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Dialects) Key.

(By atrdition).

Associated Board.

Microphone 8% Musical Theatre


CONFIDENCE PERFORMANCE 'I'RAININC I:( )R All Adult and Children ’5 Courses

ACTING COURSES: By experienced 'I'elev'ision. 'I‘Iieatre

Actors 8c Specialised (:oaclies (Acting. Voice. Accents &'

SINGING COURSES: Strengthen &’ Btiild your Voice and Vocal 'I'ecliirique. Microphone \Vork. Recording Skills. l’op. Musical Theatre. (Ilassical. \Vliatever the style we have the 13

PERFORMANCE COURSES: Creating a proIcssional outlook to performing for children (By audition). Musical theatre training for adults by professional Performers t‘\' ttitors

EXAMINATION COURSES: Acting/Singing. lirom ( iratlcs to Diploma entry from IAMDA. (iuildhall. London (iollege.


Courses tailored to your needs.


'I'raining Iirorn 5 years

,. / V w-

Individual 'I'uition


Phone: 0131-445 7491

Fax: 0131—445 7492


Spanish in Cuba, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Spain. French, German, Italian in Europe.

Homestay accommodation and cultural events included.

Spanish l l.atin Dance in (Iuba (October and December) and (Iosta Rica (all year round)

Spanish i walking in Andalucia (October to March) Italian i- painting in Tuscany (all year round) l-‘rench i \\"atersports (luly and August)

(lap year programmes. exam revision courses

FULL DI-Z'I‘AIIS I-‘ltOM CALEDONIA LXNGUAGIES ABROAD 20 Ell.l)()N S’riu-zr-rr, EnrNiitiritai E113 STU “5130131558 7118 e-mail:

GAELIC TUTOR Learn Scotland‘s Celtic language. All levels.

Introductory lesson and advice.

Glasgow/ Kirkintilloch area. Tel: Kenneth McManus 0141 776 7757.

PIANO TUITION by enthusiastic. professional teacher. All grades and ages beginners vvelcome. lncludirrg Saturdays. City centre location (top of Leith Walk). Peter Bream GRNCM. Tel: 0131 556 5311.

78 TIIE LIST 9—23 Jul 1998

' I Silk painting/dying create

your ovvn unique designs on silk. Stay in a lovely country hotrse iii a beautiful peaceful highland glen. Good food and

company. Tel: 01450415217 for


BE COOL Develop your creativity by learning guitar at The Edinburgh Guitar Studio. Satisfaction and results


Bookings: 0131 553 1617.

I Cello and piano tuition by

experienced. friendly. professional teacher and performer. Children and adult beginners. re-learners and advanced students all vvelcorne. Creative. fun and supportive learning. Tel ()l3l 551 45.“.

I Piano and violin tuition by highly experienced. vvell- qualified professional teacher. livery body vvelcoine all ages and all standards. litiual sensitivity guaranteed to each individual. ((‘entrally based). .\'eil Mcl’herson B.\lus i llonsi. I.l.(‘.\I (ID). .-\l.(‘.\l. 'l’el: ()l.‘~l 229-1983. I Piano lessons in I’ollokshtelds giv en by experienced teacher. ('reativ e learning for committed pupils at all levels. 'I‘elephone OH] 423 7492. I Spanish lessons in (ilasgovv by native speaker from .»\rgentiira. Iinioy creative learning at all levels. 'l‘elephone ()l-Il 433 7492.


Learn Scotland's ('eltrc language. All levels. Introductory lesson and adv ice. (ilasgovv/ Kiikintilloch area. 'I'el: Kenneth .\Ic.\lanus 0141 776 7757.

I New weekly writing class

vv ill) 'I'\' vv riter‘. to encourage the

creative process! Beginners vvelcoine. Non-innmrdating. friendly group. L‘S/class. (Drama class. \\'ednesday . 7..‘v() l).3()pin.) I’lrone (‘lare on til-11333 547-1.

I Drumming/percussion tutor. professional. teaches all levels. styles and reading. Limited spaces available. Rates: fill) (group sessrori ). L' l 7 (orie- (o-one). (‘areer or hobby. 'l'elephone01302 3 I 770-1.

I Would you like to learn Spanish? I aiii a native. esperienced teacher. My name is .‘vlontse and my phone number is ()13l 23S 1S7}.

I Piano and clarinet tuition Qualified teacher Iias vacancies for children and adult beginners. re-learners and advanced students. (I l-ll (i-J‘) nflos.

I Ceroc Pure Dance Addiction The original and best form of modern in e.

Now on the Web point your browser at: Beginners vvelcoine every vveek at any night. ~15 minutes beginners class follovved by dancing to l().3()pni. Learn to dance to any music; club. Latin. rock 'n' roll. etc. A licensed bar is available at most nights. ('orne alone or vv itli friends (no need to bring a partner). Doors open at 7. ISpni. Beginners' class at 7.30pm.

Aberdeen: 'l'liursdays at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge Place (off Bridge Street 1. :\IIL‘llllOllI Aberdeen only. doors open b.45pnr. beginners class 7pm. freestyle till l()prii.

