V I saw you lane in Stockbridge. my animalistic instinct tnade me want to eat yott. It's a jungle out there -< let me be your zebra crossing. your Lion King or dare I suggest Tarzan. Assume the positioti. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/335/l.

0 I saw you 29/5/98 Tenerife airport and again in Glasgow. I know you saw me. You: with six tanned chums you stood out. Me: nice belly (Coward) with friend. We were delayed btit still did not have enough titne. You're frotii Iidinburgh so what would you say ifl catne over for a private session (I don't mean on a sunbed)‘.".’ Box No [,7/335/2. V I saw you Bti. and we will rise above the slttdgy tide of mediocrity to shine like comets coming to the end of the world party. somewhere round St Vincent Crescent. and all surfer boys and girls can catch the biggest wave right on their doorstep. Lots of love. Ree. xxx. Box No U/335/3.

V I saw you Yoshi ()oshi. it's a pity you are no tnore. Acid Rainbow Dada Dance is now Acid angel. dedicated to you. See you in the next life. you groovy trip-master. Blessings and light. The Seagull Man. Box No U/335/4.

V I saw you on the

Edinburgh Club Guide competition page. You are the most stylish Clubber in Edinburgh. Let me know if you want someone to share your prize of Sauza and Lemonade with. It could prove to be a refreshing expenence.

V I saw you cheeky monkey. Let's go and cause some trouble. Always your dirtie birdie. Box No U/335/5.

V I saw you Wigan headfuck at Partick station. I futnbled. you have that effect on me. Can we be friends”? RSVP yay or nay! I bumped itito Scott iii Stirling!! Box No U/335/6.

V I saw you Saturday 6 June. Dels and Polo lounge. 5.3()ish. You: dark haired. dark blue T- shirt. smoking roll-ups. Me: dark grey jumper. light hair. I liked what I saw. You? Box No U/335/7.

V I saw you fora long time. then I met you. You're a hip hop and happening. funky. red-eyed dude. I'm for real! Pugsly. x Box No U/335/8.

V I saw you Scooby Doo's. where are you's‘.’ Velma and Daphnie are ready and willing to hand out scooby snacks! Freddy and Shaggy need not reply. Box No U/335/9.

V I saw you Pride Scotland. Did you see the? Light grey sweatshirt. short ‘dirty‘ blond hair. sitting on grass'.’ Box No U/335/ I 0.

V I saw you in front of 7. gallery. You called my name and changed my life. Denver. Fdinburgh. or New York . . . Cody. where ever we are. we are forevermore. You are my best friend and my greatest love. I am so proud of you. Time to go home. Box No U/335/l l.

V I saw you iii the Pacific. You great white whale. me nautical amputee. I‘m crazy about you. Box No U/335/l2.

O I saw you too. ()deon I). Sparkle up your red shoes for definite inter picture-palace boogie. A poppy field summer! (Let's hope we make it home UK!) Box No U/335/I3.

V I saw you Jalal at Big Beat Cafe Graffiti. You long haired black cat. Me tall white mouse. attached to wall. Pass the cheese please. Box No U/335/l-1.

O I saw you at Scotland—Norway. Sports Bar upstairs. I6/6. You: Drew Barrymore-like. with friends and silly wig. Me: short hair. glasses. with friends. I was too shy to speak to you. Box No U/335/15. V I saw you at Del Atnitri concert. We had seriously prolonged eye contact. You were standing at the very back left of tent. Check out http://del- amitri.linexcom/Bulletin Board Box No U/335/l6.

V I saw you . . . my best friend. I‘ll be near ‘tho far away. atid sending you nothing but love. Box No U/335/l7.

V I saw you 8 June. Princes Street on motorbike. wearing black boots. one-piece leather. me slim. tall. short dark hair. black leatherjacket and jeans. Give me a ride on Route 66. Box No U/335/l8.

V I saw you Sandra from Paisley. Cottiers. 13/6/98. Jim Cairey won't take no for an answer. Box No U/335/l9.

V I saw you Linda. Polo Lounge. 5/6/98. Got you into hellfire that night. Couldn‘t find you at Pride. Like to meet you again. Come to the next Hellfire. 3/7/98 or get in touch. Box No U/335/20.

V I saw you Paul iti Babaza. playing the best music ever. We are going back to Germany and France and will miss you and your music! Anja and Marie- Anne. Box No U/335/2l.

O I saw you Susie B. I still don‘t see enough of you. Let's become hippie drop outs and sleep with each other for the rest of our lives. maybe only getting out of bed to chop wood. milk the goats atid sing to the carrots. Whatcha say hen'.’ I love you to bits and pieces. Tweedle-dee. Box No U/335/22.

