ART listings



Blackfoid Hill. 668 S105. Mon Sat

l0am 7-5pm: Sun noon -5pm. Soundworks llntil Sun I‘) .lul. £3.50 (£l.50): famin ticket £5. An interactive exhibition exploring sound. featuring wave machines. oscilloscopes and bucket radios. SALTIRE COURT

20 Castle 'l‘er'racc. i-H 2840. Mon -I‘ri l0am 6pm.

The Scottish Telecom World Of Communications 'fhis fully interactive. pei'iiianeiit exhibition looks at the history of communicatiriii. featuring everything from Morse ('ode and old—style telephones to computerised displays. WRITERS' MUSEUM lady Starr's (lose. 53‘) -l‘)0l. .\Ion- Sat l0ain 5pm. A treasure-lionse of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous w‘riteisf Robert l.ouis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.


East Kilbride


()ld (‘oach Road. 0| {5.5 26IO0I).

Mon Sat ltlam 0pm; Sun noon 9pm. Constellations Sat ll .lul Sun ‘) Aug. A series of paintings by (ilasgow based artist Julie l’aiker.



253 High Street. I)I5I)(i 670.303.

Bay Trees And Gold Sat I l Jul Mon 3 Aug. ('onteiiipoiary works by Kim Neuvoireii from I-inlaiitl and Maria Kortisiewi/ from Poland.

St Andrews


()3 North Street. Ill53~l 4740 It). Molt-Sat l0ani 5pm: Sun 3- 5pm

Select I'ntrl Siiii to Aug. A selection of work by students graduating front Scotland's art colleges this summer is shown alongside work by established artists.

Al Fresco IIlIItI Sun l6 Aug. A mi\ed exhibition of crafts by eleven makers from around Britain. including ceramics. glass. _|ewelleiy and textiles.


lectures & events


Diego Martelli In H) .lnl.

l2.-15 l.l5pm. National (iallery oI Scotland. Richard 'l‘horiison talks about Iidgar‘ I)egas‘s painting.

Work In Progress .‘vtuii l3 .lul.

l2.-l5 l.l5pm. National (ialleiy of Modern Art. \"ictoria Keller talks about the work of I’aoloni and Kim}.

Art For Africa 't‘ue l-t Jul. 7 0.30pm. The I’Ieasance. l'or further details contact 33‘) 5850. An auction of art works donated by local artists in order to raise money for Health I’rojects Abroad - a British development charity who work in partnership with the 'I'ati/anian govermrient and rural 'I'an/anians. Richard Bellon Wed I5 .Iul. 7.30pm. Royal Botanic (iarden. Richard Belloir talks about Indian Botanic (iardens in the I‘)th century to accompany the current exhibition at the gallery.

James Drummond, Duke Of Perth Wed I5 .lul. l3.-I5 |.l5pm. National Portrait (iallery. Ailsa 'I‘urner talks about Sir John de Medina's painting.

St Agatha I"ri l7 .lul. l2.»l5 l.l5pm. National (iallery of Scotland. (‘ariani's painting is discussed by (‘olin Bailey. The Visual Tower Mon 20 Jul.

|2.~I5- |.l5pm. National (iallery of Modern Art. Robin Baillie talks about Marcel Broodthaers's work.

King James VII and II wed 22 Jul. I2.45~l.l5pm. National Portrait Gallery. Rosalind Marshall gives a talk.

74 THE lIST 9-«23 Jul 1998


This section gives details of special selected events taking place within Edinburgh and Glasgow and around the Central Belt this fortnight. Listings are compiled by date, place and then event. Extra Time listings compiled by Brian Donaldson.



Summer In The Square George Square. info: 287 5066. until Stiii 12 Jul. This free festival is a must for all the family particularly if all the family are sick of the World Cup by now. The filial few days' excitements include Kabbadi demonstrations. 'I'he Weisfelds fashion show. The Happy Gang and the (‘omplete Stone Roses. Who are a cover band. ()f the Stone Roses.

Glasgow City Walks Various venues. info: 637 279]. until 30 Sep. Allow the members of the Scottish 'I'ourist (turtles Association to lead yott astray in either The Ileurt ()_/'(ilriveou- around (ieorge Square and the Merchant ('ity t.\lon l‘i'i 6pm; Sun l0.30arn) or The (YU/lt't/Hl/ Hit/k A Stratlrclyde I'niversity (‘ampus and Cathedral I’reciiict (Sun is Wed

2. l 5pm).


The Robert Burns Tour John Knox House. Iliin Street. info: .556 9579/2647. until 3| Aug. Mon-Sat tpm & 3.30pm. £6. Meet the nation's top Bard (well. presumably some bloke doing an uncanny impersonation) on a tour of (‘anorigate as he regales yoti with song. story and poetry. I-‘intl otrt the loves and passions which inspired his work and allow him to dig the dirt on his friends and enemies.

Women Of Srebrenica s‘r I’atll's arid St (ieol'ge‘s ('hurch lIaIl, York I’Iace. info: 556 31 l l. 7.30pm. The third anniversary of the massacre lll Bosnia is marked by a visit from two survivors seeking support for their campaign to discover the full truth behind the fate of their loved ones.

Macallan Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour The Beelriv e Inn. (irassmarket. info: 226 6665. 6pm. ts'..’itlprri. £6 (£5). Iiducate yourself through boo/e as the tour follows in the footsteps of Rabble. Sir Walter. Robert Louis and Irvine

r “WW-iv M»; E I

~ “33’

~~-~§~asn m

=‘t ; sail. s§&'§1~$

Age: ‘WL‘V-‘s \ assume M ‘3. v . . -

across the ale houses of the city. the show will run twice daily until the end oI AugLrst.