Dundee: Wednesdays at The Mirage Club. St Andrevvs l.aire.

Glasgow: Mondays at The ('Iada ('Iub. SS \Vestmoreland Street. Queen's Park. Soutliside. Wednesdays at the (ilasgtiyy I'niversity I'nion. 32 L'niversity' Avenue. West Iind.

Edinburgh: Mondays and \\'ednesdays at .\Ioray House. if IIOI_\ ttiotl Road. 'Iilltllstlays at St Stephen‘s (‘hurclr Ilall. St Stephen‘s Street (bottom of lloyy e Street). .Slticlvl‘l'ltlgc. NOTE: (‘Ilts\c\ are open throughout the year including bank holidays. further details from (Hill (vl_‘~2()‘). li-nrarl: infow ceioc.u-net.coin

I Learn to Lindy Hop -

the original svv rng dance vv hicli changed the (‘harleston foreverl \o esperrence or partner necessary. Workshops vv itli (‘ar'olene (K Rttssell 1.30- 4._‘~()prn. fill). Beginners Saturday. intermediates Sunday. BS/Zo July at .\Iarco's. (irovc Street. lidinburgh.

Weekly Thursday classes re- coinrnence September vv illi local teachers it) The (‘alltill (‘entre. Ill Montgomery Street. lidinbur‘gh. Beginners

Til) Sfitipni. beg/rnterniedtates SN) ‘),,\()pin. LII.

Information (ll *1 (vol (r027. http://vv vv I Salsa Sabrosa at The l.‘yrli Note (( de Street) I'l'ltla} \ from Spin. Beginner and intermediate classes It) nrerengue arid salsa. Iinti‘y £4 (£3.50). Beginners vvelcorne- no need to bring a partner. (‘oniiirg tip 7 It) tk l7 .luly. classes vv itli guest teachers from ('oloinbia and (‘uba not to be lltlsst‘tII More details'.’ ls'arcn I’asi (ill I 33‘) 4 I03.

I Flamenco and belly dance Stinnnertirne classes. Iidinbtirgh Dance (t‘llll'c‘. \VcslI-lt‘ltl Avenue. Wednesdays 7’ 0pm. nevv terin starts 11 August. (ilasgovv ('entr‘al llall. 3(i-l .\laryhrll Road. Mondays

b 7pm l-laiirenco. 7 Spin belly. Details ()I 31 330 soil.



small flat move specialists

6 years of stress-free moving


full-time, friendly, convenient 8. dependable

0 I 31 229 836i nhp://

also see us in... The Big Issue, Yellow Pages 8 Thomson;

I Male life model available for art classes and photographer. Reduced rates for individual artists. small groups and students. Iidinburgh. David Illdl ()595l5l. (NIH-17:65.“. St) iriiles i'atlius.

I Conned? Cheated? llai'd done by '.’ Angry '.’ I vs ant to hear from yoti. Journalist seeks stories. If you've a story or a problem you vv ant publicised. phone ()Jll 330730 arid leave name and number.

Free consultation

t.\. . Cyzgyl ROCIISTIC [0'05 1"L‘s‘ in“. \ / Experienced designers horny " ' ' s


0141 337 6542

\/ /.


So's~ o()'s. “(is lvitsch and collectal‘les. (‘oclvlail culture.

I‘.l\l\. Beatles. put tip girls. original honievvaie. lantastrc plastic. glalnororrs accessories and blatant nonsense shop at

5 East Fountainbridge.

Tel: 0131 229 7920.

I Swinging 60$ telephones \ar’rotrs colours. custoiiu/ed cocktails. optional brass or chrome dial. Ll‘) L“) (even cheaper tlllcleallcd). l‘)§()s/5()s deco/designer phones. ‘5‘) UN. .-\I.I. oiigiiial. overhauled. lotid bells. vvr'itten guarantee. Buy I)IRIC("I' Il'Olll Iidinburgli's l‘t‘l'ltitl IL'ICI‘IIUIIL‘ specialist and save heaps. Your ovv ll relic revived IlOlll Olll_\ U). ROtI .lones o|s| 33s ‘vb‘iii

LOST FOR WORDS? ('\i\. proposals. [‘lc\\ releases. anything at all vviitten and produced professionally. efficiently and creatively.

Ring Tracy 07970 903576.

I Henna tattoo artist llotly art. tribal custom. ('eltrc vvoik. I‘or appointment or nrore information. call Bobbie () l 505


EASY MOVE for light teriiov als and general transporting. The friendly professional seiv rte at affordable prices Call Gordon Allan on 0131 3321904.

I Eating disorders Help and support by qualified and espeiienced therapist. (let to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your body. Details phone Louise Ilay 'l‘rarnrng ()Hl HS “3:.

Invest in Your Self THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE RCI.I\. Rt'sltilc. RcHIaIIsc.

Mind. Body. Spirit. Emma Mackenzie AlPTl,

01312211415; Rob McNicholls MGCP, 0131 554 0445.

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Bereavement. relationships. stress. creative therapies. personal development etc. I'ee negotiable. Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

(24-hour ansvverphone i.