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98% of people who have seen this advertisement will not have bothered to read the small print. How do we. know? Statistics show that unless you're immediately interested in buying the product. you don‘t want to know the small details omitted from the headline.

Even though 0 eye-catching attention. whole thing c just so easily h' become vis wallpaper - me. a splurge in ' peripheral visio as you rea something mo enlightening the neighbouri editorial.

But if you'r not skippin through this te '. ‘0‘» so quickly that sentence. Rizla e to thank you for sticking with us. - .n e you've been rolling. licking and sticking with us for years.

Of course. unlike some of the small print we do. it isn't necessary for you to read any more of this. It's only been written to make. our idea look more authentic at a glance. because statistics also show that the average advertisement only gets about 1.5 seconds

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Some companies will go to ormous expense and buy the whole page of a newspaper or magazine so that nothing can interfere with their communication. Yet how many times have you seen people just flick past an advertisement without even reading it'.)

Advertising needs to be effective and for that it needs a strong idea behind it. You can polish a bad idea to make it look really nice

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or you can throw lots of money at it so that everyone sees it. but it won't make customers warm to you.

Sorry we're starting to waffle a bit - for those who are still with us. we've calculated that you might be one of only a 1000 people who have read thi‘ ‘ar. it's a small claim to fame tha you'( embarrassed to L iit. which is a '1111(‘ really 'ause it must iave been quite a truggle reading

't‘l round those urnt edges.

.' Some of you night be proof— eaders looking for pelling mistakes. ‘o we're not going 0 dissapint you.

All we need to do everyone else is nk of a joke to put

a the en( . o give you a laugh in return for your IQ . . dogged determination.

It would have to be short though. because we’re running out of space. We've done 412 words already.

Well. 4453 if you're bored enough to count back from the last word in this sentence which for no logical reason is going to be a Welsh railway station called Llanfairpwllgwyngyll- gogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

It’s what you make of it.