The Evil Dead ( I8) (Sam Rianii. US. I982) Bruce Campbell. lillen Sandweiss. Betsy Baker. 85 mins. Iiive unsuspecting youngsters head off for a healthy weekend in a mountain cabin. only to fall fotil of wicked demons whose purpose is wait for it ~ wholesale slaughter. livery horror cliche is exploited and subverted iii this stylish. cheapo schlocker-sht)cker tnade with imagination by an inventive young team. Glasgow: ()dcon ()uay.

The Exorcist ( I8) (William I’riedkin. US. I973) Linda Blair. I-Illen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. I |() mins. Iiarnest priest Von Sydow steps III to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarelest. Now re- released in remastered form. with a super stereo soundtrack (so you can hear those obscetiities in lull). Dead good. (lead scary. dead priest. General release.

Fairytale: A True Story (U) (Charles Sturridge. UK. I997) l-‘lorence lloath. Iilizabeth Iiarl. Paul McGami. 98 mins. In telling the story of two lidwardian girls who cause a sensation when they capture a photographic image of fairies. I’uirylule manages to he more coherent and less downbeat than the similar l’ln)Iugrupliing Fairies. A carefully judged lilm that provides moving entertainment for the famin audience. lidinburgh: ()deon. Glenrothes: Cinema.

Fargo ( I 8) (Joel Coen. US. I996) Frances McDorniand. Steve Buscemi. William H. Macy. 97 mins. Hoping to make some bucks. a car salesman attempts to have his wife kidnapped by hitmen; but quickly blood is spilt. As the pregnant police detective on the case. McDormand provides a warm-heartul centre for the movie. while the absurdist plot and weird local colour gain momentum. Glasgow; (ill.

The Flintstones (U) (Brian Levant. US. I994) John Goodman. Rick lvloranis. lilizabeth Perkins. Rosie O'Donnell. 93 mins. lired is promoted to an executive post at the quarry. btit only as a stooge for his boss's corporate rip-off; nevertheless. money and power go to the lilintstones‘ heads. causing friction w ith the Rubbles. 'Ihe movie keeps to the TV series' prehistoric parody of modern suburban life. adds bright and chunky sets and a post- yuppie morality tale on greed that doesn‘t quite sit right. and comes otit a little plot- heavy. The one-liners will be picked tip by adults. kids will get bored. Btit it's no the yabba-dabba dodo it could have been. lidinburgh; ()deon.

Flubber (U) (Les Mayfield. L'S. I997) Robin Williams. Marcia Gay Harden. Christopher McDonald. )3 mins. 'Ihis remake of I961 Disney favourite 'l‘lie Absent Mint/ed I’ro/essm' casts a subdued Williams as a scientist who invents a gravity defying goo. but may well lose his fiancée in the process. Combining many of the worst. tnost annoying attributes of films designed to have ‘family appeal'. I‘fllb/H'I' merely flops when it should fly. Ayr; ()deon. Cumbernauld: 'l‘heatre. (ialashiels: Pavilion. From Here To Eternity (PG) (l-‘red '/.innemann. US. I953) Burt Lancaster. Deborah Kerr. l’rank Sinatra. I I8 mins. Cinematic soap opera with all the necessary love and jealousy set in a Pearl Harbour army base before the Japanese bombing. I-‘rank won an Oscar. while Burt and Debbie tangled with more than the seaweed on the beach. Glasgow; (iI’I‘.

Free Willy 3: The Rescue (U) (Sam Pillsbury. US. I997) Jason James Richter. August Schellenberg. Annie Corley. 86 mins. Boy and killer whale team up again to drive home an environmental message for the 90s when Willy the orca and family are threatened by the hunters on a whaling boat. Better than its bland predecessor. l-‘ree Il'i'lly .i develops the usual formula. and benefits from moulding the character of the main antagonist as an old-style hunter rather than the corporate villains of previous instalments. Glasgow: (irosvenor.

Gattaca (I5) (Andrew Niccol. US. I997) lithan Hawke. Uma 'I‘hurman. Jude Law. l()6 mins. In the future. discrimination isn‘t based on the colour of a man's skin. but its genetic make-up. ‘Normally‘ born Vincent (Hawke) forms a pact with crippled Jerome (Law) to use his genetic identity in an attempt to become an astronaut. 'I'he photography is washed by coloured filters

and the retro-future design is as distinctive as Blade Runner. Bold ideas develop at their own pace and. despite the intrusive ‘Hollywood' moments. Gama-u emerges as a true individual in an industry of clones. Stirling: MacRobert.

George Of The Jungle (U) (Sam Weisman. US. I997) Brendan liraser. Leslie Mann. Holland Taylor. 91 tiiiiis. Loincloth-clad hero Geroge (l’raser) saves San I-‘ransican socialite Ursual (Mann). btit his trip to the urban jungle is shortlived when he hears of the kidnap of his hairy sidekick. Ape (voiced by John Cleese). 'lhe plot is the usual blend of humour. action. slapstick. adventure and. of course. romance. while the knowing and punchy script is easily up with the best of modern Disney. (ialashiels; Pavilion.

