Kissed (18) 75 mins t t t 1'

AlthOugh Crash grabbed most of the headlines, Lynne Sl()l)l‘<9‘.‘.|( x's feature debut also set Britain s rigl t leaning rried:a .nto a cei‘srisrii, nan-i l\leedless to say, at s ar. t-rc t‘lléll riioue r.'.l‘iic h tc—rriderl, arid iir‘isensatmi.all,i deals .‘.llll its subject matte" a young \‘.()lilar‘.\‘\.l1()‘.‘.c)rksir1ariiri'tua'ytr) satisfy her necrophiliac cracrngs Tlll‘s is no gross horror Pit/“:10 rather, its a poetic piece that throw s a ligltt on human rituals 'slill()llll(lll‘.’) death

IHI Fliers

George Of The Jungle (U) 88 mins v r ‘- r

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief once more here's a l'sl(lS movie that will also have older .ie\.‘.ers giggling or the settee \r‘vrth humour, ,‘ic tioii, slapstick, adrenture and romance all 1". the mix, Disney ensure theres something for (Herr/one as Tar/an clone Brendan l-raser rescues socialite Leslie Marin from the lions and experiences life in the urban yungle Hrs hairy sidekick, Ape l'.olced by Jolir; Cleesei, pretty much steals the shot. lBuena Vista» 'AM'

I Know What You Did

Last Summer (18) 101 mins - -

After the success of Sc ream, ‘.'.lll("l' Kevin Williamson must ha'. e taken advantage of studio glee and cleaned out those uninspired early scripts from his bottom drawer This tired tale ()1 four friends being ter'rorised by a hook- hanclecl killer alter coxering up a car accident has neither the '.‘.11 nor inyentixeness of Screarri For‘rnulaic \i|(l(~‘() horror handled in tight, workrriar‘ilike fashion by Scottish director Jim Gillespie 'lJ‘ilt‘llcillllllPlil' iAM'

Pass the bug spray: Casper Van Dien takes on the alien insects in Starship Troopers (Buena Vista, 18, 124 mins, it t). Available to rent from Tue 7 Jul.

100 THE LIST 23 Jur1~9 id! 1998


The Near Room 1 l n p

The more Hollysooo ciogs up Our c rnernas, tl‘ie inore B"t'sb moves suffer

"‘ fly "‘l‘ni' tr". Larg’l tl'rfilmlr ‘s

l,i5i:',,'.r";v<:l l""it' Tl". 'r" 'Ic'.£'l '! (1(lér ll 1’) l)”; '~( H'zr'I -, (ll/LIT“! cl? ll‘t‘ Dcr'ilt‘l, .'.l7i'cll "i cl l'liw'Ufy, lit'xilciw {lilllliri'ill‘y’ ‘lln‘Uo (1(lc1l’, (l-Ill'pt‘lll'l'l ()T.(l",l filth

rr‘rc,c (1, hurt nr; ar‘rl desgn Adrian l)t.."l‘n:'l"l"liil(ll)<il‘é'(l‘0"1107jtrll'l‘l‘

.lie tra‘! ml a riirl .'.li'i could .'.el' be

"Us ti.'..'i claaicinte' Hrs .ii.r‘~sticiatinris

take l‘2ri deep ir to the r s raric icl

iincic-rlrc-ll, but -t s ll‘rc' tiruaf rlritc- o? Tt-.i‘s'.vi"(llci'rli.i”1(-ssil1(rf 'ruillyr’llrfils‘s a!‘ :i'uwlfi-c Tc"! trim: l' s-g-e ‘r/l"‘}t'.ll'(/'ll) lirlllt‘ .1; .'.l."

‘'l'l>(l(illit' 1 1‘1 9w A1,]

Guiltrip (15) 86 mins

llna and lrlcill! are a youric‘, rnarr'eci,

Northern lr;sh coujle He is a soldier .'.l:o brings 'llllllrll~, disc ipiir‘c- and an air of rr‘ienace none .'.ith l‘iirri (rill/trip traces one day ir‘. their lite, creatir‘g tension ll‘.'l)‘.ll]l‘. c' editing, and building to a bleak conc ltision ’cierard Stanbrmlge's gritty lilrn pulls no punches .n its cic-pc tioi‘ of a psychologically abusne relationship threatening to explode \.'.it'n .iolence"trodorne {14 (EC), 'PRl

Murder At 1600

(15) 103 mins -

A young female corpse rs found 1!) the \‘Jliitc- House khazi ‘.'.ill‘ the Preszdent s son chief among the suspects As expec ted, ingestigator \.r..’(“)lt‘/5l1l[}(‘8 so deaclpan, he could hare doubled for the dei eased cltscmc-rs there is much more to it than rrieets tl‘e ll)l|‘.c1l(’ eye \‘.".‘l)ll(‘ total Illiplclli'sll‘vllll‘, is no reason to hate a tilrii, lac 'i. ci‘ lii.rr‘ii_iur and rrieasiiie 1.": perlorri‘.anc c-s niost

((‘lldlld',’ is ".'.'ainer 11-1 ‘1‘) 580'


Crash (18) 96 mins ~ t t it

Now that the Daily Mail and Evening Standard’s knees have ceased jerking, calls to ‘release the Canadian Two' have been heeded, allowing Crash and Kissed (see left) to enter the video market.

