Mafia Women Channel 5, Sun 28 Jun, 7pm.

The authorities pursuing gangsters are mOre cOncerned about the cult of The Godmothers now that the ma r‘ men Mafiosi are In Jail The makers travel to Philadelphia, Milan and Lancashrre to meet the women two man ed "‘to tne Mob

Heart Of The Matter Special: Diana's African Legacy

BBCl, Sun 28 Jun, lO.l5pm.

YOu'll either love a? this Diana worship or find it all a crashing bore, but either way get used to it because tine anniversary is speedily aooroar nng (ll‘d Overkill is up0" us Joan Bakevt'eli, who you’d liked to have thought twouid have known better, narrates this look at her campaign against Fand'rvnes in Angola and (atrhes up with the y'rtirns Diana met

Up For It!

BBC2, Mon 29 Jun, 8.35am.

BBC Scotland's favourite summer holiday show for the k'ddres, students, unemployed and ‘ree’arKe Journalists returns A<tuaily, it's probably a bit early for the last iot Anyway, Marsali Stewart is :n (barge every weekday for the next three weeks wrth star guests su< h as Garbage, Peter Andre, Joe "()n‘ EastEnders and Tori Amos



l ,i j,


Warped minds: Plaid play Meltdown, Radio 1, Tue 30 Jun, 8.40pm.

The Drop Dead Show Channel 4, Thu 2 Jul, 9pm.

Part of the Cradle To Grave N'HS series, tn=s 's telay's ‘irst eyer (().'“(?(}‘}. do / abOut “t'e or death. Questions are posed about how ;ong v. e are :ke‘y to live thotigl‘ l knov. o‘ oeoo'e have contemplated end "g 't a a‘te' overexposure to Celebrity Sdaares Presented by Dayna HtCa' , t"e "*x s ('ass'r daJ ‘or'na: (3"(1 setr oas Journal-sn‘

Big Women

Channel 4, Thu 2 Jul, lOpm.

Daniela Nard'n' makes a on ;-a\.'.at‘_eo return to our S("(?("‘S a se" es aliovvs "er to swear (3"(1 "amp as mad‘ as she ii i as Anna n Tn's' [ “e Fay Weldon’s draina opens " T971, winding ,ts way through t"'ee detades over ‘oar episodes and probably wth 'ots o‘ rode": t'xngs to say about women 'r‘ the 90s See feature, page 6

Ground Force

BBC2, Tue 30 Jun, 8.30prn.

Guerrlla warfare meets The Beer ngro‘xe Garden as legendary eto-terrorist, A‘an Titchmarsn, leads the tearr‘ " a setond series of greenfly-<)r‘-the-v.a“


Glastonbury Live

BBCZ, Fri 26 Jun, 9—9.30pm, li.lSpm—l.30am; Sat 27 Jun, lOSSam—noon, 8.30—9pm, ll.30pm—2am; Sun 28 Jun, 5.15—6.30pm, ll.35pm—l.SOam. Radio 1, Fri 26 Jun, noon—2pm; Sat 27 Jun, lpm-midnight; Sun 28 Jun, 9pm—midnight.

Mud for it: Jo Whiley goes to Glasto

There's nothing more civilized than sitting in your warm home, chilling in front of the telly, chugging on a cold one, perhaps toking on an ‘exotic' tab and watching oiks rolling around in their own faeces to a soundtrack of the

(hallenges giving garde"s not 'n- best indie and dance music around.

needed 'nake-overs A'l this tattoo:

the vittirns' total (or‘sent Wt" A get

through the series without rerervng a

right royal ki(king7 Pla<e your bets ‘80 NB: BBC and Scottish programmes

are subject to change due to World Cup coverage.

and veggie-burger detritus. Check before setting your video.

staying at home, lass. (Peter Ross)

radio highlights

The Doctor, The Detective And Arthur

Conan Doyle Radio 4, Mon 29 Jun, 9.45am.

Mr naei \‘J'li ans {)(?(}"‘8 a t'i‘.e—oa"t readmg ‘ro'n Marin Booths n'ograp"y on the ('eator o‘ Snerio<k Hones and fine ex-Fdinbarg': Ur: n‘edka. sttider‘t Arnong t"e 'nar‘y ar‘etdotes reiated ntiudes t"e one about “ot'. “e onened n.s surgery poor ‘or‘ the 7' "st t 'ne ()"ly to (llS(()\.’(” tl‘at ".is l"(lt.qtl"di 'patient'

‘t'.’<l8 :l‘ (}<tS"l<l"

Meltdown Radio l, Tue 30 Jun, 8.40pm; Wed 1 Jul, 8.40pm.

The ROya: Fest-ya. Ha 's ltle‘tdowt '98 a‘ter‘r‘at:‘.'e 'T‘L.Sl( extra\.ra(_;ar‘/a has prevously bee." organised by Elvzs Coste'lo and Laurie Anderson This year, Joni‘ Peel takes the re "s Tl‘.s ‘irst night has t'otir o‘ “is (urren‘. ‘aves on Warp bake your booty to Paid tplCItiTCd left and Plone, get aii (JDDTOCIJI‘VE‘ o‘ Autethre's d'fl cult ntiv‘-rr‘-a'.st terni‘o, or simply go to

Did you watch the Glastonbury mud-fest on the telly last year? Bet you were glad you never got round to buying a ticket. For all anyone knows, this year's Glasto might have brilliant weather, but who cares? It's still infinitely better to check out the bands from the enviable perspective of your couch and within easy walking distance of a well-stocked fridge, a washing machine and a toilet which isn’t full to the brim with mung bean

The bill at this year's festival is as cool as we've come to expect from Michael Eavis’s annual mega-barn dance. Primal Scream, Blur and Pulp headline the main stage; Chemical Brothers, Lo-Fidelity Allstars and Roni Size cut loose in the dance tent, while the more adventurous sofa-surfers might want to keep an eye out for Spiritualized, Faithless and Red Snapper.

'l'm looking forward to keeping dry at this year's Glastonbury and seeing as many bands as physically possible,’ says Jo Whiley, who’ll be presenting the coverage along with John Peel and Jools Holland. You’d be better

"eaten to the S();.’"(IS o‘ tne ‘apulous Broadrast T"e ‘oi‘oxx'ng 'trgnt's snows ’ti(;\i(ll"(; n gger narnes Sonir Youtn, Sn r taaizxed and Aroai O'Hanlon

Stand Up 2

Radio 2, Thu 2 Jul, 9pm.

An a;.ra= "trootxto'x to some of tne nan‘es you may be (‘l‘.(()t)l‘.l(‘flli(} at tn's years' Eo r‘bargn Fr'nge as Rl( hard ltlorton's ((>"‘-edy serves begns a se<o" } run A'r‘ong tl‘e'n are Jo E't'lg't‘t, A‘art rarms, Parsons and Nay or, Mark ivla=er and G na Ryan


Radio 4, Thu 2 Ju:, 6.30pm.

Mark Thomas and Mark Radcliffe goin Artntir Srnzth, Mites KingtOn, D'l'ie Keane and Roger M( Gough for the ‘irst progr'arnn‘e o‘ the new series of tnis :ireverent ‘,‘.'ill."g game Only on tne istwreless (ou‘d Sh'riey Valentine bump into yuppie serial killer Jason Bateniar‘

Jools Holland

Radio 2, Mon 6 Jul, 8.300m.

Joois jd'YiS and (hats to Edinburgh- born band leader, drummer and pianist Stan Greig The 68—year-old has played wth the likes of Acker Bilk, George Melly and Humphrey LytteltOn (BUY

2‘) Jun—9 Jul 1998 THE lIST 97