shameless [‘ii"'._“ crowd gels dowrt to a |lIl.\ ol‘ 70 . S l\ and 00s chart and dance. I Hellfire at ( ale lx'oyal. Next date the. ('all Ilie rnl‘o line on (ll-ll 50‘) l-15l l‘or more ahotrt this letish night.

I Jazz Joint at Henry 's (‘ellar Bar. l0prn 3am. ‘5 Hell I. The Jan Syndicate return w Hit a new lront line ol‘ talented players. l{\pect some co\ ers ol early ()llS Blue Note. plus original grom es. ranging liom hard hop to l.atrn and much. much more. This small \enue gets liusy.

I Joy at \Vilkre House. .\'e\t date 35 Jul lor tlte 5th birthday party witli Queen .\la\ine. Monthly. (‘all into line on 467 355] l‘or' more.

I Le Freak at The .-\ttic. Ilpm 3am. £4. .-\ husy e\ening ol' hot 70s disco action. |)rinks promos.

I Let's Party at .ll’s. 9.30pm 3am. £5. Sinai't dress. .-\ cascade ol‘cayorting chart classics. ()\ er lls.

I Liquid at the liquid Room.

|0_.‘\0ptn 3am. £5. Resident Billy James with yariotrs rotating monthly guests like Scott Beclrelh iTaste l‘itc‘kl'tlollll. .-\lan .loy. Maggie .lo_\ and Trendy \Vendy lTiiL'lsIItH :\ smooth blend of dance. house and club anthems in this large Venue.

I The Living Room ‘lpni lain. l-i'ee. Set“ l'l't.

I Lizzard Lounge at (‘al'c (il'dl-llll. 9.30pm 3am. £0 (£5). .loseph .\lalik arid l‘riends dropping high quality .-\lro- centric grom es. Regular liye hatith make this club e\perience e\ti'emely rewarding. (‘racking atmosphere. cool crowd. l00‘é happening. (‘luh laye .\l(' .\le|lo drops in on ll Till. then it's l.atino 2000 on l.\'th .lul. See Hit list.

I Loveshack at The .lallacake.

l0..‘~0prii 3am. £5. .\'ow met a year old. this mainstream party night hows to popular deriiartd and mo\ es itilo a new weekly slot. li\pect a tlti.\ oi. 70s. 80s aIId 90s char: hits. plus a reyaniped venue.

MC Mello appearing live at The Lizza

£2; , ,. d‘él' "

rd Lounge Sat 11 Jul with DJ Eh? Wun

I Luver at \\'ilkie House. 9.30er iani. Member's £4 hel‘ore l0pm. alte": "on- memhers to lielott‘ Illl‘m. L' l0 alter I l .ltil. Monthly. .‘ylemliership ayailahle. Tonight sees the launclt ol' the rtew l.uyely w ill) ils stricter door/dress policy now encouraging people to he as w rld. wacky and weird as possible. \\ llll residents Peter James and .lahred play mg progi'essiye house and upbeat techno lot a unique gay/iiii\ed crowd. See llrt list. I Made In Iguana at Iguana ('al'c Bar.

Split lam. l-ree. Stuart l)nncan i’l'iii‘lonite

North/Jill) with house in this busy hat:

I Mambo Club at (‘ayendrslr

10pm Rani. £4 (£3). Reggae. ragga and rockers upstairs: Alricaii. l.atin. salsa. soca atid calypso downstairs.

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo (‘luh llptn 3am. £5 tic-15th, ll .Iul. l‘ortniglitly. Roots. reggae and dancehall oil a wicked. proper sound system.

I Mi Salsa at The Bongo ('luh.

l0pm 3am. £4.50it‘350i. ll .llll. l’ure old school salsa » a one-oll Saturday slot l‘or this popular cluli.

I Mingin at Studio ll. .\'e\t date I .-\tig with Rachel Auburn. .\lonlhl_\.

I Moroccan Clouds at l’o .\'a .\'.i,

lllpni 3am. l-‘ree liel'ore llpiii. t2 aI'ter. \Vell Stirred at the controls in this busy liar/club. dropping a Illl\ ol‘disco. t'unk. ()(ls. 70s. Hlls. ltip hop and cheese.

