Jon Pleased Wimmin: not a huge fan of Romford's speed garage scene

Jon Pleased Everybody

JON PLEASED WlMMlN is setting up house at Glasgow’s Love Boutique. Watch out for his love conga.

; Words: Rory Weller

‘l‘m part ot‘ Loye Boutique really. mouldcring in the back like a lump oi~ old l‘ungus.‘ cackles .lon Pleased Wimmin as he chooses to take on his l'irst permanent residency for years at the (ilasgow club. ‘l was there from the beginning and it’s my layourite club. it‘s one ol‘ the l‘ew nights let’t that is a mixed club in the true sense ol' the word. it‘s not all gay raye. bangin‘ out the latest building site numbers or hiring a few outrageous dancers with l'lul'l'y bikinis on.‘

Joli is one ol‘ those l).ls that you hayc to peel the wrapping till next year‘s diary to book. .'\li .r\—|ist (‘ream/.\linistry regular. top twenty record producer and hiin jinks hedonist who started out as a trannie dancing queen and is now one ot' the most in demand l).ls in the country. The wig and l'roeks have gone. but he‘s most definitely still a sparkling glamour-puss. llis relationship with l.o\‘e Boutique goes right back to when it was a mid-week series of one-ol‘l' eyents si\ years ago and. trout the first Saturday in July onwards. he'll be there every month.

'l wouldn't have done it with anyone else unless I’d done another club myselt‘.‘ says Jon. thrilled at the thought of ‘eoming home‘ and being able to play the

‘Love Boutique is one of the few nights left that is a mixed club in the true sense of the word, it's not all gay rave, bangin' out the latest building site numbers or hiring a few outrageous dancers with fluffy bikinis Ofl.’ Jon Pleased Wimmin

kind of music he wants. lle reckons dance music is so po-I'aced at the moment ‘lt‘s either serious deep house. complete cheesy bollocks Judge Jules. or a techno thing. there’s no middle ground.’

He used to play at clubs as diverse as Slam. Full (‘ircle and (ilam. next to .lel‘t’ .\lills one week and Danny Rampling the next. "l‘hat‘s what made clubs great. exploring ayenues and going off in all

directions and people were prepared to open their

minds. You might as well just put the radio on in most clubs and no-one would know. I don't bother opening halt my mail anymore because I know it‘s going to be some shit speed garage thing from Romlord.‘ he moans wearily.

Although he still lives there. he sees London clubbers as way too tickle. with too many people coming and going again. jumping on the latest marketing bandwagon. He‘s got no time for speed garage or the incessant churning out of disco rip-oils and thinks hall’ the clubs are just so ‘Radio I. He‘s

just as happy playing a record he's bought from

Beano‘s second hand shop in (‘roydon as one he’s picked up from Blackmarket or Tag.

‘I hope people are asking for more. and it‘s what I want to do with the club; being able to scare people a little. make them laugh and get an emotional thing going on rather than just a big hanging wall of sound.‘ considers Jon. ‘We need a sense of humour in things. 'l‘here‘s nothing worse than it all being pressured in to the latest thing. Who cares about the latest thing. it means nothing really. I quite l'ancy making a special record ol‘ the conga for Love Boutique and play it at the end of the night and we can all get in a big line and go round the club.‘ You can bet he’d be leading the dance too.

Jon Pleased Wimmin plays Love Boutique at the Arches, Sat 4 Jul.

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Keeping an ear to the dancefloor.

NOA HAS BEEN open in Edinburgh's West End for a couple of weeks. The bar/club venue, formerly known as The Lane, used to suffer as a result of its location and the West End crowd it attracted. A recent visit revealed that the venue itself has changed dramatically, now offering two rooms with two sound systems and new bars, plus new decor and staff. On the downside, however, it appears, at this early stage at least, that the clientele is still in transition. You can't fault the management for trying though. Let's hope people realise there’s more to life than Blair Street and Broughton Street.

PURE AT THE Venue is to run on a fortnightly basis from Friday 10 July. The move from their traditional weekly slot will enable the Pure organisation to provide maximum quality at their numerous events across Scotland. They have also lined up one guest per month, including Derrick May in July, Dave Clarke in September and DJ Hell in October. There's also the eighth birthday party on 21 August to look forward to.

THE INFAMOUS CATHOUSE rock club, which previously ran for seven years at The Mission on Victoria Street in Edinburgh, has developed a serious case of the ’seven year itch'. From Friday 26 June, the club is moving across town to The Jaffacake. On opening night, expect drink promos to make you reel (literally everything is 99p), T- shirts, gig tickets, posters, CDs and much, much more. Expect also the usual mix of quality rock and indie.

DESPITE CERTAIN TABLOID newspapers reporting otherwise, The Apartment on Royal Exchange Square has not closed. They lost their license, but are allowed to trade for a year under appeal. Not so Reds which unfortunately closed due to licensing proceedings. We’ll keep you posted about developments there.

APOLOGIES TO a couple of Sub Club DJs. Last issue we ran a picture of Jilkes and Hatch saying they Wed at Optimo (Sundays) when in fact it's Jilkes and Mitch. Also the piece about Paul Cawley and his new label Fenetic had the headline Paul Crawley which we're golng to have to put down to an errant spell check programme. We love them all and plead their forgiveness.

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