CLASSIFIED recruitment

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. / i . ‘° Urgently for family 9 O BUB!“ House near The Festival is seeking a member of staff to assist with the day to calltl‘e.

day management of its computer systems and databases. including

the installation and implementation of new systems. The successful

Duties will include everything from candidate will be highly computer literate; 2 years experience of Chambermaid to Child

The USt is currently IOOkmg for mOtiVated working in a computerised environment is essential. box office Minder in exchange for

people to jOin our StrGEt selling team ticketing systems experience would be an free accommodation this Festival. advantage. A great opportunity to develop plus wage Applicants If you feel that you have the enthusiasm to the use of technology in a highly must be Openmmded' sell The List during the Edinburgh Festival, creative environment easy-going 8 mature write by Friday 17 July, giving a daytime Salary C- 515.000- (“sing date '0' enough to work on their telephone number to: applicationséluly. lnterviewsw/c13luly. . own initiative. PLEASE CALL 0131 473 2001 ran hdlnbu rgh Non smoker preferred Festival Sales Team FULL [08 DESCRIPTION. InternatiOnal References The List Edinburgh International Festival. 21 Market Street. Edinburgh EH1 18W. required if possib|el 14 Street Registered Charity No. SCooa694. Back packers welcome- Edinburgh EH1 1TE phone SYIVia:_ - 0 I3 I Tina (imsrxiw ROYAL (loxt:i-:R‘i' “All. GLASGAY! ‘98


Slum! Glasgow's highly successful Lesbian and Gay Arts Festival is 599kln9 an Experienced and enthusiastic administrator to work wrth

the board 81 volunteers to co-ordinate the implementation of the - £1 5 000 1998 festival which is taking place from 30th October to 8th ("CO November Post mns from tst July to 30th November 1998 (Part time July and August, full time Sept - NOV} Renumeration on a fixed fee basis F0r more information please telephone 0141 400 0301 or send SAE to BLISS"! do Suscow 8n! 8 [mm Cturnt, 11 DIIIN Siam,

"Bjor Fringe VE‘hue

geek; eeperienced

Care Manager

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall has the enviable reputation as the venue in the West of Scotland. Our Front of House staff are a key group in

the delivery of high quality sewice. This newly restructured role involves management of a team

for then +971“ con+r3c+.

Sum“ 51 “l of 80 casual staff plus an involvement with the Applications In the form of a letter With CV to be received by 13th July 1998 broader aspects of training Within the Hall. For er+t~€r defaiif A key element of the role will be ensuring our Front- . Phone of-House staff maintain the skill necessary for the _ customer-orientated services we provide. The 0131 116 6550 S onsofsl“ wider training remit will involve assisting the ° m a " i F9 9&0 Training Manager in the establishing and delivery Fundraisef ' _ . . . . . . I The Traverse Theatre ' of training programmes and in other administrative SCOUde new writing "mm, Manifesto, The international Festival of Architecture and Design, is tasks. Flexibility as to working hours will be “Kim? for three volume” ' expond'ng 000 On ODDOllUmiY eXlSiS '0 JOIn IiS VOUnQ Ond dYnOmIC TeOm» required appropriate to an entertainment venue. publicity assistants {m me We are lookin for o freelance fundraiser to work on 0 commission bosis . . . . ,. ~ . , , on 0 variety 0 Festival 9,018ng To be conSidered for this challenging post. you Will chtlihil. Lots (iii iildrd work.

i i a: 1 z " 'il please send Cv's 0nd oumne or youf expenence .n this 0,90 10 Manifesto be an excellent communicator and be committed l::’r‘f(;‘i'l‘l' r123”: t5::r“,‘r’c:[‘t‘.u'nr‘ lF>.O,Box 12811,Edi3b§irgrg3E2H88828 FOr further intermotion comod to quality in all aspects of customer service. You 1:13] w‘mc “MIC”! cxfim‘icncc

ron oise Vos on ( l ) 29. ~ ~ . ' C erI have some experience of a theatre/venue Cu” Jun or “mm on 013, 228 enVironment and be looking for an oppOrtunity to 3333 for more details. . _ develop and implement your ideas. Dev 0 m en t For a [ob description and further information contact I Wildlife conservation p Maureen Macfarlane 0n 0141-353 4193. The closing Set “00’ ¢ charity rcquim mmbcrship . date for applications is 5M July. recruiters in all areas. No selling EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYER o,m\c° involved. l2~—l5 hours per week. £541) per hour. Send lampreg {at _ SAli to Mr J. LCLIIhIITI. PO Box ' g ). '. '. ; "i ( THE SCOTTISH NATIONAL ASSOCIATION Enthusiastic computer literate AUDITIONS “"- "' “"“U'k “M “T- administrator required for Seeking males/females with or YOUTH THEATRE S N. . l 1 ~ . . . . .1 ‘1 C FAA ( . A.Y T.) lively company piilylllg range illiC 305—Cilliy I Hard working vo|unteers O mor‘h CCfl‘."CCT 1;,c/cjd p'O 'TJ‘C} '3 fur" ‘.‘.’.’j mfi'Of IU'CiQQ’E, The compmfyis currently-seeking funding for: i {Ur Zluunnl‘] PI'UdUCUUll- - wunlcd for exciting. null“- Planned for 98/99 - (tyres i'i: xi 2 Cfi.’"‘f7i$ifi’}?|Cl‘ rim ' Plum) send C V and phm” “" cultural play scheme. 6—31 July. i - A i r, I, , ' i A a l ,. .,7._ C ,~ » ;: ., Flexible puttimc hounmmoplion. Theatre Flux' 19 Waverley Phone Kate or Emma. WYCA UflurOIS ru lUiii i (L4 ll )Ifri cc. r SH v V i J J"“*' '.‘ “J ' ' ‘- ' " Thou- seeking fatcatuhncs need not apply. Gardens, Glasgow Ruunduhout Centre. Edinburgh. . Pll_\\l \lVlillllt Vk‘élillklll-HM HIV. “'——-'““ l S.N.A.Y.T., Um? 106, ll r'irii iii \(til'lhll iiiiiuio iiii it ()l- H ) Sill’llng Enterprise Park, Stirling ' mm“ in.“ HH 2w '

84 THE UST 25 Jun—9 Jul 1998