GLUBS listings


I MIB Present The Grind at Jl’s. l0.30prii—2arii. £3. Swing and hip hop with regular freestyle sessions. Good drinks promos. Busy and vibing. Please note the change of venue.

' I Noa 9pm—3arii. Free before I 1pm; £3 before midnight: £(i after. The venue formerly known as The Lane with new decor. staff and l)Js.

I Shuffle at The Tap ()'l.auristori. 8pm—Iaiii. Free. ll Jul. l-‘ortniglitly. New beats and old reggae with resident DJ atitl the odd guest.

I The Subway West End ~1prii—-3arii. £tbc. See Thursdays.

I Suck Our Sound at Catwalk. 4 --‘)pni. Free. Various funky chilled sounds to keep your Sunday afternoon ticking over. Headz beatz. hip hop that matters and drum 'n‘ space.

I Sunday Night Fever at Century 3000. letii—3am. £3. Drinks at 70p. Stlp and 90p. appropriately accompanied by music from the 70s. 80s and 90s.

I Sundaze at Ft) Na Na. llprii—3ani. Free before I lpiii: £3 after. Murray Richardson with dance classics from days gone by.

I Sunday Sunday at The (‘itrus Club. l0piii—3aiii. £3. All drinks £l all night. Funk. dance. indie. big beat. disco. rock. 80s and much. much more.

I Tackno at Club Mercado. Next date 36 Jul. Monthly.

I Taste at The Honeycomb.

l0prii—3am. £8 rioii-tiieriibers; £6 members. Membership is available on the night. One of the most essential clubbing experiences iii the capital. Residents Fisher & Price take their bartny army on a journey from

vocal garage and authentic house to harder. faster liarids-in-the-air

Euro/U K/tiu-rirg happy stotiipers.

With a boisterous mixed/gay/straight crowd. '

I T.F.l.$ at The Rocking Horse. llprii—3aiii. £3. New night with drinks promos atitl a soundtrack that takes iii indie. 2 Tone and anything you want really.

I Yush at Negociants. ‘)pm- 3am. Free. Kicking funk. soul. disco. swing and old skool beats from the 70s to the 00s. With A] from Blacka‘rii/ed.


I Buddha at Negociaiits. 9pm 3am. Free. 20 Jul. Fortnightly. Ftriik and hip hop iii the Negoeiants basement.

I Catwalk ‘JpIii- I tilt). Free. (‘Iassic old skool frorii Styler of Soleftision backroom fame downstairs iii this smart new bar.

I C.C. Blooms llpm—3aiii. Free. See Thursdays.

I Ceroc Dance at Moray House. 7.30—|0.30prii. £tbc. Weekly dance class offering a chance to get to grips with Ceroc. a form of modern jive.

No dance experience is required. tio need to book. just turn tip and let the

DJ and teachers give you a great night out.

I Digital Biscuit at Negociatits. ()piii—3ani. Free. l3 .lttl. Fortnightly. Skilled tip tunes and grooves from the skilled-up duo of Paul (Snafu Records. Lift) and Believe (Nu l’hotiik Sotttitl). From big beatz. to funky house and groovin' techno. Willi fresh pressure from underground guests.

I Happy Mondays at l’o Na Na. llprii—3arii. Free. Various party Illile from [M Jason and MC I.oud iii this bustling bar and club.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's (‘ellar Bar. l0prii—3atii. £3 (£3). (‘ontemporary gran meets futuristic dr'urii ‘u' bass at Altered Beats. Ritchie Ruftone titans the decks while some of Edinburgh‘s key musicians set about constructing the new grooy es. Mind-blowing riioderti fusion. C‘lieck. check. check!

I Noa ()prii—3arii. l-ree before I lptii: £3 before riiidnight'. £6 after. The \eiiue formerly known as The lane with new decor. staff and Dis.

68 THE LIST 9—23 Jul 1998

I The Salsa Hut 7-- l0.30pni. l-ree. (‘ool little Mexican restaurant bridging the gap between great food and great music. With The Dynamic I)tio doing the scratchy hip Il()[) tliirig;.

I The Subway West End thii 3am. £tbc. See Thursday s.

I Trainspotter at The Subway.

I0piii -3aiii. £I (free for students w itli matriculation card). A ll)i\ of indie arid datice.


I Calabash at Segocraiits. ‘lptii 3am. Free. (‘hilled vibes ft'otii (iay in the Jan King and l-‘awal.