I Noa 9pm» 3am. l'i'ee hel‘ore I lpm; £3 hel'ore midnight: in alter. The name l'orttierly known as The lane with new decor. stall and Dis. Head through to the hackrootti for quality garage and house w itlt Tasle's Martin Valentine and Stuart Bhrrie.

I North at La Belle .-\ngele. llprn 3am. £5. ll Jul. l-‘ortntghtly. lnl‘o on 05‘) 5330. Turning the guitar scene III the right direction by bringing iii the best in new indie. hig heat and ()llS sounds with top live bands also appearing.

I Phat Pharm at (.‘ity 2. 9pm lam. l‘r'ee. IS .lul. l‘ortnightly Yogi llauglitotr w rtlr new and old soul. swing. hip hop. ia/I. garage. l'unk. northern and wliateyer takes his lancy.

I The Place at Moray House.

llpm Jam. £2 with llyer. Indie and rock. Drinks Ll trll midnight arid Lint) alter. Students and guests only.

I RAW at Negociants. 10pm dam. liree. Btisy undergroundhousenight.

I Red 0n Red at The \aulls.

10.30pm 3am. L‘S hel'ore l|.l5pni; £l0 alter. Residents Keith Bauer. Sean Pearson and .-\lan Henderson with garage and house. l’lus big name guests. Dress code: smart cluhwear essential. Info on 0l.‘~l 558 9052.

I Scratch at The Venue. ()pening night l Aug. l~ortnightly thereal'ter. Top floor.

I The Showcase at The (aw-titliin ‘lpm iam L5. ()3 er 35s only Stuart tllL'\\. l,l\ t‘ l‘illltlS t‘\ L'l'_\ week.

I Substance at The Honeycomb. llprii 3am. {S Solel'usion and

(irooy e Theon members; L I 0 others. l l .lr:l l’ortnightly. A proper garage/house night with residents Mikey Strrton and (‘raig Smith in the lilectric Sole rttaiii room. with Ross Kt‘tltllt' illltl Hoots} dropping lllL‘ old skool sounds iii the Smooye (irooyes' roorii through the hack.

I The Subway West End «lpni 3am.

Uhc. See 'l'hursday s.

I Teaseage at The ('itrus. llpm .‘iam. :3.-

H. Indie. w ith a touch or dance and tank. played to a packed and sweaty t‘ltnstl.

I Tiswas al The Gallery. l0pm .‘iam. [the Happy alter'natiye music. l'rom indie to cull mo\‘ie themes. l’receeded by live hands. See .\lusrc listings l'or details.

I Tomb Raider al The Rocking Horse. llprii 3am. U iincludes errtty to l‘ren/y and My on the other two lloorsi. (iolliic and industrial sounds.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. l0__\0prn iain. £5 members; £7 non- members. lh’ Jul. l‘ortnightly. Two lloors ol‘cuttitrg edge sounds. leaturing the best iti underground drum 'n' bass. house atid hip hop. Now itito its seventh year. Cool cluh. cool atmosphere. Willi cluh residents ( ieorge T. H. Simone. Rulitone. .lohnny l'ncut and Dr Jon.

I Underworld Vibes at Bannertnans. ‘)pm lam. l'ree. local l).ls spin pr‘e-cluh \ rlies Hi this popular liar. Tonight. it's inarnstr'earti dance cheese.

I Vegas at The Shooting Gallery. 10.30pm Rain. ‘5 Ill lancy dress; £7 squares. l.\' .lul. Monthly. liasy listening meets exotic sounds and a lun-loy ing. l‘tilllst‘ls Brougliton Street—type crowd. I Vena at \Vilkie House. l0..‘~0pin iarn. IS .lul. Monthly Hard. progressoe house with guests .-\ndy l.ekker tk .loel .\a\ier l'rom \Vhoop lt l'pl Ill l.ondon. Support lrorn resident Jay Kay. (iarage and deepness Ill The Chamber w rtli (iay Sutherland and .-\.|. ('all 556 3032 lot‘ more rnlo.

