I Relationship, personal

t‘llltllltilHl dzttrciilties


Counselling Iclp you iIi.rke sense ol your Iceliiijhs and c\i‘loit option tor tire liitiiie. l'or details. llllj.‘ Michael Is'rgg on 0| 1| 0“) 3.15 I Need help (lirir't know where to tIIIiI.’ .liist lllI the phoiie' ('oiirrselliirg and telephone counselling .l‘- .l!l.il‘lt‘ to help you deal with In:- for liirtliei iirlorriratioii plioiie esperreiiced lorirse llay

v'iitzlls.‘ll(-i ()II III 3I ii; 32:.


Izsarii lc.ii l’trtrt c'iillcc'llllillliill, Bad IiIcIiIoiy ’.-\ciic. IliS. astllllla. l’.\ll. eating tlistri'tlets. Student discounts available. Contact Heinke Woodbridge 01312211415.

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE with therapeutic ill.l\\.tj..'t‘ l’Iot'essroiial. qualified. insured. Special pioiiiotioii £l5 full body iIIassage. one per client. 0131667 6213,

24 hour answerphone.

I Attending to psyche and t0 dreams .-\ new counselling practice lll l'.tlllll‘lll'_‘_'ll .liriigiari background. Integrative .ippi‘oacli. .\l.itiiic. e‘vpericirccd counsellor Robert Beatoir: (II 3| (it): 5'34 3.

STRESS, ACHES, FATIGUE l'se therapeutic massage to soothe and ielIesli mrrrd and body.

Janet Bremner DTM MSHP. 0131 661 6692.


INDEPENDENT LABEL seeks new signings. .\lirst he inventive. .riiihitious. I'trlly coIIiiIiitted It your band has 'lt' send demo t\ Iriog PO. Box 23012 Edinburgh, EH1 1WD

I Recording studio l'.\lell.si\e equipment. professional engineering and production. outstanding quality. digital recording. editing and running. Consultancy. turtrori. graphic design and web construction. (iood rates. fully inclusive. for a distinctive. iridiv Idrial sound. call 04] I not Isl.

I Vocalist outstanding bliies/ \Ulll \tilc‘t'. New It) Sc‘tillhll scene. Seeking. preferably working. blues/soul hand llll ambition. drive and talent. l’lione (‘liris tlHl 248 SO75.

I Are you a seriously aiiihitiotrs singer/songwIitcr'.’ Why not record your (‘D at the .\Itrsic Production Home with the help of the lrest guitarists. bass. keyboardist .iird sa\ players lll Scotlaiiill Yotr don’t need to play an riistiuriient at all. ('all John (II-II 3.37 2358. I Keyboard player arid lead/iliytlirii guitarist (vocals aiI atl\aiitager needed for liIIiporitiiII (gigs/denim). Top songs/original sound. .\'o covers. l’ei‘iiiarient practice room. Serious commitment required. lilectroiiic. Beach Boys. Lightning Seeds. l’lione liwan013l 477 4072.

I Sax player and guitar player want lilyitilll or form band I.i//-fusioii-funk-I.atiii etc. (iioi'gro Ill3l 22‘) 7530. c-IIiail: collo(n liotiirailcoiir

I Band in process of coriipleting «in album iieed versatile. rliytliiiiic druirriiier illltl keyboard play er tot” gigs .lllrl future recording projects. (‘oiitact Sean or Tricia oil 0l3l 22‘) 4337. DRUMMER WANTED to join (ilasgow hand. Needs to he groin} and riiusical. Diuiii sounds of (iarbage. Radioliead. Manics. l’oitishead warmly accepted. .-\II original songs. gigs awaiting.

Ring Ken on 0141 331 1678.

I Keyboard player wanted to join dynamic band. Must be committed and enthusiastic. Baird already established on local live circuit. Doing original riiaterial. have contacts. Tel: Karen. day: 0l4l 33l 1854. evening: ()l4l (>34 8075.