I C.C. Blooms llpiii 3am, l'ree. Sartre as 'I'Iiursdays bttt w ttli (i()s_ "'t)s and .Slls tunes.

I Cocktail Society at \y'rtkie House. 10.30pm 3am. £3. 31 Jul. l-oitniglitly. Student-only night pr'otiiisrttg clteap cocktails. cheap thrills and cheap. cheesy tuties.

I Jazz Joint at Henry ‘s ('ellat Bar. |0prii--3arii. £3 (£3). Freestyle hip hop night hosted by DJ lili'.’ \\'uri7 rSeeri ). King Mob. Mr Six and Isotiia. plus various guest musicians. :\ profound underground hip hop eypertence.

I Motherfunk at The \'etitre. limit-5:10). Free. l"..\ceptiotially popular rare groove. soul and ftritk titglit hosted by (iitio arid l't’yer‘. .\'ow play trig tlltlltl 'ri‘ bass/hip hop on the middle tloor with Ritchie Rttftotie.

I Noa ()ptll 3am. Free before llprtt: £3 before riiidtiight: £(r after. The yetiuc formerly known as The lane with new decor. staff and l).Is.

I Po Na Na llptii 3am. l'iee. l'ptcttipo dance sounds with Mark Ht'attlrwaite.

I Soul Mother at ('atwalk. ‘Iprii latit. Free. ('Iieesy soul teli'.’i and classic grooy c with Bertie.

I The Subway West End -Iprii 3am.

£tbc. See 'l‘littrsday s.


I AS You Are at ('afe (iialtiti.

l0ptii 3am. £4 (£3), The Slip l)tsc ('ollecttye playing ia//. hip hop. tttttk arid soul iti this loyely yertue.

I C.C. Blooms llpiii 3am, free, See Tlillt'StItt} s.

I Ceroc Dance at Moray House.

7.30 l0.30piii. £tbc. See Mondays.

I Chi at Fri Na Na. llptii 3am. l-tee. Sottl. ftitik and disco from I yley and -\..l. iti this busy bar-cunt club.

I Curious at The Vaults. I lprit 3am. £ 3. Weekly student tiiglit play ing all kinds of yat‘iatiotis on the house theme. In the top bar area for intimate riirdweek \ II‘L'S.

I The Deep End at the liquid Rootti. l0.30ptii 3am. £3, Student orientated night with excellent drinks promos and a wide playlist. taking in chart. iiidre. 70s. S0s and 00s, l)ttriks 50p during happy hours.

I Dub Department at Segue-rants. I0piii 3am. I'ree. Sputtually uplifting dttb courtesy of the Rude boy s.

I International Bright Young Thing .rt Wilkie House. l0.30prii 3am. £3 before tiiidtiight‘. £3 after, Backpackers .ttid locals on the pull. w ttIi ati indie tlieiiie. lispect three liye bands and three hours of I).ling. (‘lieap boo/e.

I Jazz Joint at Henry‘s (‘ellat Hat. l0ptii 3am. £3 i£3i. (‘athy Rae's .l.t// Singers ritglit. featuring some of the city ‘s finest \ocalists arid iiittsiciaris

I Noa ‘)prii 3am. l~tee before llpttt. £3 before midnight; to alter. l‘lte \eittre fotriier'ly known as 'I lie I am w rtIt new decor. staff and His

I The Salsa Hut 5 in ‘sttpnr. I'tee (‘qu little .\Ie\icati restaurant bridging the gap between great food and great iirttsic \Vttli l).l Izli‘.’ \Vtrril playing riir\cd :\Itr) centric grooves.

I The Transporter at the Holtgt) ( ‘tutr l0ptii ~3aiii. £3 (£3), ()Id skool liditiburgli clttb night tiitstrig all the styles for perfect iiittIyyeek action.

I Vinyl Grooves at the Ilotieycoiiili. l0.30prii 3am. £3. l5 .ItrI. l-ortiiiglttly Indie iii one room. ritrserl bag goodies tn the other. Drinks [‘t’nllitis I \



I The Apartment 33 Royal t‘schange Square. 33] "()St)

I Al'Cl'IBOS 3.5 (‘lllt't‘ll \ttt'c't. 3II-l 5 IN” I The Arches \Iidlarid Street rort .l.‘ttii.iic.rSttcett.33I~100I

I‘The Arena IS 3“ (iswatit Street. 3-1 3010.

