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The man behind BLUEBDY and hit single 'Remember Me' has kept out of the spotlight, but in a List interview exclusive, all is revealed.

Words: Jim Byers Photograph: David N. McIntyre

LAST YEAR, WHEN his irresistible, Marlena Shaw- sampling ‘Remember Me’ track was all over the radio, everybody wanted to know who Blueboy was. Despite this success and all the attention, Blueboy refused to speak to the press. Now, on the eve of a DJing appearance in Glasgow, he has agreed to break his silence.

Blueboy it comes from a nickname his girlfriend gave him is 27-year-old Lex Blackmore. a longtime music lover who lives in the West End of Glasgow. Small-ish, with dark hair and a beard, he speaks with a strong English accent. a remnant from his days growing up in Northampton, where he lived before he moved to Scotland.

By his own admission, he’s not very comfortable being in the spotlight. Like many dance music producers, he prefers to let his music do the talking but he’s not, despite reports to the contrary, a recluse.

At the end of 1996, Blackmore produced ‘Scattered Emotions’, a four track EP for Chicago’s Guidance Recordings. Made on basic equipment in his home studio, the four tracks revolved around a simple, sample-based cut ’n’ paste technique. Not much happened until white labels of ‘Remember Me’, one of the tracks from the EP. started appearing and getting hammered in the clubs. Eventually the buzz about the track became so huge that it was licensed from Guidance to UK label Pharm Records. Re-issued in January 1997, it spent over three months in the Top Ten, going silver and selling over

80 TIIE UST 9-23 Jul 1998

'When I did "Remember Me", I never knew it was gonna blow up like that. I had nothing sorted out at all.’ Blueboy

Face the music: Lex Blackmore is Blueboy

250, 000 copies in the process.

Suddenly, everybody wanted a piece of Blueboy. Record companies screamed for Blueboy remixes and magazines demanded interviews. but Blackmore chose to ignore it all. He didn't appear in the video for the track and even refused to do T01) ()f'l‘lw Pups. The pressure became so great that he changed his telephone number and left his answering machine on at all times.

‘It was something I obviously wasn’t expecting.’ he recalls uneasily. ‘When I did the record. I never knew it was gonna blow up like that. I think it‘s probably easier for people that actually plan their careers. but I had nothing sorted out at all.’

Luckily, Blackmore already had an insight into the fame game. In 1990, while part of a rap act called Rhyme & Reason, he contributed the rap on The Shamen’s ‘Make It Mine’ single and laterjoined their groundbreaking Synergy tour as sometime rapper and DJ.

When The Shamen’s progress was halted by the death of band member Will Sinnott. Blackmore moved to Glasgow, spending the next few years DJing and building up his own studio. His first track as Blueboy was ‘Sandman’ for London label Ascension Records. then came the EP with ‘Remember Me’ on it for Guidance. But in the aftermath of his unexpected success, Blackmore has released no new music.

‘l’ve been a bit lazy since then.’ he laughs. ‘but I suppose my lazy period is over now. I’m starting to get back into gear again.’

Actually, he has spent the time perfecting his sound and getting to know his equipment better. He is currently working on new material for Guidance. with American singer/rapper/poet Oliver. He has also done remix of a Fresh & Low track for Guidance. For now though, Blackmore seems happy the hype has died down and he can get on with the business of making music.

Blueboy joins the Scratch Perverts, Kelvin Bridge, Nice Kuts and Deema at Aquaplanet Introduces The Breaks, The Arches, Glasgow on Sat 11 Jul.

Club news

The word goin’ down on the dancefloor.

THE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL is just around the corner. Although this is traditionally a quiet time for Edinburgh’s clubs, there are one or two good nights on the horizon. Check Manga at La Belle Angele for

3 Doc Scott (7 Aug) and Fabio (20 J Aug); Colours Of Love at Club

Mercado for Seb Fontaine and Graeme Park (8 Aug); Pure at The Venue for their eighth birthday (21 Aug); and lastly, the Club Culture Festival, which is due to take place every night throughout the Festival at Teviot Row. Details of which clubs and DJs are involved here will be confirmed in The List soon.

EDINBURGH'S WOMEN ONLY club Divine Divas (The Venue, monthly Fridays) is on the look-out for female artists and performers. Anyone interested in performing at this immensely popular night should send a demo tape and photo to Jean and Nancy, Divine Divas, PO Box

. 169, Edinburgh, EH1 3UU.

THE SALSA HUT on Albert Street in Edinburgh is bridging the gap between eating out and listening to cool music. The intimate, innovative Mexican eatery has DJs playing mellow vibes every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

CREAM WILL NO longer be at The Tunnel as of this month. After nearly a year at the Glasgow venue, the two parties reached an amicable decision to part company at the end of June, although neither has of yet made any extensive statement about the move. It is not yet known whether Cream will be looking for another venue in the city, but the event on Saturday 25 July with Nick

Warren and Guy Ornadel will ; obviously not take place.

GLASGOW'S BREAK BEAT duo The Jengaheads (Martyn and Ali) have just been confirmed to play the Slarn dance tent on the Sunday of T in the Park. They were booked after Slam's event manager heard the pair DJing at their recent launch night for the new Beastie Boys album. Catch them between Monkey Mafia and Touche.

Graeme Park Colours of Love Sat 8 Aug