Good Will Hunting ( l 5) (Gus Van Satit. L'S. I997) Matt Damon. Robin Williams. Minnie Driver. I26 mins. A young college janitor (Damon) with a history of abuse is given the opportunity to fulfil his potential as a maths genius by a kindly therapist (Williams). Ilot- shot Damon and co-star Ben Aflleck won the Oscar for Best ()rigitial Screenplay. but it's Williams in an understated performance who steals the show. An insightful script. tenderly acted. I‘xlinburgli: Dominion. Cumbernauld: Theatre. (ialashiels: Pavilion. Stirling: MacRobert.

Grease (PG) (Randal Kleiser. US. I978) John 'I‘ravolta. ()livia Newton John. Stockard Channing. I l() mins. 'I‘he colourful goings-on at Rydell High « particularly the romance of square out-of-towner Sandy arid tough guy Danny is the stuff of classic movie escapism. In addition to a plot which groans with frustrated passion. bristles with gang tensions and swings with teen verve. the songs are the soundtrack for a generation. Twenty years on. (ireuse is still the word. and still the way we are feeling. General release.

Gummo ( I8) (Harmony Korine. US. I997) Jacob Reynolds. Nick Sutton. Chloe Sevigny. 89 mins. A combination of both beautiful and repulsive images. (inninm ~- from Art/s scriptwriter Harmony Korine is a jumbled collage of strange scenes. 'l‘wo scrawney boys cycle around a dreary middle-Aiiierican town killing stray cats. while two teenage girls and a solitary kid with pink rabbit ears crop tip randomly throughout. Like a weird scrapbook of sometimes raw. sometimes poetic sketches. (iumnm has the trendy feel of a youth generation movie. Iidinburgh: Cameo. Hairspray (PU) (John Waters. US. l987) Ricki Lake. Divine. Debbie llilIT)‘. Sonny Bono. 92 mins. Baltimore. I962. Uproar breaks out on the Dance Council of top 'I‘V pop extravaganza 'I'he Corny Collins Slum- when hefty teen queen Ms Lake deposes the former star of the show. and begins to make friends with (gulp) black people. thus breaking down the prograiiune‘s strict racial segregation. Unllagging entertainment as former trash king Waters does his own bizarre version of mainstream comedy. Glasgow: (ill.

The Hanging Garden (15) ('lhoni Fitzgerald. Canada. I997) Chris Leavins. Kerry I’ox. 9l mins. When Sweet Williams. an openly gay man. returns to his home iii Nova Scotia for the wedding of his sister. he reunites with his dysfunctional family and has visions of his childhood. Directed with dark humour. the anguish of William's story is lightened by word play and floral symbolism. Intelligent and moving. See preview and review. Glasgow: (il~'l'. lidinburgh: l'llllllltHlSC.

Hard Eight ( I8) (Paul 'lhomas Anderson. US. I996) Philip Baker Hall. John C. Reilly. Gwyneth Paltrow. Samuel L. Jackson. It)? mins. Anderson's debut didn't catch the same buzz as its follow-tip. Boogie .N'ig/ils. but it shouldn't be ignored. Brilliant performances are at the core of this story of an aging gambler who tries to pass on his skills to a hapless newcomer. More a character study than a straight-on modern noir. it‘s worth checking out. Glasgow: GFI‘. The Hill (I5) (Sidney Lumet. UK. I965) Sean Connery. llarry Andrews. Michael Redgrave. Ian Bannen. ()ssie Davis. Roy Kinnear. I22 mins. Gritty British melodrama. set in a military detention centre in North Africa during World War Two. Connery is excellent as one of the prisoners who rebel against the harsh regime inflicted

by Andrews' ruthless sergeant-major. Glasgow; Gl’l‘.

The Hunters ( I8) ('Iheo Angelopoulos. Greece. I977) 165 mins. The final part of Angelopoulous' modern historical trilogy is set on a Greek island on New Year's live. I977. A shooting party of bourgeois hunters discovers the frozen body of a partisan. which has been hidden since the Civil War 30 years earlier. As the police examine the group. each individual looks into their own conscience about those war years. Glasgow: (BI-'I'.

In And Out ( l 3) (Frank 01.. US. I997) Kevin Kline. Matt Dillon. Tom Selleck. 9| mins. When an ex-student seemingly ‘outs' him during an ()scar speech. Midwestern teacher Howard Brackett (Kline) has to reassess his life and sexuality just days before his wedding. A funny. feelgood movie that is aimed squarely at a mainstream audience. In And Out contains nothing to startle Middle America. Kline turns in a delightful comic performance. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Independence Day ( l 2) (Roland limmerich. US. I996) Will Smith. Jeff Goldbluiii. Bill Pullman. I50 mins. Day One: alien ships hover over the world's major cities. Day 'I'wo: they attack. Day Three: mankind goes into liokum overdrive and gears up to kick some alien ass. A 50s- style invasion B-movie with 90s state-of-the art effects. IIIt/t'])t‘II(/¢‘Il(‘¢‘ Day is popcorn value-for-money at its very best. A gripping scare scenario that doesn't take itself too seriously. throws in some conspiracy theories and rounds it off with the most devastating disaster scenes ever put on film. Glasgow: (il’l‘.