I The Attic renter through The (lilay‘afset. J‘I‘I Saticliicliall Street. I33 I Babaza Is’oyal I \cltatige Square. oHl jottittrl

I Baby Grand 5I’llllI‘.tIlI. (iardens. 3-IS .l‘H.‘

I Bar 10 Ill .\Iitc|ieII I care toll \Iltcltt'll Street I. 33I .\ 3.5;

I Bargo .'\lI‘lr‘ll Street. 553 3M0

I Bar Miro ‘(i Kelytngrme Street. 353 0-175

I Bar Sauza tieiow R t; st .Sttt'c‘l. 33I 3.3”“

I Bourbon Street (retiree St. 553 til-ti I Budda l-I3 St \irict'ttt Street. 33I 5N‘tl I The Bedsit I I’.trk thine. l ‘M it.) =3 I Bennet's blltilasstrilrl Sltt't‘l. 53M.

I Betty’s Mayonnaise =3 Queen Street. -3I 595-1.

I Blackfriars Underground II‘eony llIackfrtatsi. 3‘) Bell Street. 553 5‘l3-l I Bom t-t: Is’enficltl Street. 5 :riloo I Bonkers IItipt‘ Sttt‘c‘l. 3-IS Sb-I I Brel 3‘) .v\inton lane. 3-l3 .I‘Hiti

I The Cathouse I5 I'ttioti Street.

3Tb 0000

I Caledonian University Student Union Til (.tl“ t'ittltlt'llS RILILI. 3.33 UtiSl.

I CCA Cafe Bar 350 Saueliteliall Sheet. “.3 I.‘S(i~l.

I Cleopatra's SoS (iieat \\'esteiti Road. I\eI\ inIitrdge. 3 3-I 0.5M)

I Cottiers "4 llyridlarid Street.

35" 5S35.

I Cul De Sac .\slitoti lane. ill INN I Fixx II So \Iillet Street. 33I l5ttS

I Fury Murry's 0o .\I.i\\y ell Street. 33l o5 II

I The Garage I‘ll) S.;tlc'ltlt'll.ill Street. 333 I130

I Glasgow School of Art Io‘ ls’etittcw Street. 3 33 Well

I Glasgow University Union ‘3 I'rizyerstty .\yeriuc. 33" Strtl.’

I Havana Sn Ilope Street. its turn

I lronhorse Bar \\est S‘rle Street.

3 i3 33 I5

I King Tut's Wah Wah Hut St \iticeiit Street. 331 531").

I Lime tlortiietly The ('otton ('Itth 5 Scott Street. 333 HTI3,

IMcChuils Way Out West It

Kely lllIl.ttlL‘ll Street. 331 550‘)

I McPhabb, 33Saridytotrl Place.

331 (Wit)

I Media 8r Press Club in west Regent Street. -Il)tl It)H

I Mojo’s Bath Street. “I 335'

I Nice ’n' Sleazy -1_‘I S.uiehieh.rtl Street. iil‘lo 3'

I NiCO'S 3'.5 Saticlireltall Street.

I October Cafe Top tloor. I’rrnces Square mlt I’riiclianaii Stieetr. 33I 0‘03 I Polo Lounge st \\ ilsotr Street.

55i I33

I Queen Margaret Student Union 33 I'tiryetsrty (iairlens. 33‘) “PSI,

I .37 .'\sitlt‘y Sitt't'l. :53 -- . I Rat Trap ‘) Itrown Street. 33] 73 33 I R.G.'s Queen Street. 33l 33th).

I Rocksy’s Basement to Sew Sneddori Street. l’arsley. 553 5"‘)I

I Rooftops ‘I3 Sauclireliall Street.


I Russell Cafe Bar {1.1 .p) 'i

I Sadie Frost's S to \\ est (ieutge Street. 333 .sttti5

I Strathclyde University Student Union ‘III John Street. 553 IS"5

I Strawberry Fields So ()s\\..iIrI Street. 33! US ‘I I Sub Club 33 _‘I.\ -I(~i)tr

I 13th Note 3trrit‘ly.te Street. 31‘ 3t

I Tin Pan Alley Mitchell Street. (ilasgow. 3-I.S I Times Square St I nocli Square. 33l (i5 7"

I Trash lti.‘ I’itt Street. 5'73 3 3'73 I The Tunnel .st .\tttehett Street. 3r): Illill)

I Variety -ItllS.rtrclirelt.iIl Street, {§_‘ 4.110

I The Velvet Rooms Saticliieliall

Street. 3‘3 WV

.‘3 ()tieeti

“Iiytt‘s Road.

