FIRs'I‘ BASIL TllliA’l‘Rli I . . see/e the following positions

7' for their August October THE CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL

I tour of

B A S E Three Steps to Heaven.

m Recreation THEATRE

We are seeking applications from people wishing to join a pool of staff based at The Usher

Pan’t'me adm'ms‘fa‘o' , , Hall, called to work as and when required during The Edinburgh International Festival.

16 week contract starting lfitli luly. L123 per week.

Must have experience of all aspects of tour administration. FLOOR SUPERVISORS “M447 . (9 POSTS) . £3.75 pER HOUR

Sound Technician.

1 1 chk contract starting 17th August. £230 per wcck. You will be responsible for the supervision of staff and must ensure a high standard of service Must have cxpcricncc of touring and Im- mixing .13 production and customer care at Usher Hall. The successful candidates will have significant experience inyolycs a live band. l-‘ull driving license preterit-ti. in the supervision of staff and experience of dealing with emergencies and health and safety

I ighting Designer issues. A first aid certificate would be desirable.

11 week contract starting 17th August. [.230 per week. SALES UPERVIS R n48-259 . (3 POSTS) . £3195 PER H R Must have experience of touring. M mL

I u“ d“va “mm P“ m“! You must be able to superVIse the public. and the serVIce prowded by staff selling a

(fits to S'l‘liWAR’l‘ Al'l‘Kl-ZN, AIt‘I'Is'I'Itt nutrition, range of goods. Previous cash handling and reconciliation duties. and supervisory FIRST BAst-i 'l'III-LA'I'Iu-i. ’l'Iit-t le'l'llliRtitm’ AR'l‘s (ii-NI Rf, . experience is therefore essential_

43—45 HIGH S'l'Rl-Zl-Z'l‘. lioixiitittai, lilll 18R,


The successful candidates will be expected to undertake a range of duties from stewarding to

C e fo r sales and therefore must be able to work effectively as part of a team. Previous experience of working with the public and the ability to handle cash accurately would be desirable.


Further information and an application form can be obtained by telephoning

B O O k S h 0 p 0131-529 7837 (24 hour answering machine service) or writing to

Department of Recreation, Personnel Section, 17 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 386

M A N E R The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday, 1Q July 1228 a I’ld COMMITTED T0 EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES


Outstanding opportunities for . i committed and enthusiastic staff at the LEARN LANGUAGES ABROAD

HOW BOOkShOp at [lit-3 in . . . 4 Language Courses . . . . ' G

Sauchiehall Street. Jorn us In creating SpamSh 1“ CUba' COSta Rlcat Peru, , .C‘:””"" "my . . y In ormation services

Glasgow's finest arts store. Ecuador, MEXICO and Spam- School Liaison Work

. French, German, Italian in Europe. i 0°"°'°""°°"'“"'°

August start. Send full CV to Benedict H d . d I

Farr, Zwemmer, Street, . omestay accorrtrrzlglcgfigézon CU tural events . 3 Ax

London WC2H 9NJ i

Spanish + Latin Dance in (Iuba (October and December)

by or l'ciX Oll and (Zosta Rica (all year round)

Spanish t walking in Andalucia (October to March)

F 1"”??? T',C"',“eql””lf', I i I I Part-time work available . . . . “l 99”“ ‘iurmlx I” p d) .l k W" \\ uh busy catering company. Italian + painting In 'l'uscany (all year round) of Tituba for a forthcoming ‘1... “l ' k, y . f _ t.‘ g. - ’I )I'oduction of The ('rur‘iblt' \ L H m) m} h" pm mem ' l-‘rench +W1ters )orts (Jul "1nd Au rust) 3 - - - l . ' friendly stall. \\ ell presented ‘l 3 i’ I Cello and pIano tUItIOI‘ by Also required are males ' . .

V experienced. friendly.

. and must be on the )hone. lf betu een ~15 (k ()0. More

(lap year programmes. exam revision courses

mmnmmm “mum Paul ()1 1m interested. contact Barry on professional teacher and 734797. (“41 43‘) 31”” Ftni. [)li'l‘AllS FROM CAIJanoNIA LANtamta-‘s ABROAD . PCffmnm Children and 3d)!“ . 20 EtinoN S'I‘Iuai-rr, EDINBURGH EH3 SIU ; bcg'mm' re'lcamm and y , . 1 advanced students all welcome. n l. . T1313 0131 558 7118 _ Creative. fun and supportive e-mail: 3 learning To] 0'31 551 4531- . 1 ml all the books: , . , PIANO TUITION .Yo." ,00k703‘1rgutzzl351s'. 6mm "my mm i I Silk painting/dying create BE COOL ' by enthusiastic. professional ts Ii you . . “r n W Sui your own unique designs on l)e\elop your creativity } teacher. All grades and ages - 60” was WRONG. D'smvu ie e’H ii p d “ilk Sm." "‘ 4! 1m cly country by leaming guitar at beginners welcome. '2 8001 Sioty sfturiure 1‘10" ‘05 0 ono house in a beautiful peaceful The Edinburgh Guitar Studio. 1 Including Saturdays. in u blaze wi‘lii lohn Ttuby Juiy 4. 5 - highland glen. (iood food and ' Satisfaction and results : City centre location FREE Ruindonte (UIOiOQUCZ company Tel: ()l-156 ~1l52|7 for guaranteed. (top of [,eith Walk). brochure ' Bookings: 0131 553 1617. i Peter Bream GRNCM.

Tel: 0131 556 S311.

01 1 287 383

25 Jun—9 Jul 1998 "IE [13185