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W AUDITIONS C N G E R Seeking males/females with playing range late 3(ls—early 40s for autumn prtxluction. BANN’S CHILDREN’S FUND Theatre Flux, 19 Waverley vegetarian cafe Gardens, Glasgow 641 ZDN. Harm" . .'"l'.’7' .: Fart}: niiwir‘tliutc'tldl . r t. ' ll; t'ild . . .il.i‘£ili'.., taxi: r‘ior.2.t:x‘7’:‘i.tlit:':rr2.irtrl 'Pan't'mework ava'lable . . . . _ I _ f \\ llll linsy catering company. Are YOU creative Wllh a keen interest In ., 1: fi'. 3." i i. i7}. 1. .‘‘. i:~ Fri. i5 [flr‘ ._l!‘.’:f.'l We‘re looking for professional. Vegetarian fOOd? ‘.r tr“ t c " ~'., .: it .1: ‘1 li‘.’7.'. 7:12;. in: r, him mm“) ““ll' “V” pmcnlc‘l _ I : r and must be on the phone. It We are looking for someone who can contribute m.» :i:r‘.::« V, ‘r‘r . t,‘r"t: -..- t. . interested,contact Barry on to a busy kitchen as part of a team. out 4293100. Straight shifts. : v. ' ' :' w... Salary negotiable according to experience. w d D C h U I flag? managerial!“ . . . . en unn, ecas, unnin am nit, tcc mtclans i‘eqtllt‘et lot‘ CXCttlng Ring ROb OT Davrd on 0131 226 1112 A l I, H . I 15396 l'rmge promenade show by or write: Bannls Vegetarian Cafe 5t 85’ m5 '6' OSP'ta v range Loanr lidiiihtir'gli-lmsed company. 5 Hunter Square Edinburgh EH9 ZHL. :\c‘c‘tl you immediater r-or . . _ details call Moira on (ll 3| 556 Edmburgh EH1 1Qw Tel No 0131557 9095 e—mail ecaséfltheof‘ficehet 17m.

I Film production requires actors (girl In 25. older man


and \xomanl and art dept crew l'ot' dark l'airytalc. shooting Sept/( )ct. lidinhurgli-lxised Plt‘lt‘l'l't‘tl. ('\'s/pliotos to HUSH. llos No Uo/RliC/l.

Gay Men’s Project Worker - Argyle and Clyde Band APIII scale point 25. Salary $15,264.00 gallery manager

PHACE west (my Men's Project is the .".l.ll.'l [:rthtlt-r of Small, dynamic and motivated, Street Level 'we" paid temporary pm.“ is a gallery, artists resource and public access facility. With a challenging programme of exhibitions, education

COllllllUlllly det‘d [)ff'Vf'llllUl‘. v‘.()Tl( 'r‘.llll (ltly ill‘(l lllSt'X' “Inc \yrn'k “\‘uiluhlc in u” “[633.

I l A II ' I n a C O g rial llltll m lllt \Ji st of SCotliirtl. This is .i lull lI-l‘l post, projectsltmmmg courses and darkrooms’thlsmb lri\ol\cs l.. hours a day liotisc funded in the first instanci- for l months only. embraces a multitude of tasks in a busy environment. C_illl”'1~'_ Phi“ "(l‘l'l'mml “W”-

. . Send SAl'. to Mr J. l.eatltart. l’() The (titties, of the post ‘.‘.’lll l)t‘ to <)T<;.l"rl‘,t' HIV/Sexual Health EllllltlSIE‘litll antltefitaillent org‘anrsaltronal sktirlls atret 1 “m Hm“. pcmcuik “no . reqtnrer o enac (at y procer. tire, raise wr ar IS 5 ant -. e e eri lor (xi tirtrl lnsex... "fie". l.'l e ~ " t)\ l. u l it (1 V ls ' y _ ll Ar ‘yl' 3" Clym‘ arts workers, supervise volunteers and help develop all m WOV'UP "AH-“WU 0-"- HlV WU (my W2", Heteroso-xisrr‘ .i'td aspects of activity and profile, locally and nationally. * l'( kol ’H "i- <){. ;.( .r‘ (tit. "u w )r l ACE \' St l St t "y ' (l V )l‘ “W UH" Knowledge of photOgraphy and contemporary art '5dll0ll5; l0 (llilrlii'trt'. «MVWIW‘ «17“? WHH‘HU' «1 ‘ifU'ulJ l<>f practice is advantageous, and an informed interest in I Free drinks Are you a single you,“ (My 3; msmwl mm: W Amy“. "pd ow” to “NEW. developments in thfe sector in relation to new “mic WNW” the “gm M- techno or res is )re erret. a ~ '-) . .- .-, outreach work with men '.-.ho have SO‘X ‘.‘.’ltll .".‘.t'l‘ rri l’t,l)|IC J l J) '-‘r‘- l)“.\“}‘ m“ l“‘l"”l~- - - ~ )ixoilim ll\"lllllll 's o SOX Env|r()nnurr1tg; u) 81“”)("t u". (ijQ-kupnpyi‘ ()f L"(;‘.t‘i(1 1 l ( . l L L [IL I