I Viva at ('luli Mercado.

ill..ill[‘lll Sam. {the IS .llrl. l-ortnightly. The new Saturday night at Mercado. in the slot torrneily occupied by Burger Queen. lzxpect a l'reesty le llll\ ol' sounds. ranging l'rom tank and latiii to house and hip hop. plus a load ol' other distractions like dancer‘s. singers and l‘s‘r'ctlssioliisls.

I Walkers l0._‘~0pm aiam. {the ()yer

3 ls. Smart dress. l’arty night with residents S. Chapman. (T l-ranie and Sliinerr ()ne lor the local oil-ice workers and \VCWT l‘.lltlt‘l\.

I Yush! at ('rty 2. ‘)pni lam. l‘i'ee. ll .lul. l’tll'llllgllll}. .-\.l l'rorn Blacka'ni/ed with hip hop. swing. soul. funk. ragga and old skool in lidinhurgh‘s original pie-club har.


I CC. Blooms llprir 3am. l‘ree. Sec 'l‘hursday s.

I eh 1 More at eh I. 0pm lam. l‘ree. (‘hili ottt to acid _|a//. l‘unk and hip hop w ith resident Tim King. l’lus regular guests. Drinks promos.

listings CLUBS


Jim Byers says these records are kind of cool, by the way.


'Sitting In The Sun‘: Dialect (Distance) Wicked production from Gemini and JT Donaldson, but it‘s that man Derrick Carter who’s doing the biz with his brilliant deep, dirty, funked up remix. Stunning.

‘Feel My Desire': JD Braithwaite (Connected)

Edinburgh’s Soul Renegades get their hands on a vocal for the first time and come up with a ruff, raw, bumpy remix that works well. The dub ain‘t bad either. Plus mixes from Baffled and MJ Cole.

'Longing': Bernard Badie (Distance)

A cool male vocal with a moody US-style deep house track from the improving Chicago producer Badie. An excellent follow up to the ’Come Home’ EP.

‘Everybody Dance (The Horn Song)’: Barbara Tucker (Positiva)

The first lady of house lays a funky vocal over Pierre‘s driving ‘Horn’ track. The lyrics are fairly average, but it works.

‘Star Chasers': 4 Hero (Talkin Loud) The main MAW meets 4 Hero mixes are pretty weak considering, so check the more clubby 'Caught Up’ mix on the C- side. Or Just stick with the original.

‘Fresh Start (remixes)': Terra Deva (NRK Sound Division)

Two pumping dubs from Derrick Carter, but it‘s the Joshua mix, with its hypnotic groove and disco touches, that catches the ear.

'A Face In The Crowd': DJ Assassin (Cross Section)

Moody deep house/tech-house with a funky edge, a vocal element and a fat bass on this cracking label.


‘The Beginning’: Kings Of Tomorrow (Distance)

Producers of the moment on the US house scene with a collection of their unique deep house/garage tracks. Strong stuff.

‘Tourism': Danny Tenaglia (Twisted UK) More of Tenaglia's classic ‘hard and soul‘ New York style. Nothing to match the quality of his amazing Kinane remix, but next single ’Music Is The Answer' is sure to be massive.

'Meridian‘: Ian Pooley (V2)

Not a bad album from Pooley, but not a great one either. The interesting

moments come when he chooses to experiment wrth different tempos. Worth a listen, definitely.

I Electriscity at The Catwalk. ‘Jplll--l;llll. l-‘ree. Chill out with a nice selection of sounds which run from hip hop to funky house. Check the early al‘ternoon session before this one kicks

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. I0prn—~3ani. £3. DJ Kulu presents hard hop. l'unk. soul. jazz. plus guest DJs and liye acts.

I Mad Sundays at The Attic.

l lpm—3am. £3. Party dance with spirits at 20p and pints fill all night.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. ltlpm—late. £2 before midnight. £4 after. Swing. hip hop. soul and disco.

9-23 Jul 1998 THE IJST 67