Jazz Festival


Glasgow international Jazz Festival listings compiled by Kenny Mathison.

I Gla ow International Jazz Festive runs Fri 26 Jun-Sun 5 Jul.



I The Ticket Centre 60 Candleriggs. Mon-Sat 9.30am~6.30pm; Sun noon-5pm.

Tickets are also available at all TrcketLink outlets.

I Ticket Centre 287 551 l. Mon-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun noon-5pm.


I Bar 91 9t Candleriggs. 552 52l l. I Blackfriars 36 Bell Street, 552 5924.

I Bourbon Street t08 George Street. 552 0141.

I City Merchant 97 Candlen’ggs. 553 1577.

I Fire Station 33 lngram Street. 552


I McChuiIl's 40 High Street, 552 2135.

I Marriott Hotel 500 Argyle Street, 226 5577.

I Old Fruitmarltet Albion Street. 287 5511

I Princes Square Buchanan Street. I P.S. Waverley Anderston Quay. 287 551 l.

I Ramshorn Theatre 98 Ingram Street, 552 3489.

I Tron Theatre Bar 63 Trongate. 552 8587.


I Riverboat Shuffle its Waset'lc) 7.30pm. L‘lh. The main concert programme in the festival has heen reduced to a core of five nights this year. hut they hai e maintained the tenday spread by opening with the popular Riserhoat Sliuflle. and maintaining continuity through the puh fringe until the big names kick in mid- week. Tonight‘s traditional jazz comes from George l’enrrian's Ragtime Jar/men. Kit Carey's la/z Band. and Dave Wilson and the Uptown Slrul'llers‘.



liar : rejtaurant

39 Ashton lane, Glasgow Tel: 0l4l 342 4966


77mm 2 5 8pm:

D] All/{y lira/1g

Sat 27 3pm:

Segment wit/2 (f/u’c/z l.w// 51m 28 8pm:

Graeme ll’I/i/sm/ Yi'io

Mon 29 8pm: ( fart/(111511 Tues 30 8pm: l)..S. rl/I'm'nri' .lUl.Y

W47! 1 8pm: .Segmem T/mrs 2 8pm.“ D] Alix/y Young Sat 4 3pm: (f/Jit‘k /._)'/I// 7M) 5101 5 8pm: Nimbus

and performance by NIKKI YEOH

macRobert arts stirling

july 3 1998 7.30pm

A project of The National Youth Orchestra of Scotland programme features composition

tickets: £8 £5 (concessions) £1 (children/students) macRobert box office: 01786 461081

credlt card bookings accepted

2 -

1 7 llll \( tlleSHAll'lS('i”_‘\('lL

1’ ‘9 - macRooe". 2 A w... ......,..,.,

I IIY (D: centre “22



52TllE [IN 25 Jun—9 Jul 1998

CHICO FREEMAN was a late but very welcom entry to th broad stylistic base straddles swing to the avant-garde, an very rare visitor to these parts in pianist George Cables. Old Fruitmarket, Sun 5 Jul.

azz festiva

I Dissentango'd liar ‘ll. 9.30pm. l-i'ec .lar/ funk.


I Blues Brothers 98 liotrrhori Street. 9pm. £5 (£10.50 with dinner). Hourhori Street hosts the hlues programme this year. starting with this lllues Brothers sound-alike hand.

I 0.5. Murray Bar ‘) 1. 9.30pm. tree. ('utting edge jazz-dance fusion.

I Four Blackfriars. lllpm. l-ree. Ja/l funk.


I Jazz On A Summer's Eve l’t'inces Square. 7.30pm. fill. Dance to the traditional ja/r of Highy hairw earlier 's Half Dir/en and the Jan licosse All Stars.

I K.T. Blues Band, Gary Miller Blues

Band, Guilty Bourbon Street. 9pm £5. lllucs‘ triple hill. led h_\' the hard-driving l-‘it‘e-hased K.T. Blues Band.

I John Goldie Trio 't‘r-mi 'l‘licatrc l‘lar'. : ‘),.‘~()pm. L1 (£2). This line trio is led h}

the Airdrie-hascd guitarist. who has won

great acclaim as a merriher of Martin

'l‘ayloi's Spirit of Diango. John is featured on the hands new h\ e alliurn. (iv/m t | hint. and on his own self- prodticed dehut (‘l) with this trio. 'lnrn

um/ 'lnisr.