EWAN BOYD PIPER Weddings. ceilidhs and other functions. .-\lso available for tuition. Tel: 0131 668 4954. 0131 556 4918. I Singing guitarist available Influences niarry.iiicluding Neil Young. The Police. 'I‘eeriage liairclub. ('lraracteristics not a time- waster. Will play lidiriburgli or (ilasgow. Contact 0| 3| 447 470‘). SWING/BLUES GUITARIST Influences Hollywood liats. Duke Robillard. seeks musicians to form band. Call Dave 01292 318137.

FIVE PIECE BAND require (th member. Sax. brass. clarinet. violin or any non 'rock' iiisti‘iiiiieiit considered. Original

material - gigs waiting. Influences: Tom Waits. Brel. Kurt Weill. ()pen mind essential. 0141


I Iyengar Yoga Don’t delay ~ phone now for details of Iyengar Yoga classes in (ilasgow and surrounding area. .-\II levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Tel ()l4l 945 393 l. I The Light Within this retreat offers a time to let go. relax and e\plor'e your inner light a different programme each day including. meditation.

\ isualisatioii. colour and sound work and walking in nature. Contact The Centre of Light. liivernesshii‘e. tel: 0l4b3

7(i l 254.

I Sahaj Marg: meditation on the heart. A natural path of tiansfornration from within that balances spirituality with every day life. No fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. Contact: 01875 830358 (Edinburgh). 0141 337 3255 (Glasgow).

5 | | | I

YOGA CLASSES Iyengar aiid .-\slitanga. .-\II levels. including absolute

beginners. New term commences 10 August. Contact Gerry on 0141 400 0464. gerry@planetyoga.demon. co.uk


IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. Hill-walking. .\Ie.rls ()ut. Badminton. ’iiidge. (‘irreiiia. Dancing. Telltils. [I‘llettll'ck l’artics.

l’ootball. lisliibitioris. (‘eilidlis.

Weekend Tilt“ illltl ltils Uli other activ itres too numerous to mention! It could be with WC .1 sell-run club for go-aliead people. Membership is less than £20 .i year. You can give us .i try for a month or so with no obligation tttltllll btit we're sure you‘ll want to? Details from 0131 3321342 for lzdiiiburgli. 07020 955482 for (ilasgow or 01382 737839 for Dundee. (r Itlprli.

LET SPICE HELP YOU to live your dream.

The original adventure social group for adults. I'.\elll\ include hot air ballooning. fire-eating. rambles. rally driving. meals (llll. theatre tltps. w eekerids away and foreign trips. Phone Spice on 0131 662 9600 for a free information pack.

TRANSATLANTIC TENNIS Don't be put off. take it tip. Tennis is a great way to get lit and have fun. Based near (ilasgow. 'l‘ransatlantic Tennis has a w ide range of classes to suit every age and every standard. private lessons can be arranged too. Don't delay. call now and find out why so many people make tennis a stroll fora lifetime.

Call 01505 690868

for further details.


lawn tennis 8. squash club


-~it's the sociable way to get active. From beginners to exports. Just call in we're at 30 Hyntllantl Road in the heart of (filasgow's West End.

Or phone 33‘) 0065.




CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE 0 l 3 l 446 9080

The Activity CO.

gift vouchers also available

nuvasm ;

CAR FOR SALE l-aiitastic l'ord I’Iesta. (3 registration. very good

condition. Only £10005?! Phone 0131 447 S152

(afternoon only).


I Laid-back accommodation for individuals or groups of hoolet's‘. gotiriiiets. walkers.

cyclists. riders. and/or lazy sods.

in a really lovely part of north Tuscany. near l.ucca and Barca. Tel: Reltio 003‘) 583 (i866 l.


EXCELLENT CENTRAL FLAT available 3 .»\tig to end of liestival. Two double hedrooriis. large sitting room. dining room. Spacious. fully furnished. all mod cons. great decor.