Jackie Brown ( l5) (Quentin 'I‘arantino. US. I997) Pam Grier. Samuel L. Jackson. Robert De Niro. I54 mins. 'I‘arantino's blaxploitation homage is proof that the director just loves to hear his characters run their mouths off. However. the dialogue is pure pleasure in this sprawling. funky. triple-crossing heist movie about a Federal Agent sting to trap a gun runner. A classic Hollywood thriller iii the sense that it is about the enjoyment of the moment. rather simply finding out whodunit. Edinburgh: UCI. lialkirk: Town Hall. Stirling: MacRobert.

Jeans (PG) (Shanker. India. I998) Aishwarya Rai. Prashant. I74 mins. From producer Vijay Amritraj comes a new big- budget epic. filmed in various locations around the world. In Hindi with no subtitles. The Killer ( l8) (John Woo. Hong Kon. I989) Chow Yun-l-‘at. Danny Lee. Sally Yeh. I l I mins. Genre-led thriller. with old school buddies turned cop and contract killer as sparring partners. transferred into the sleazy gangland of Hong Kong. The violence puts Rolmmp to shame. but there‘s a glorious. oriental fatalism about the whole shebang that lends it a certain sheen of romanticism. l5alkirk: Town Hall.

Killer Tongue ( l8) (Alberto Sciamma. US. I996) Melinda Clark. Jason Durr. Robert linglund. 95 mins. 'lhis calculatedly outrageous mix of jokey horror. road movie cliches and tacky camp certainly leaves a nasty taste iii the mouth. but not in the way intended. liveryone shouts a lot and seems to be enjoying themselves. but after about half an hour of their noisy. juvenile antics. you just want to slice out their tongues and put them in a blender. Edinburgh: l'lllllllOUSL‘.

Kolya (l2) (Jan Sverak. Czech. I996) '/.denek Sverak. Andrej Chamilon. Libuse Sfrankova. l()5 mins. Wonianiser and batchelor Louka marries a Russian woman who wants a Czech passport and. when she skips the country. is left to look after her five-yetu-old son. Seperated by language. nationality. age and blood. surrogate father and child discover how to care and love across such divides. 'lhis winner of the Best Foreign Language liilm oscar is a resonant mix of gentle humour and weepy emotion. with fine performances and brilliant crafting. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Life Of Stuff (I8) (Simon Donald. UK. I997) liwen Bremner. Jason Flemyng. Gina McKee. 90 mins. Simon Donald's drug- fuelled. pitch-black comedy has made a rather bumpy crossing from stage to screen. Set in a delapidated nightclub during one long. violent night. this noirish comedy-

index FILM

thriller is sprinkled like the night sky with unexpected starbursts of compassion. Donald makes basic schoolboy errors . but the photography is good and the casting is also astute. Glasgow; (ll-'l‘. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Like It Is (I8) (Paul ()remland. UK. I997) Steve Bell. Ian Rose. Roger Daltrey. Dani Behr. 90 mins. Craig earns a living and vents his anger at illegal bare knuckle lighting. but feels like a misfit in this macho world. A chance meeting with Matt offers the liberating promise of the bright lights of London. but changing lifestyles isn't as easy as that. A love story which focuses on one angry youth's sexual awakening. this British drama was made on a shoestring and features Dani Behr as Roger Daltrey's fag- hag llatmate. Part of the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. See preview. Glasgow; (il’l‘. Iidinburgh: liilmhouse.

The Little Mermaid (U) (John Musker/Ron Clements. US. I989) 82 mins. Disney's ailing fortunes quickly reversed when this delightful animated feature first came out in I989. 'Iliere's the universal appealling story of the mermaid Ariel's love for handsome Prince liric. Oscar-winning songs. humanised animal sidekicks and some colourful set-pieces. Now with electronically cleaned-up colours and digital sound. General release.

Live Flesh (I8) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. I997) Javier Bardem. Liberto Rabal. l’rancesca Neri. 100 mins. Based on a Ruth Rendell story. Aliiiodt’war's most rounded attempt to enter the mainstream follows the fate of a wheelchair-bound policeman. the young man responsible for the bullet that put him there. and his wife. with whom the recently released convict is in love. Any message waiting to be read is drowned in the brightest and deepest of cinematographic experiences. and the pleasures here are several. But there's a hint that the director has slipped into middle-ground mediocrity. Edinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse.

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