A toddler gets kicked through a school-bus Window. A fat kid has his anus probed by cow-worshipping aliens. A red-anoraked pervert is sliced in two by a speeding police car. Just some of the events which occur in episode one of anarchic cartoon, South Park, which follows the manic antics of a bunch of psychotic eight—year- olds. Cartman (the fat one), Kyle (the JeWish one), Kenny (the dead one) and Stan (the leader one) are joined by George Clooney as a gay dog and Isaac Hayes as a horny chef. We’re calling it Bod meets The Exorcist and we're not kidding. South Park starts on Channel 4, Fri 70 Jul, 77.70pm.

Denise Van Outen

Most of us look and smell like a Bolivian unicyclist's jockstrap first thing in the morning, but Denise Van Outen is up with the lark for The Big Breakfast, copes admirably with Johnny Vaughan and still looks fitter than a lap-dancer in an old crones' sack race. Now, she’s starring as a barmaid in a new comedy series, Babes /n The Wood. Bet Lynch meets Tank Girl, anyone?

Babes /n The Wood starts on Scottish Television, Thu 23 Jul, 9pm.


This fortnight’s fun in the sun.

Music: T in the Park After weeks of negotiation, God agreed to send sunshine to T in the Park and spare us Glasto-style biblical deluges, on condition that Scotland didn’t go through to the next round of the World Cup. We've kept Our side of the bargain so the weather should be peachy for sitting on the grass and humming along to the likes of Ian Brown, The Jungle Brothers, Fat Boy Slim, Robbie Williams and piles more tOp notch groove merchants. See Beastie Boys feature on page 6 and line-up on pages 18—21. Ba/ado, by Kinross, Sat II/Sun 72 Jul.

Film: Mad City John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman are the starry names attached to this media- consoous drama about a sacked security guard holding his former colleagues hostage. Head and shoulders above its Hollywood compatriots. See preView, page 27 and reView, page 28. General release from Fri 70 Jul.

Theatre: Whisky Galore Adaptation of Compton Mackenzie's heartwarming tale of a remote Hebridean island whose wartime drought of uisge beatha is miraCUlously reversed by a shipwreck. This version by Mull Theatre tells the story Via a 50s radio studio setting, and is presented for a pre-Festival run in this co-production With the Lyceum. See reView, page 55. Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum Theatre, until Sat 7 Aug.

Books: The Good Times James Kelman’s return to literary prominence after his Booker- wmning expl0its of '94 consists of twenty short stories detailing ordinary and extraordinary lives. Poetic, haunting and darkly humorous. See feature, page 22. Secker, £ 74.99, released Thu 23 Jul.

Clubs: Free In The Park The Rub A Dub crew With old mate Andrew Weatherall and other muckers put on a free event at KeIVingrove Park. Expect a night of heavy beats among the bushes. Cheeky name by the way. See prewew, page 61. Glasgow: Kelvingrove Park, Sun 79 Jul.

Natalie lmbruglia and constant sunshine due at T in the Park

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