolinc [k Robbie [k Aiiiy tk Bryan [k l.ynnc [k Slianc [k Yyonnc (k Stark [k thl all thin the weekend and it \\';I\ c\ccllcnt. A trcincndous cl'l‘ort on thc dainii linc \ycckcnd Iront. You're all \llltt\lilltgl I.o\ c Abi \\\. l3o\ No [7334/36.

V I saw you on thc goll' course in l’itlochi'y. 3 May I998. You: strayybcrry bloiidc accountant at lirnst and Yotiiig. (ilasgoyy. Me: the girl \y ho II;t\ been sending you Yalcntincs cards [or the past IIIIL'L' yt‘ith l3o\ No [7333”.

V I saw you linglish/Asian girl at tlic RI\L‘I'\I[IL‘ (’ciltdh. [why I May [998. You: \\IIIICI \IIII'I ttlttl gorgcous. .\IL‘L c‘IIL'L‘kL‘tI sltll'l cnginccr unable to dance and talk \lllIlllltllIt‘Uthly'l I‘ancy a [‘IIII‘.’ I3o\ No [7333/2.

V I saw you gorgeous interior student \y ith iiiyxtcrious black

cycs. Surcly younger than l'orty‘.’

\Ycar black tor inc and I'll pay. .\Ic: .Ittc‘k I);ttItL‘l\. I also lIkL‘ dogs. Ho\ No [7333/3.


V I saw you Kilkcnnys. ’l‘hursday 30 April. back corner by ornamctal loos. You: longish hair. glasscs‘. laughing lots. .\Ic: unable to stop thinking about you. About to takc tip nail biting. Do these ads \yoi‘k‘.’ Box No [7333/4

0 I saw you glittcry Rapht‘l reading pocnis at Ncgociants on 5 May. He: blond noryycgiaii iii tirst t'oyy. couldn't approach you because of your friends. l.ct\ hang the D] [II (No. l.ct me be .‘our niusc. [Im .\'o [7333/5

O I saw you behind the

bar and can’t get the image out of my head. Tall, dark and incredibly smooth. I am not sure how to say your name. Is it Sow (sounds like wow) Sar (sounds like bar) With you behind it you are a wow bar!

V I saw you l \in| scc you in court. Mark aka Dorian Gray. diyoi‘cc l.\ around the corner. I don't hclicyc you slccp in your oI'licc. The truth niust out...youi' tleyotcd yyil‘c. Sai‘alixxx. The painting is still iii the attic. tor the IIIUIIICIII... Box No ['/333/(i. V I saw you Andy. in tlic Artilicial Iiitclligcncc Department. I really like your sexy latin look. (‘an't stop dreaming about you \IIICL‘ that day. Won't you let me kiss you _|tl.\[ oncc'.’ llarry. Box No [7333/8.

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