I.llll.lls.l Street.

I YO YO 3| Queen Street. 348 843-1.

I ABC Film Centre I30 l.otliiaii Road. 33S l(r3.S‘.

I The Attic Dyer-s Close. ("oweatcn 335 S3S3. ' i

I Assembly Rooms (rt-urge Street. 330 INS.

I Bannermans 3t3 (‘uw-gare.

55o 3354

I The Basement Hrotiglitoii Street. 557 out)?

I‘La‘ Belle Angele I I Hasties Close. 3-5 -774.

I The Bongo Club It New Street. 556 530-1

I Cafe Graffiti .\lanstie|d I’lace (:Iltltc‘ll tbottotii oi lltottglitoti Street). 55] son‘s.

I Catwalk Brouglitoti Street. 335 55S3

I Cavendish \Vc‘sl Titllc‘ttiss. 333

I C.C. Blooms 35 3-1 (it‘eetisitle Place. 550 “.3 3 I

I Century 2000 3| l.otlitan Road. 330701).

I The Citadel .30 ('oniriiercial Street. l.ettli. 555 5(r33.

I The Citrus (irindlay Street. (r33 57030

I The City Cafe Blair Street. 330

Hi 35.

I Edinburgh Rock Cafe l35a Princes Street. 330 loo-t.

I eh1 Bar And Brasserie I07 Iliin Street. 330 .5377.

I Filmhouse Bar |.otliiari Road.

33S 3(iSS.

I The Gallery 333 (‘owgate. 33S 55S3.

I Gran Via-Tasca 3 South St Andrew Street. 55!) I030.

I Henry’s Cellar Bar Morrison Street. 33l l3SS.

I The Honeycomb so 38A Blair Street. 330 43S l.

I The Jaffacake 3S Kings Stables Road. 33‘) 7‘lSo.

I JP'S Nightclub 3 Setiiple Street. 33‘) “1’33

I The Liquid Room ‘lc Victoria Street. 3.3.5 35(i-I

I The Living Room 335 (ow-gate. 33.5 4035.

I The Meadow Bar llttccleacli Street. (r33 first).

I Club Mercado .to/W Market Street. 33f) .1334.

I Minus One tt‘arlton Highland Hotel) North lit'ltlge. 55() 7377.

I Moray House ltotyrood Road.

5.50 I .S-I

I The Moscow Bar Sottth St. David's Street. 550 (i375.

I Negociants I.ol|iiali Street.

335 (i.~|3

I ~08 ‘1](‘IIIL‘L'IISIIL'I'IA .Sttt‘t't I..’tllt'.

Jo? .’3|5.

I Oddfellows I-l/If) I'tWt't‘Sl Road. 33o tslo.

I P.J. Lyles I3S I-I0 l.ettli Walk.

to? "oil

I Po Na Na 3o I‘redetrck Street.

33!» 333-1.

I Potterrow Union ltrtsio Square. (iii) soon

I Rocking Horse t'owgaie. 335 333(r. I Royal Highland Exhibition Centre Ingltstori.

I The Salsa Hut 3:! Albert Street. 55-I 43-14

I The Shooting Gallery 33 Ilrotigliton Street. -I7S 7435,

I Stones I'l‘t‘tlt‘t'tc‘h Street. .330 I330. I Studio 24 ('altoti Road. 558 375S. I The Subway (‘owgatcx 335 (r7oo. I The Subway West End l.otIiiati Road. 33‘) ‘ll‘l7

I The Tap O'Lauriston I.;ttlt'tstiiti Place. 33‘) Mill

I Teviot Row llttsto Square. 050

.u. 71

I Tex Mex sl .7 Ilalitiyet’ Stt‘t'ct. 3.3.5

I ")(r

I Traverse Theatre Bar ('ainhrtrtge Street. 33S HIM.

I The Vaults S'rititty Street. SSS


I The Venue ('alton Road. 557 3073. I The Wee Red Bar l;diribtirgh (‘ollege ()f .-\r't. I.atirtstoii l’lace. lsl~l3

I Walkers I3 Shatitlwick I’lace.-17(i “'ol 3.

I Why Not? The Home. (ieorge Street. ()34 SO55.

I Wilkie House ('owgate. 335 3935.