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Just over a year ago, I stuck With New Labour in order to get a Scottish Parliament in place. I thought that some of the country’s interests needed to be run by politicians who were in line with the thinking of Scottish

Tony Blair: send in the clones

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voters Now New Labour decide to offer us a set of Blair clones as candidates, elbowrng out ’lefties' like Dennis Canavan, who has served his Falkirk West constituency superbly for years. Maybe the Blair party faithful appeal to those Middle England voters who swung the UK election, but Middle England isn't Central Scotland. A Scottish Parliament should be naturally more ’traditional' Labour than Westminster. If Blair can’t realise this, the SNP Will walk the election.

Alexander Stewart Denny


Suzy McGhee’s letter in your lt--ZS June issue claims that the recent change in our policy on cheap fare restrictions in the evening peak has been taken without regard for the reciprocal cultural life of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What we have done With effect from 25 May is to move the period during

which on Mondays to Fridays travellers i

from Glasgow or Edinburgh may not use cheap day returns from

1625—1740 to 1645—1820. This is in accordance With our experience that commuters are tending to work later.

While the change may leave less time fOr showgoers to reach the theatre, it also gives a longer period for shoppers who want to get home before the evening peak -- so that although cheap day returns are no longer accepted on the 1800 serVices in each direction on the Glasgow—Edinburgh route, they can now be used on the 1630 each way. Customers starting from intermediate stations such as Falkirk High can of c0urse c0ntinue to catch any train after 0915 With a cheap day return.

John S. Boyle Corporate Affairs Director ScotRail

Rail rage 2

Suzy McGhee is guite right to express annoyance at ScotRaiI's changes to when you can use their Cheap Day Returns between Glasgow and Edinburgh. As if it's not bad enough havrng to miss the last songs by bands at The Garage or King Tut's in order to race to Queen Street for the ludicrously early 'last' train, now I'll have to forego some trips to the theatre for financial reasons.

Looking at it from the other


T in Park (issue 331): Catherine McNaughton, Milngavie, Glasgow Sony PlayStation (issue 333): P Miller, Glasgow I

direction, I wonder What the effect l Will be on the Edinburgh Festival, as culture lovers from Glasgow Will now have to shell out more to get through in time for the main evening performances i Here's a suggestion if it’s working coriiiiiuters ScotRail wants to get extra i money from, by all means have them pay full fare going home on the 6pm shuttle, But why not allow other travellers to use the outward ticket of a Cheap Day Return on this train? Surely that would allow the cultural lives of each city to remain unscathed7 i

Barbara McLean


Editor Maybe the Outward/Return e/eirient is the answer, Barbara, so sarrip/e some Smirnoff vodka for this

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