David Cronenberg’s adaptation of 1.6. Ballard’s novel Crash is cold, detached and therefore doubly disturbing. The story and characters are as intricately constructed as each individual frame, this calculated approach distancing the audience from any possible visceral thrill in the film‘s car crashes. Cronenberg places human sexuality under a microscope and, like the

frustrated scientist he often seems to

Accident zone: James Spader and Elias Koteas in Crash

be, regards his test subjects with an amused, intelligent eye.

For a film about passionate outbursts and suicidal obsessions, it's strangely slow and deliberate. The softness of copulating flesh is juxtaposed with hard metallic bodywork, while the liquid flow of blood jars against the battered but durable form of the automobile. Rather than dubiously sharing the high speed excitement of primetime TV Police Stopl-style programmes, Crash allows the audience time to ponder this essay on the intersection (often fatally literal) between machine and human. (Alan Morrison)

I Available to rent from Wed 24 Jun,

M (PG)101 mins it it t it

lheres some sense of honour among ll)lt“.'(’8 as the criminal underworld Organises its own manhunt to root out a child killer in l-rit/ Lang‘s classic. from 19% Peter Lorie is odious but strangely sympathetic as he pleads for understanding at a kangaroo court, ‘.'.lll1 the result that the film succeeds as an early psyc hological study of a murderer The paranoia of the lll(ll‘.l(lll<ll co-exists .'.ith lll()b mentality in a film that mirrors the mood of suspic ion ll1(11((1111(".‘u‘lll1 the rise of the Nazis rBll £12 99- rAMi

Space: Tin Planet Live (E) 68 mins ~ « t t

Part rock star, part Las Vegas crooner, loriirny Scott is in hrs element in this concert Video recorded in \"./c)l\.'erltampton during Space's recent [in Planet tour It's a fairly straight l|\.'€‘ document, but that means the band's infectious sense of fun creeps out from The TV screen C atc hy pop songs and ballads filled with comic melodrama are the order of the day, ‘.'.|ll) the added bonus of the '.’|llLl()l presence of Catatonia's (.er'ys Matthews for ’The Ballad Of Tom Jones' lWar‘ner Vision £12 9% Anti

Man With A Movie Camera

(E)137 mins t c r - it

The fact that D/iga Vertoy’s 1929 slice of l.losco‘~.‘. life is always rated among the top ten doc Limentaries ever made could be an inc entiye or a turn-off, depending on how you define tl‘r‘ lling cineriia It's a startling intellectual exercise, drawing on ‘.’<il'l()US techniques split screen, slow motion, (llSSOlYi’ to fulfil a filrnrnalcer's riiariilesto, it’s also a lively and constantly entertaining depiction of the people and machinery that drive a city at work and play First of all, enjoy it with a percussion-based score by the

Alloy Orchestra, then watch again with y0ur academic head on, as the entire Tillil is repeated with a detailed running commentary by Russian film hist0rran Yuri TSrvran lBFl £15 99l iAMl

This Life Series 2

(15) 376 mins 1r « t it

Further sex and shenanigans amongst the lawyer fraternity as tenSion grows between Anna and Miles, and the. Ioung bond between l\.llliy and Egg goes through more ups and downs Soap opera storylines are giyen the shake-up with graphic nudity, hand- held NYPD 8/ue-style carnerawOrk and realistic sweary dialogue Essential TV for 90s adults, spread over three volumes rBBC £12 99 eachl <

Whatever Happened To

BabyJane (18) 129 mins - i v

Two Sll()‘.'.'l)USlll(‘S$ sisters Jane 'Bette Davisi and Blancne Joan Craxrx'or'cii aren't getting on l".lOl'(‘<1(,('.ll'dt(‘ly, Jane is torturing, beating and staining her \.'.heelchair-bound and more successful sibiiitg \‘Vhile Crawford adopts a "E‘ldllYE‘ly restraned technique in comparison to Dayis's rnanic hariiming, the score spoils the interplay by being obtrusive and overly expressionistic. Creepy and crappy il‘ eciual measure Part of the re-launched ‘Warner Elite Collection’, \.'.'l1:(h now also includes the titles All The President's Men, The Candidate and ‘f/ho's‘ Afraid Of ‘t/rrgrnra './"/OO/f 'Wainer' E9 99/two for £15i'BD'

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE: Brian Donaldson, Alan Morrison, Peter Ross


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it I n t Very gOOd

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t w Below average

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