Words: Robin Hodge

'A FRESH, DYNAMIC mix of new music and dance wrapped tip with fast. stylish presentation.‘ is the message at the heart of Beat FM. It's a recipe that could see listeners tuning in across Central Scotland if the proposed new station gets the go- ahead later this year.

Heading tip the Beat FM teatn are the two people who have been behind many of the best music events in Scotland over the past ten years: Stuart C‘lumpas. the creator of King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut and T in the Park. and Ron McCulloch of The Tunnel in Glasgow. They‘ve invited The List to join the group and we‘ll be providing a day-by—day entertainment guide to go out on air.

Beat FM aims to offer young Scots the sort of music that you want to listen to. How often have you scanned through the airwaves. found nothing

you're interested in and reached for

your CDs‘.’ The people behind Beat FM know what you want to hear. They're the same people who ptit on many of the gigs that you go to see and they book the DJs that fill otit Scotland's leading clubs.

Stuart Clumpas started otit promoting gigs as a student in Dundee. where his first bookings

20 THE “ST 25 Jun-9 Jul 1998

By this time next year. Scotland's airway: sounds of a vibrant new radio station; C“ fierce. but The List is backing the most

'The station will be an unmissable combination of new music and dance. It will mirror the spirit and tastes of young Scots and will pulse with energy, passion and creativity.’ Ron McCulloch

f buzzing with the s . . n for the licence IS

, them all -

included The Pretenders. l'B4l). l)ef

l.eppard and Peter (iabriel. While (ilasgow was revelling as liuropean (‘ity of (‘ulture in l‘)‘)(). (‘lumpas opened King Tut‘s \Vah Walt llut: eight years on and King Tut‘s has established itself as the main place to catch tip and coming bands this is where ()asis were spotted and signed.

The first T in the Park took place in I‘M-l and it has grown into what Sharleen Spiteri of Texas. who headlined last year. describes as 'thc best festival in the world with the best audience’. .\'ow celebrating its fifth birthday. 'l‘ in the Park has become the major music event in the Scottish calendar. Its success translated to the airwaves when (‘lumpas ran T in the Park Radio for three weeks in ‘90 and ")7. and the spark of an idea for Beat I’M was born.

The other strand to Beat I'M comes from The Tunnel. the (ilasgow club which has won a worldwide reputation since it was launched by Ron .\1c(‘ulloch in l‘)‘)l. The Tunnel has hosted many of the best club nights in Scotland and has been at the forefront of club cttlture for over seven years. (‘ountless big name l)Js on the circuit have played there including l’aul ()akenfold and Daft

l’unk -— and the club has helped ptit many a Scottish [)1 on the inter— national map. .\lc(‘ulloch is now- taking that (ilasgow style further afield with a new superclub in Sydney harbour and a seven-lloor complex in London‘s Leicester Square.

It was clear to both Ron .\1c(‘ulloch and Stuart ('lumpas that the crowds who flocked to their gigs and club events w eren‘t finding the music they wanted to hear when they turned on the radio. Drawing on their unrivalled experience of presenting live music to hundreds of thousands of people each year. they have together assembled the team that is pitching to launch Beat FM. 'The station will be an unmissable combination of new music and dance.. McCulloch explains. ‘lt will mirror the spirit and tastes of young Scots and will pulse with energy. passion. creativity and personality.'

The List has joined the team ptttting together plans for Beat FM after turning down approaches from a number of other groups also bidding for the new licence. Tllt’ List is convinced that Beat FM is unique in having the vision and expertise required to create a mttch needed new station for Central Scotland. We are