spal'c'.’ We're looking for people

health promotion rr‘atermls for (lJy .ll‘.(l bisexual t‘tert; and to FOR A JOB DESCRIPTION PLEASE SEND SAE TO mu- mu t‘or'resc'ircli purposes [)f()(lth(' Tt'fltllilf evaltnillor‘s and reports on .ill aspects of GALLERY DIRECTOR, STREET LEVEL PHOTOWORKS plwgcul“ “M”: (“41 556 I 26 KING STREET GLASGOW (31 SOP q the work. (do ). The Successful Ctir‘rlitldli- .‘.Ill "red to have .i (gooil .."rli-r- fUNDED BY THE SCOTTISH ARTS COUNClL+GLASGOW DISTRICT COUNCIL stdrttliriq of how HIV affects the (my (om'rxx‘ity. PMVe good interpersonal. Co'mr‘u'fictilio". .i"(l report .‘.Tlll".<; skills. .ir‘tl .Taiented actor required fur be able to work flexrl>|y .is part of .l touz'?‘ t)..e to the mature challenging role Ill international

production at llltlltll' l‘ringc \enuc. 'l'eclniical helper also required. l’rol'it share. 0141 57l 3883,

of the work the post Is ore". to may .l"(l lEISt'X.ull "‘l"‘. only~

For no application pack Contact l’HACE west at 4' with Street. Glasgow (3'2 2[)L or Call o" ‘1-11 33') 3:23.".

The Audience Business

The Closrnq (late for til}l)llCill|()-’TS is friday 3181 J..|y. . _ _ - '\\ c are Ito\\' recrtntmg a lull e\pericnccd. anamic and Post eXempt under section 72E of Sex Discrirr‘irtation Act. . . _ . ' committed team lor the lust audience dcx'elopmenl

agency in Scotland. starting operation in ()L'ltllk‘l' in WORK WANTED

litlinbtirgli. lixperiencc in arts marketing iexcept l‘or


admin) and excellent communication skills are _

essential for these posts.

dance ilj requires club work

Director (t L.l(),()t)(ll - starts lst ()(l Senior Marketing Officer l( L ’(l,()()t)) - 13th ()(t

i “lull” Skill“ l Marketing Officers x2 ‘( Ll 3,(l(l(ll - lsl l)e( exmrience includes (0W "llml‘m (“ll Administrator it it 3 ()()()l - 13th ()r t - ° ' illiie house & ln‘oadcas‘t pure, I ()pp()l‘ttllllties" l-irr' tr/r/r/r'i'ulrori (Iv/(ills, ii'rile nil/1A5 Xxllf Ir) ’Ii'lli’, (/0 homha’ "yer'" [‘Hym {Ht (0 )8”) lz'i/r'rr/rrrr‘e/r I'i's‘lit'u/ Thea/re. /.i/.3‘/ Min/sun Sliver. ca" August. lit/irr/rirre/i [fl/8 W77: .-l/)/)/i<‘ulrnli (lead/rue: 201/2 .lu/_\‘.

III/eri'r'eii'x /re/(/ cur/r august (in ()r'Io/n'rI/in' MU) I 72 Newhaven Road.

CV to Media Education Edinburgh ‘/’H"t t t ,';ir:./r i/ /r‘. (.11\ e,’ l'.}/rr.'."irl_e/r (.l‘llllt i/ run! r/rr \ lf' [em I\ Ill/Ill]

9—23 Jul 1998 THELIST77