Main Stage, Sun 12 Jul.

’I don't USUdHy let people buy me drrnks after a grg but seerng as how thrs was a specral orcasron I went for rt,’ says Kelly Jones, frontman w'rth Welsh trro The Stereophonrcs ln mrtrgatron to the skull-splrttrng hangover whrch Jones rs sufferrng from, occaSrons don't come much more specral than playrng a recent homeCOmrng grg at Cardrff Castle rn front of more than 10,000 fans

It's a mark of Just how far The Stereophonrcs have Come srnce they ‘rrst started krckrng up a racket Theer first venture north of the boroer was way

batk rn the batk-er‘o of '96 when they p-ayed Edrnbt.rg""s \r'e'\.e to an rhdfferer‘t yet g'aufi.a ry thawr‘g audrente of about 30 Two yea's o't, therr farr‘e ar‘d stat;.s have "sen to the poet where the a;.t*‘or':tres that be we prermr‘eu to allow The Ste’eoorto'r (s to pray Carortf' Cast-e, on y the seto"d tzrr‘e 'n twenty years “hat a part: ".as peer‘ grven perrnrsson to pray " Il‘t‘ gr'ot.r‘(ts

'We were lookmg forward to that grg as mut h as we were deter'nrrned to get rt behrnd us,’ rs Kelly's retrospettrve vrew of the concert

It was worth the wart The three stocky blokes pounded therr way through the best part of therr‘ debut album Word Gets Around wrth all the brursrng vrgour of a prr/e frghter (losrng rn for the krll Vv’rth lyr:(s that are ofter‘ as raw and as bru's.“ ; as {re

must rtself, The Stereophonrts left the most part of therr audrente rapprly punth-drunk

lr‘ie'e’sirr‘gly, they p'evrewed a number

of sor‘gs "'o'r: t'ter" "ew album wth ;s urovzs.o'ralry out rt Md'U‘ next year

Named Perfor‘rrrante And Cotktar/s after

a b xarre wade (rr't as " gt‘teub writ h the ads stu'nb ed upon n New Y()"K, Kelly (rest r bes t’re album as more growe-up tnar‘ Word and not from st.( ". a small town yrew, .t's a brt 'no'e ex;)er"e"t.e(r but stfii have '

Narvety, however, rs not somethrng whrt h (ould be applred to The Stereopnonrts' festrval strategy 'The hrgher t.p the brll you are, the better the r‘eattron that you get,’ rs Kelly's take on pr'evrous events 'Not that we've had any bad reattrons at ‘estrx'a's,’ he adds

As for top festrval trps, Kelly retommends pat long a parr‘ of wellres Havrng forgotten to brng hrs own at last year's Glastonbury he thought he'd try wr‘apprng hrs feet rn gaffer tape rnstead Needless to say he ended up on hrs arse tJonathan Trewt


Radio One Evening Session. KTWWH Stage, Sat ll Jul.

On a sunny afternoon rn Glasgow,

Stott James and Paul erlrams, two of the Montrose Avenues three srnger's, are down \vrth flu and (radlrng mugs of hot (hotolate Drummer Matthew l'ver'rt‘. and th'd votalrst, Rob lrndsey-

16 THE lIST ZS Jun—9 Jul 1998