This attractive figure is Bar Man, one of a range of characters you’ll meet if you venture into the labyrinth of Tramway for Bulll. Put together by Ian Smith and his company Mischief La Bas, the show will take you to dark corners of the soon-to-be- overhauled building, and even darker corners of the male psyche. Who said men are only interested in one thing? See preview, page 59.

Bull! is at Tramway, Glasgow, Wed 1—Sat 4 Jul.

Tap Dogs

lf athletic men excite you, the chances are you'll have things on yOur mind this fortnight. But for those who aren't thrilled by 22 men tussling over a sphere of leather, there is an alternative. Tap Dogs is back. They’re male, they’re Australian, they dress up as brickies and they tap dance. What more do you want?

Tap Dogs is at the King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 30 Jun—Sat 4 Jul.


Those readers old enough to remember the release of Grease in 1978 will have ViVid mem- ones of it. A tale of love, sex, and rock ’n’ roll, Grease was archetypal first-date material for hormonal adolescent couples. John Travolta was a rising star, Oliyia Newton John beamed

shyly from the bedroom walls of lonely pubescent boys. Twenty years down the line, Travolta

is one of Hollywood’s most wanted, Oliyia Newton John has all but disappeared and Grease is still the archetypal first-date movie. Lucky they’re re-releasing it, then.

Grease is re-re/eased on Fri 77 Jun.

4 THE LIST 23 Jun—9 “.998

Movie Magic

Pengums, Jokers and other mischief-makers should steer clear of Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street this evening. Their sworn enemy Batman has chosen tonight to drive into town in his Batmobile. The Caped Crusader and his hot wheels are among the items on display as part of Movie Magic, a major new exhibition of film memorabilia. Other items on display include Dorothy’s red shoes from The Wizard Of 02 (a little scuffed, after all those miles on the Yellow Brick Road), Indiana Jones’s equally scuffed leather jacket and whip, Kate Winslet’s water-stained lifejacket from Titanic and Mel Gibson's blood-stained sword from Braveheart. There’s also a horror section, with a life-Size cast of Linda Blair in The Exorcist and the 15ft Queen Alien from Aliens. Assembled by Glasgow-based film fans Gary Gillies and John Gorman (col- lectively Mowe Magic Ltd), the exhibits have been bought, rented or borrowed from private collectors, Elstree Studios and direct from Hollywood. As the organisers put it, ’seeing is belieVing.’

The Movie Magic Exhibition is at the McLe/lan Galleries, Glasgow, Sat 27 Jun—Sun 30 Aug. See Reader Offers,

page 704.