Phone 0131 557 0938.

I Lovely one bedroom flat by .»\i'tlitii"s Seat available to let throughout the l-‘estrval. All mod cons. fully furnished. very central. £300 per week. l’lione 0l3l 005' 4954.

I For the Festival Sunny. cheerful roonr in shared Stockhridge flat. very close to all l‘estival activities. lixcellent mod cons. Suit one gay-friendly person. 0| 31 332 7307.

I Large one bedroom flat (could sleep three/four). All mod cons. fully furnished. fifteen minutes from city centre. Available 3/8/98 ~(i/‘)/‘)S. ()l3l 554 S3l7.

I Available over Festival period. lovely one hetlt'ootli flat in Moriiiiigside. Close to city centre. l’lione 0l3l 447 Sl2l.


I Spacious flat Princes Street 2.5 miles. garden. bicycle storage. quiet. free parking. Yery close to bus stop. shopping. parks. Super shower. £420 per week. 0 I 3I (304 085l after (rpm.

I Available during Festival Clean. bright room in very attractive. modern. central flat. .-\ll riiod cons and more. (‘onvenierrt for venues and city centre. l’hone Ewan 0l3l 477 4072.

I Sunny flat available for festival. Double bedroom. kitchen/dining roorii. sitting room. I‘alltl‘oollt. Overlooking (‘rrey friars. Rent £300 per week. Would suit couple Tel 0|3l 220 lS‘)(r.

I Available over Festival large. sunny double room in spacious. Tollcross llat. Lovely garden outlook. All mod cons. Very close to Festival venues and city centre. £200 per week. 013] 22l 03‘)l.

I Two-roomed flat available

July September. Sleeps 24. Beside llolyrood l’alace.

overlooks park. It) initis walk

from city centre. £200l£250 pw depending on occupancy. l’honc l.eslie 07000 78 “133.


We are once again seeking quality central flats to accommodate

professional Festival participants for I . 2, 3, 4 week lets during August.

[inquiries to and information from: (‘aiole Smith/Anne (ioring Tel: 01620 800020.

3 l.iiikylea Cottages. (iifford.

liast Lotliiaii. [ill-1| 4Pli.



I Glasgow West End flat to let near BBC. Double bedroom. kitchen/living room. sllowel‘ room. toilet. newly decorated. (}(‘ll. Suit prof. £430 pcm includes Council Tax. lintry July. 0|4l 33‘) 4240 evenings. I Stylish, modern twir- bedroom flat close to BBC and Bytes Road. Kitchen (washing machine. fridge etc) lounge. security entrance. private parking. £540 per month. Tel (H41 046 4843.

I Glasgow West End



Edinburgh belth - great interior designed. 2 bed flat. sanded floors ................................ ..£520 pan East End - modern 1 bed flat. fully furnished. from Sep 6 ....................... ..... ..£390pcm Bruntsfleld - only 2 rooms left in superb large student flat ............................ ..£23o pan Ctalxlodthart - great modern 1 bed flat. f.f.. free parking ............................... ..£aoopan Newlngton - 6 bed flat. if, sanded floors. great for students ...................... ..£56.25pppm

City Centre - whole flats and rooms available over the summer and Festival period

looking for that perfect flatmate or flatshare? We are also specialists in flatshares. Contact us for more details: 16 Forth Street. Edinburgh. ER: 301. Tel: 0131-550 3808 Fax: 0131-550 3807 email:cloudsacc¢aol.com FOR AN UP-TO-DA TE usr or CURRENT PROPERTIES to m, mus: an OUR 24 HR PROPERTY Honmt on 0930 490012

furnished flat to let. Shower. washing machine. door entry. Phone 0 MI 334 476‘) evening. Rent £550 pcm. Suit three

people. v1

9—23 Jul 1998 TIIEUST'IO