I Haftor Medboe 'l‘he hire Station.

l.3t)piii. l‘iee. (iurtar'rst.

' I Fraser Speirs’ Blues Cruisers l’r nit-es

Square. 3pm. l'ree. l’opular hliies outfit. I Cathie Rae Trio The l‘llt' Station Spin. lace. The singer is the latest lllL‘llll‘L'l ot the Rae _|a// clan to make her mark.

I Iain Copeland Trio lilaclslt'ttlls. ltlpm. l'lt‘t‘. Modern ia//.


' I Cobra-matics Hourhori Street. ‘lpni

£3. Singer and harmonica plaser l);i\ ie Ritc‘liic"s current hand. plus iani \L‘SSlUll.

I Bobby Wishart Sextet 'lioti llicalrc

l3ar.‘).3llprn.{-1ttltllicsasoplionrst leads a hrgger than usual hand. which should mean some attractive enseriihle charts as well as the tisual incisr\e


I Morph's Duo ('it} Merchant. ‘lpni. l‘rec. .laH funk.

I Graeme Wilson Quartet Blackfriars. ltlpnr. Free. The Hung Drawn ()trai'tct tenor s.r\ophonist's own hand.

. l programe this year. The saxophonist's hers accompanied by a stellar trio which features a



I Rev Doc and The Congregation

liourhon Street ‘lmi U l'tt‘H l .

harmonica-led hlucs outfit. I Swrrler 'l'r'orr 'l‘licatrc liar Itiprn. U (£3). (irritarist Kt'Vltl .'\l.'icl\'en/it“s

Illtlti\.tll\t' iaH-lunl. unit. leaturrng l’hrl Bancroft Isasesi. l)a\ id Milligan tpiarior. lolin Speirs ll‘dss guitarl and Tom Hancrott (drums).

I Hung Drawn Quartet tire Station. Spin, l'rce. ./\cconiplis'lied and rrnaginatrie saxophone quartet.

I Cathie Rae Trio ('1!) Merchant “pm. Free. Singer (see Sirrr 2M

I Chris Clark Quartet lilackliiars.

ltlpnr lice \lainstreani.

_ . WEDNESDAY1 - s

I Jimmy Smith ( )ld i ‘tlllllldl'ltt‘l Spin. t. l 3 it I l I the inain progmninic gets underway with a \isrt from this llaniinoiid organ legend See pies iew.

I The Nimmo Brothers Hour-tron Sllct‘l. ‘lpni. t3. Rocking hlries hand. formerly

the liaclmatcr Blues hand

I The Unknown Quantity lilaclltiars ltlpm l'I-"t' ’l‘rniripc'r'r Rtll‘t‘ll Henderson lr'arls this 'iillt}“.lrll}.‘l\' named quintet.

I Late Night Jazz Club Marriott Hort-t.

llpm. l'iee. lllt‘ star: of the l-rriitmar‘ket

. programme also ushers in the late night

cluh. lt is the essential lesmal

e\per'ience for man}; which means it can

get prett} crowded down there in the Marriott. especiall} at the w echeritl. lironiia lluncan and her ‘lrio twitlt l’nran Kelloclt. Ronnie Rae and ion}

Mcl .ennairi are the house hand again this scar. and there is a good chance of catching some of the testr\al's lug names in rinhtittoned ramming mood as the night wears on.

I Dave Holland Group ()ltl

l-rurtmarket. 7. ltlpin. L'ltl (its). See

l‘l'c\icw 'l'lie Brian Kellock 'l‘rro will open the concert.

I Buddy Guy ()ld l'ltllllll;tll.c‘l l().3(lpni. {l3 (L'I l l. l'lash}. hard dr'ix'ing clcctric hlues in the classic (’hrcago

idiom from this highly popular guitarist and showman. with his four-piece American hand. Harmonica man l'rascr

Spiers and guitarist Sand} Tw-eedale will

play an opening set.

i I Chick Lyall and Robert Henderson

l’ririces Square 5pm l-r'ee l’ranoantl trumpet duo.