softens his action man image in Six Days, Seven Nights, but all

the kids want to know is - will there be another Indiana Jones


Words: Claire Prentice

HAVING SMOULDERED HIS way across Hollywood over the last 30 years. Harrison Ford isn‘t ready to trade in his action—man status for the cardigan. pipe and slippers just yet. And. as he proves in the forthcoming Six Days. Seven Nig/iis. he can still jump planes. dodge bullets and get the gal over any of the young bucks.

Thing is. it’s his latest screen partner recently ‘outed‘ Anne Heche. partner of US TV sitcom queen lillen de Generes who has set tongues a—wagging. A lesbian as a suitable love-interest for the ravishing Mr Ford was. apparently. just too weird for some Americans to comprehend. Well. think on. because it is the explosive on—screen chemistry between Ford and Heche which keeps the whole thing afloat.

Starring as brash tough-guy aviator

and loner Quinn Harris. Ford is forced. via a bribe. to come to the rescue of city girl—come—damsel in distress Robin Monroe (Heche). who‘s holidaying with yuppie beau Frank (David Schwimmer). An unexpected editorial deadline requires journo Robin to be in Tahiti and thus Harris reluctantly lets her share his cockpit. But when their plane crashes. the polar opposites find themselves

10 THE “ST 25 Jun—9 Jul 1998

stranded on an idyllic deserted island with oodles of time to bicker and flirt. Having scooped the People‘s

(‘hoice Award for best male actor for

his portrayal of President James Marshall in last year‘s Air lime ()m'. Ford relishes the role of a simple beach bum. ‘lt was a great opportunity to play a character who is very different to the ones l‘d lately played.‘ he reckons. ‘He‘s a bit of a curmud— geon . . . we sense that there have been some serious disappointments in his life.‘

A keen pilot who is licensed to fly a number of aircraft and helicopters. Ford himself took the controls for many of the airborne action scenes rather than having a stand—in. As such he was delighted to fullill a childhood dream. getting to fly the Dellavilland Beaver. ‘II was great to be able to add a new aircraft to my list of planes that I‘ve llown.‘ he enthuses.

When pressed on the matter of

whether or not we‘re in line for a fourth helping of Indiana Jones. however. the 55-year-old remains non—committal: ‘I would love to make another one. but we haven‘t found a story that’s good enough to surpass the last lndy movie. so until then there won‘t be another.‘

'He's hilarious and charming. He's a manly

man. ' Anne Herche on Harrison Ford

Meanwhile director (ieorge Lucas. who lirst cast a young Ford in xllil(’l’f('(lil Graffiti in 1973 ~ followed by the Star Wars trilogy. then the Indiana Jones films a is currently on the case. ‘I am writing a screenplay] Lucas admits. ‘lf Harrison and Steven [Spielberg] like it. we‘ll do another.. Sean Connery. returning as liitly"s professorial dad. is also part of the equation.

As for his Sir Days. Seven Nights co-star l‘leche. last seen playing opposite Robert De .\'iro and Dustin Hoffman in the political farce Wag Iln' Dug. Ford is not in the least bit phased by the bitchy jibes and adverse media attention. ‘Anne is an intelligent and versatile actress.” he says. ‘She is both emotionally engaging and funny as hell. I loved working with her.‘

And the feeling is mutual. as lleche gushes: ‘He‘s hilarious and charming . . . l've kind of fallen in love with working with him. He‘s certainly a manly man »~ he knows exactly what to do when you need to get something together.‘

llmm. practice makes perfect. it seems.

Six Days, Seven Nights goes on general release on Friday 3 July. See review, page 27.