I Larry Guild ('avet'n Bat". Strathclyde l'niversity lfttion. John Street. 552 1895. 8pm. l't’ee. Students and guests. ()ne of the (ilasgovv Songvvt'iters.

I Soul Agenda McChttills. High Street. 552 2135. l0pm. l-ree.

I Paranomia .\1e(‘htntls \Vay ()ut West. Kelvinhaugh Street. 22l 556‘). 0.30pm. Free. l‘ormerly llertnon .\.

I Hoochie Coochie Band The Scotia. Stockvv'ell Street. 552 S63l. 3.30pm. l't‘L‘t‘. Blues.

I The Vagabonds \Vaxys. (‘andleriggx 552 87 l 7. 9.30pm. l‘t'ee.

I Nimmo Brothers Kilkcnnys. .lolm Sll't‘t‘l. 552 350.5. .5 7pm. i't'c‘t‘.

I Die Happy Ktlkennvs. John Street.

552 3505. 9.30pm. l‘tee.


I Khaya and Angelica The (iallery. (‘ovvgate 225 5553. 0pm. £3. .-\n Sl. Records night. Khaya claittt to play Baroque art rap. vv ith influences that range iron) The Jackson 5 and Madonna to'l‘he Stooges and l’alace Music. look out for their last single. the (ltilll‘lt‘ .-\-sitle ‘lioy. (itrl l)ct‘ettdance/l)uet'.

I The Aces (‘av entlisl). \Vcst 'ltillc‘l'tiss. 228 3252. 0pm 3am. £5. (‘lassic oldie pup.

I Lizzard Lounge (‘at‘e (it‘alllll. Mansfield l’lace ('htit'ch. Corner of lh'ottghton Street. 557 8003. 9.30pm. £6 (£5). MC Mello pops up from London for some rapping over tlte [Us and musicians.

I Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar liar. Morrison Street. 22l I208. 10pm. £5 (£4). The Jan. Syndicate vvith everything from 60s Blue Note to hard hop. Latin and modern grooves.

Perth I T In The Park Balado. Kinross. See feature.


I Rock 'n’ roll Dance Night Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 0H 1. £3. l’revievving vvhat is hoped to become a regular Bourbon Street event. The evening kicks off vv ith a jive class at 9pm. followed by sets from Rollin' Joe And The Jets and The Cohramatics during vvhich you can try out your new- found jiving skills.

I Hickory Wind Grand Ole ()pt'y. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £2.50 (L‘ l .50 members). Country.

Nowhere raise the roof at The Attic, Edinburgiz, Mon 13 Jul.

I The Blues Poets The Scotia. Stockvvell Street. 552 S631. me. l’lt‘t‘. Residency lt)!‘ the Rik” veterans.

I Doctor Cook And The Boners (‘lulha Vaults. Stockvvell Street. 552 7520. 0pm. Free. Rock 'n' roll residency.

I Live Music Kilkennys. John Street. 552 3505. 9pm. l‘t'ee.


I Jazz Joint Henry 's (‘ellar Bat. Morrison Street. 221 I288. l0pm. £3. l).| Kulu plays the ltip hop. t'ttnk. soul and

jazz. vvhile his friends jam on the live



I Tony Bevan, Richard Youngs and Brian Lavelle The 13th .\'ote ('al’e. King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. £2. .-\ Scatter Records night. See prev ievv.

I Finnity Grief and Whistle Stop (‘avet'n Bar. Strathclyde l'mvetsitv l'nion. John Street. 552 IS‘J5. Rpm l-tee. Students and guests.

I Acoustic lam Nice 'n‘ Sleti/y Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Hosted by (Eerry l._vons.


I Nowhere and Elsewhere the .-\Illc. l)yet"s Close. (‘ovvgattx 225 8382. Split. £3. Novvhere return to lidinhtngh tor the first titne since supporting Superstar attd The Hybrids at the satne venue itt l-‘eht‘uary. Recently. they have supported The Supernaturals. Montrose Avenue. Whipping Boy and Mundy. We once described them as ‘ones to vvatch‘. You read it here first. folks.

I Jazz Joint Henry's ('ellat' Bat. Morrison Street. 221 I288. l0pm. £3 tL‘Zt. Drum ‘n‘ bass meets jazz vvith [Us and ltv e players contributing to the vv ild fusion.

I Livingroom Legends vv‘J (‘Iitistiee West Port. 228 3765. 9.30pm, Free. Bring your ovvn instrument and get jamming.



I Mixu and Buzzbomb The |3tlt Note Cale. King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. £1. Snarling. rip-roaring geeetar action from Buzzbomb.

I The Oracles. Onassis and Suspicion Of Rain Glory Box. Curlers. B} res Road. 338 651 l. 8pm. Free.

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A mugottm

9.16m" i 23 August 10pm mmtmo)

d Inouvati

20, 21, 22, 23 August 11.30pm £10.00 (£8.00)


1, 2 September 10pm £12.00 (£10.00)

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I .l I. t j j-l- . “his; 3, 4,5 Septanber “mm mm (£81K!)

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