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COMPETITION WINNERS Pride Scotland (Issue 334): Sandra Burnett (Falkirk), Annie Gave: -, Allan Sinsth tGlasqowl, Kazu Yamaut hi tEtlIItIHHHIt'


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Start scribbling, because the best letter each issue wins a bottle of Smirnoff Blue

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Jarvis Cocker: older than his years

Skelp the

And finally. . . do not underestimate video game trauma

THE BOND BETWEEN Scotland and the United Kingdom is becoming as frayed as England's World Cup

hopes did once the Foot of Beckham

came into petulant play. It seems the oath of allegiance to the Crown

could be dropped when the Scottish

Parliament comes into being next year. For the Tories, this is 'an

outrage and an insult to the Queen,’

(Liam Fox). To the SNP, the new parliament means that it ‘will be a priority for us and our friends in Labour to change it.’ (Alex Salmond). And for Labour 'they

can’t send the tanks up here to force

the Scottish Parliament to do Westminster's bidding,’ (John McAllion). This, of course, is not

Labour’s view across the board. Tony

Blair is so keen to retain the oath in a newly-devolved Britain that he may be warming up the Sherman’s engine, right now.

NOT EVEN TANKS would stop those in other parts who want to march where they like. Well, maybe Chinese ones. Yet, now that the inglorious twelfth is upon us again, the marching of many will be forcing others to hide in their

24 THE LIST 9—23 Jul 1998

homes, in fear of falling into the wrong crowd. Not just in Northern Ireland you understand but on the j war-torn streets of Greenock and Wishaw. A symbol of solidarity or an attempt to fill meaningless lives with anachronistic nonsense? You decide.


nonsense is confined to Scottish streets. An Englishman subjected to

a campaign of insults at his job in Arbroath was compensated to the tune of £2,500 at an industrial tribunal. That’s one in the eye for

the gloaters who watched the

World Cup riots, simultaneously shaking their heads at disgust while I feeling smugly justified in their attacks on English 'racists'.

RICHARD BRANSON IS the latest personality to get on the ganja gravy train, insisting that, not

only is cannabis less harmful

than tobacco, it is something he would love to see being sold by Virgin. Encouraging smoking is ’immoral', but if a cigarette company were to sell dope at too substantial a price, then he would have no fears in undercutting the opposition. It's not just his balloons which get Branson high, obviously.

flesh-eating monsters before they get you. Sounds reassuring except for the fact that the dialling tone and the voice at the other end are among the five scariest things I've experienced in my entire life. But if you are having trouble facing your

RESIDENT EVIL 2, the computerised shoot-'em-up interactive zombie gore-fest is reaching out to the more sensitive among its players. A helpline has been set up in aid of all those poor souls who are suffering psychologically after spending too many evenings in front of a PlayStation attempting to slay the

600321. Coward. (Brian Donaldson)

Resident Evil 2: bloody, scary

demons, you could always call 0891

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