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1e eo"o"e "amoer Mam t'te'“

JAZZ COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

The Near Room

\'.'e"1at.'ete" ‘. oeo (0:) es of' t‘xs oat-mew who Stottts". it‘r. .e" to one away Sta” “z; Ao' art Dm‘oar‘ as a t'orh‘er name" "at e< ‘.'."o gets too (-ose to a story, I". s (MTK taie or'aqs \.;e\.‘.e."s il"'()t.(}" t"e "we of (341800.18th(}(*r“~.‘.()"'(l Morai oe<ay has "exer ()()\(‘(1 so oooo To (get the doodes a"s\.'.er ti‘s

l't that yea" ‘.'.as G asoox'. (Ity o‘ (alare’ Ar‘s\.‘.e's ort a l)()8°.t(i"(} oy T": 10 Jo? Mari-t the!“

NEAR COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


\“Je'x e 00*. two sets o‘ ‘o.."‘ (lassm 'havtoa ‘wws to (;.\.e away AM'a as about drag—t "axed o «er gangs hat: H; to" " (ye-speed suore'haty J‘. a h.(;htrhar‘e To-<yo ot' the fixture, Nth/ta Suo/T s an

a .-a( tzoh (iCH‘OnK adventure set h Japan order the me of the Shooar‘, Inns: 0" The North Star stars a one uarnor "oa'n no the waste a"os o‘ a host- aoocaeyhse hm ‘eav‘ hell, and W/hqs Of Hohhea/h/se ‘eat..r'es the so ":taa! awakermq of a young SOIUIOT To (get tt‘e goodies, a.",s\‘.e" t" s

Wrmh (our‘try (to Manda 7' was (one ‘romT‘ Answers on a oosuard oy Fr. 10 lo Marx them

MANGA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Del Amitri

T'ta'ws to \.’;r'<;;v‘ Meoasto'e to. e are (;!‘-.’t",(} attay '.\.'v.'o sorted (ooues of the De A'wt": Wont: (up song Don't Come Home Too Soof‘.’ a'to a soe< a twene tra< k ororho CD of De; Am.t";'s sntotes froze hemeer‘ 1989 am 1998 Three "owners-do (get the twelve t"a( '-< oroh‘.o

DELAMiTRl sanctcssesa

NdY‘TCUK‘i\‘.‘()(()"(‘"1("Y‘DOTSO‘ De? Armtr Answers on. a oosttar'o by F1: 10 Ja Mark t'tem


14 High Street, Edinburgh. EH1 175-

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104THE “ST 25 in" --9 J..' 1998 9' "tea :3, Scott.

' 3'ess, St‘e".*.oo<: [nCLiSIVat

Jazz Festival 98

Glasgow International Jazz

Glasgow International


Estate, Bonny



Take along this magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.


The Move Maot exhibition

at the M<Leitah Gailewes,

Glasgow 1s otter r‘(; two adott tickets for the ohte of one LHtiLi Wed 8 July Brth th-s (‘dfi‘O't of' The 11st to the Box Offme See Frontllhes for more details of the ex'ttomon


Fed up mth the World 0107 There's a foothaIi-f'ee zone at the T'O’t T'teatr‘e, 63 Trovtgate, Giasooxn' They're o‘t'erthg the first three reaoers who do to the Box OiilCO oh Fr' 26 Jun \.‘-./1°.l‘. thts (opy of The US! a free DdfT of t.( kets to see Sea Urchms that evening, at 7 30pm




The Roy/a? Lyceu'h, Grzhoiay

Street, Edinburgh is offering

two foii DTICC t'tkets for the DTICG of ore to see the (lasstc Whtsky Galore TillS offer IS vaiud Th-a 2~Thu 9 Jul Bring thIS copy of The wt to the Box Offtce



'tgg, t’.‘wd§othiart Te?: 013i 663 2404.