Standard Life Loch Lomond Golf Tournament I.och I.oriiond (ioll (lub. Rossdlltl Ilotlse. I.tlss. itifoi 09"” 66166]. until Sat I l .Iul ‘I‘hrs I’( i \ liuropeair (ioll ’l‘oui ranking event sees I‘S star 'I‘om Lehman atteiiiptriig to retain the title he won in the inaugural tournament last year over the splendour of the 7. I00 yard course.

St Andrews

The Secret Bunker The Secret Bunker. (‘row'ri Buildings. 0H.“ ‘xltlilll. until Nov. ltlarn -5pm. L505 tt-l.‘)5/t}‘~.25 t; famin ticket L‘l6.50. The threat or a nuclear holocaust seems to have abated in recent times. though when blokes like Sadaain get that glint in their eye. you never know what might happen. Here is .r chance to see where our beloved leader s would ha\e tied to ill the event ot sueli global dev astatiorr.



British Heart Foundation Sponsored Abseil (ilasgow Royal Infririiaty. (astle Street. into: III5I 2:657Il5.‘)allr {5.501 event to raise money for the British Heart I‘oundatron for those with no fear ol heights and/or public harmliatiou.


Touched By An Angel t 'r'ystal (‘tt-ai. (‘ockburn Street. 226 7885'. until Suii l..‘ Jul. {-10 1U.5 l; L60 (L55i for two days .\ two-day workshop presented by Diana ('ooper author. therapist and healer Basically. (itltll‘t'l believes .lllg'els \.l‘.t'il her from suicide. and reckons they eazi help everyone. the first workshop is entitled Herr/lire Ilii'lr .I/ic'ei'v lollov'. ed by slitt'r'l I’ullt'l'.


Candida Albicans St .\Itiiigo's .\Iuseuiir. (.‘astle Street. info: 553 3378. llam -Ipiri £30. The above is a parasitic yeast which Ilourishes in the gut provoking digestive calamities The workshop led by Jane

"ma r at“...

.\Ic\\'liiiter. .iii author on the subieet introduces a holistic approach to treatiiieiit arid gets sufferers to meet each other (all ( il.lssliutl\ till Illt‘ .tl‘il\ e ii'aliibei for details

SATURDAY 18 Edinburgh Lung Ha's Theatre Company Ceilidh sr

Iliiilest eiilie. t lrweli ‘I'eiiace. iiilo: 3.75 .\"‘l.\ \pai {'5 :1? Il‘. aid ot the theatre toiiigiauy. this vv'llltlll leatuies 'l he Ilccastozials vsilll I reelatrd liail‘ritll rattle draw :i by Siiori.i;'li I’iiee alias Sarah liorii Ilse-ll /\'w.t./ -\riioiig the pri/e~ s subscription to Hit livr. goodi.‘ bags lioiii all your favourite soaps and Iiaiixed. signed photos hour the likes ot Billy Connolly. -\laii Riekriiaii and .\laii('aiiiiiiin;.'

East Lothian

Festival Of Flight .‘\Iu~e'aiii ol l-hghl. Izas'. I‘Hlltillt' .-\iilieltl. tiltijtl SM) tilts. until Sun I” _I'tlI. ‘Iaiii. L It) per car NJ in advancei .\ spectacular air show leatuilng t‘\t'l_\llllilj.' lro:ii \\oild War II lighters to modern Iast lets. w llll displays kicking oil at .Tpiii \iiioiig the models on show are the RH loiiiado. Sl‘.“'x\ .\Iessei st illll'rll IL“) and \Illi l‘

SUNDAY 19' Edinburgh Wheels Of Yesteryear lialnieiiy House. South I‘lllt'tll‘d'dliv. iiilo; ‘15l lil5/lll {Si i0 illdlll. f. i tchrldieii lieei \

.piey deiiioiistiatioii. sariiuiai

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l..‘l‘.'tyv t 14,--..-. svvttlt s sklils ullvr .l l.lss rain at. ..l.ltul;. the attractions .:I this event as we I as

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Edinburgh International Highland Games Stewart .‘vleiv rlle I’lavrng I‘Ields. ilrto “l‘l 3005 lpii :5 I?_ it (lire ol the top events l.'l tilt llll'liidllvl (l.ltla‘s calendar. w llli a liil’y ol Highland -I.:li\i1l;'. :ir.' o~ \‘..rl c.‘lt'.'l tossing and.

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Female Bikers Meeting .\IacSorle_\s. Iaiiiaica Street. into ‘5" 573‘) Split I't'llldit' iiike enthusiasts riieet eat It loitriig'ht loi laughs. lllIIs. nights out and tips on keeping yr Strictly a no boy /oire Not even ll you‘re

itii :lrri'i‘l till the Ithltl.

iiitocioss dressing. it says here

WHEELS OF YESTERYEAR Dalmeny House, South Queensferry, info: 551 1315/01383 730234. Sun 19 Jul.

10.30am. £3 (children free). With over 800 exhibits, this is one of the biggest and best events in the car nostalgia calendar. There are cars, motorbikes, fire engines, steam engines and buses on display for the motor enthusiast while diversions from this are a fun fair, karting, a brass band, samurai swordplay and a birds of

prey demonstration.