O I saw you 8.8. (a‘ #54. Can you decrypt this'.’ Lyi ove ou. If you cannae. I'll tell you to your face. Let's hit Venezuela. Kisses. hugs and sttiff. Iiddie B. Box No U/335/23.

O I saw you 1.11 of Crow Road. You foxy minx. show us your Saturday Night Fever moves and we promise to wear gold. pyjamas and slippers from your not-so-secret admirers. Box No U/335/24.

V I saw you We danced. I sent you the moon and the stars. You were my still point iii a turning world. Are you still'.’ Box No U/335/25.

V I saw you I photographed you Pride Scotland. l3/6/98 but unfortunately. couldn‘t talk at the time. Get in touch. Box

No U/335/26.

V I saw you ()scar-winner at Casino Royale. 28 May you stole the prize and broke my heart. My mantlepiece is so empty now . . . bring it back on the 25th and I'll give you a BAF'I‘A. I.ove Deirdre. Box No U/335/27.



V I saw you Jane iii Fibber Magee‘s. Let's have a reality attack. No football talk. promise. Game on. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/33-I/I.

V I saw you Donald. long curly hair. at Going Places. March. Me: blonde cat girl. Can't stop thinking of you! You: PhD student. environmentalist. Love to meet again. Box No U/334/2. V I saw you Polo Lounge. Tue 19/5. Light blue shirt. blonde hair. amazing smile! Arrived alone. spoke to people at pillar. Me denim shirt standing with two friends beside you. We stniled! Please write. Box No U/334/3.

V I saw you Central station taxi rank. Friday 22/5/98. The Iixorcist and C in Higher French. Sorry again. Phone tne for a convincing apology. Box No U/334/4.

V I saw you Kaila on holiday. Monday evening 25/5/ in the CCA. Six years since we spoke. Glad you‘re in Glasgow. Would like more healthy communication to catch up. The mussels were good. Box No U/334/5.

V I saw you handing out flyers in City Cafe and thought you looked brilliant. I was right. you are. Box No U/334/2l.

V I saw you gorgeous girl outside Stanstead airport in the sunshine. a single tear dropped onto the last page of your book Cum/v. We boarded the same plane to Glasgow. Box No U/33-I/7.

V I saw you in my ltibox. although I don't know who yott are. Your anonymous messages fairly cheer an old girl tip! Keep iti touch mate. xx. Box No U/33-1/8.

V I saw you across the table in Rootti One. You green suit. tne matching green suit. Watit to come for a ride itt my purple mini. linjoy France and happy thirtieth. Box No U/33-I/9.

V I saw you security girl. Strathclyde L'ni. You long tied back brown hair. with accent. You smiled. asked for my student cardMe short brown hair girl. hopelessly iii love! Box No U/334/IO.

O I saw you (‘entral station. You beautiful. good at eye contact. Me blotid. bad at eye contact. Willing to learn. Box No [WM/l l.

V I saw you in red sports car. Sauchiehall Street. Wed 2l May (8.10pm). Me: oti bike. You tttrned car around and waited. I rode past. You: dark hair and tanned. Wanted to stop. Drink‘.’ Box No U/334/12.

V I saw you Doctor Fingers. You put a little sugar iii my bowl. Play the 999 CD and I promise not to touch the remote. lfI was a Zebra. you would ride me bareback. Still nursing the bruises. Your C-cloth awaits your next visit. Box No U/33-I/l3.

i saw you CLASSIFIED

V I saw you and thought. by 'eck your gorgeous! Mon l8 May. Battlefield Band at Virgin Edinburgh. You tall. dark. handsome. suit with blue shirt. Me tall. slittt. dark curls. Fancy a tIt‘iItk'.’ Box No U/334/l-I.

V I saw you in the Beehive oti Saturday 9 May and a few months ago in Fibber Magee‘s. You: tall male with cheeky smile and wink. Me: tall female. short hair. We spoke once in Fibbers. but I don‘t know your name. Let's meet. Box No U/334/15.

0 I saw you at Bar

Sauza and you are gorgeous. If you want to stay as stylish as

you look you need a quick lesson on pronunciation. It is said Sow Sar not 800 Ser. I am sure there are a few more things I can teach

you - call me.

V I saw you Franck at Luver arid would like to see you again. Me suis faite attendre mais suis revenue . . . trop tard . . . Réve de reprendre ou nous nous etions ar.'etes (apres tine

douche . . . !) Box No U/334/l6. V I saw you Louise! Red dressed. second thoughts babe at The Garage. Monday 25 May. Got mixed up about Friday thing. Be my dark star'.’ xxx Box

No U/334/l7.

V I saw you btit you couldn't see me. you had something salty iti your eye. You rock my world baby. let itie light your fire. Fireman G xx. Box No U/33-I/22.

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