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I Queen’s Park 1 ai'ge. siinny. bay-windowed room with additional 1011 internal study/bedrooitt lll beatilittilly restored Victorian llat. Sis minutes by train to (‘enti'al Station. l)oub1e gla/ing. L250 pcrtttitcluding('/1a\ and lteatiitg. Tel: 01505 577-1471

I Large sunny room 111 large sltaied llat. co-op situation. sought by male. non stirolsei. working. Tel alter 7pm. 01750 370455.

I Two large rooms sll.'llll:..'

w itlt two others it; a quit I. coittl'or'table liai irt Kelviitbridge l'ltllll eiid ol' .lirly, £200 + bills. ('all 0141 H .1054 bel'ore hpiti

I Large, bright room soriglii ttt large shared llat/co 01‘ situation by ittale 12S t. itoit sittolsei'. yor‘lcing ('all alter 7pm. 01780 S7015 1.

I Professional female wanted l'oi‘ roorii iii spacious. sunny (il‘asgow lilal. l’ltotte 111-11 55-1 4401,

I Large, bright double bedroom 111 hisrtry' mod tlat. Soittlt Side ( ilasgow. :\ll ittod cons. l‘r'ee parking ayaiiable. \Votild suit gay friendly. Ill'ttlt‘Ssltlllltl. £40 per week plus bills. 0141 021 0.103.

I Single room available lll bright llat witlt all mod cons. (‘oitveitient lot' city centre arid public transport. Suit professional. itoit sittoking l‘entale. £200 pcni aitd sonte bills. (ll-11 5.50 0473.

I City centre gay-friendly llatittate wanted to sltare cleart. modern flat with orte otlter rttale. (‘lose to art scltool. All ittod cons. £200 pcrtt pltis bills. l’hone Paul 0141 353 184 1/05S‘) l‘)( )‘)‘)0.

I Single room lll lovely \y'esi lirtd llat. (1(‘11 aitd all ittod cons. Stiit pi'ol' leniale. £200 pcin plus (‘/l’a.\ (£40 pcrtt) plus bills. Phone 0141 314 0005.

I Large, sunny room in Woodlands area. to share llat

w itlt four others. £230 pcrtt. (‘fl‘as inclusive. bills escltisiy e. All rttod cons. Would stiit young prolcssional. 21+. Available intmediately. Tel 0141 400 1702.

I Park Circus area Easy-going person required to share llat with two gay men arid a cat. Rent £250 pciit includirtg bills. ’l'elepltone Jerome or Gordon on 0141 333 0827.

I Large, sunny room

a\ ailable iit tltre:sbedroont house. Soulltside. Private garden and own parking space. All iitod corts. sharing with two otlters. (lay l‘tiendly. £200 pcrtt. l’ltone now 0141 42‘) 0271 or 077"! 5‘51 12.

I Single room 111 liasi l-Intl tlat. share witlt one lentale. (‘lose to all aitteitities. transport. city centre. £130 month. share electricity. (lay l‘r'iendly'. 0141 77S 070-1 or 01523 407105.

I Southside (lean. tidy. nort- \llltllst‘l‘ sought to share a c’tllllltllldlllc. spacious llat witlt three gay guys. Stiit professional person/mature student. L217 pent including bills. Ring Douglas: 07010 700501; email:

drb01<r ltlglltttllxttlll

I Two rooms to let 111 large llat. kitchen. .show’er‘t'ooitt. two bathrooms. All rttod cons. Sttit young and lively person. £40 pw until September. £55 pw alter. including all bills. 0141 41‘) 055". Available now.

I Dennistoun room to rent iit gay-li‘iendly llat. Washing machine. (3(‘11. phorte. £180 per month pltts bills. 0141 550 452‘) or 0141 7814040.

I Professional/post grad lentale wanted to sltare large Soutltside llat. ()wrt roortt with shared by irtg roont etc. All ittod cons. (i(‘ll. ideally located for all public transport. £190 pcm plus bills. Available l/S/‘L‘s’. Tel: 01-11 424 318‘).

I Pleasant, stylishly decorated llat iit 1)ennistotttt. one mile from city centre. seeks one llatmate. Living room. central heating. bath. shower. dishwasher. microwave etc. £180 pcrtt. Phone 0141 550 2312.

I Room available in large. ititit-sitiiikittg. Jordaithill llat. llartdy for travel. easy parking. l-‘ui'nished. (1(‘11. all rttod cons. £230 pent (incl (‘fl‘axt excluding bills. Phone 0141 33‘) 4014 after 0pm.

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Place a


80 THE lIST 9-23 Jul 1998

I Mount Florida workrng gay man sought to share large. two bedroom llat. own bedi'ooiit. share liy irtg room etc. All titod cons. Bus/rail 30 seconds w all. [190 pciit irtclusiye Tel 0141 032 5037.

I Hyndland large. sunny iooin lll enormous llat. shared w ith one other. so privacy guaranteed. £210 pcitt iiircl (_‘/l‘;i\ip1usbtlls ("all 0141 1H 0457.

I Large comfortable double roont available irt spacious. elegattt llat overlookrng Queen's Park. sharing with one other. All ntod cons. ten minutes ll'Ulll city ceittre. L2-10pcitt including bills. 0141 42 1 M52. (illtls.

I Garnethill Rooitt iit bright. spacious llat available August £200 pcrtt plus (‘/'l'a\ aitd share of bills. (.‘all 0141 332 77 its

I Large room available t‘oi friendly. mature llatnrate to share llat w itlt one other Telltale plus cat. Sunny. Southside llat llc\l to imdeiground/bus route (1(‘11.answer'phone. washing ittachiite. £170 pcm plus shared ('ouitcil Tax attd bills. (‘all Sitsait 01-11 41‘) 0030.

I Room to let Ill lTlL'lltll}. \Vesl lind llat. Washing rttachine. (‘11 etc. L45 pw inclusiy e of bills escept pltoiie. Tel: 0141 3345825.


I Easy-going, mature student (lit seeks reasonably priced. lai'gisli room iit l.eith or llr'urttsliield area. to rent l‘ront Septeittber or ( )ctober. Must be “1111 Ulllc‘l' \llltlcllls. Btl\ No .1.i5/l‘1..r\'l'/l.

I Gay friendly person wanted for large. double room 111 any. contl‘ortable. all gay llat iit Stockbridge. sharing w itlt loin others. All mod cons. £150 pcrtt pliis (‘l'l‘as artd share or" l‘llls Tel 0131 225 2897.

I Meadowbank Roottt available iit brigltt. spacious. modern llat. “ell-equipped w itlt (ViL'll. electric shower and 1100 l‘itted lsllL'llL‘ll. Twenty rttiiis walk from Princes Street. Suiting working person. L240 pcrtt including (‘fl'a\. l)eposit attd i‘c'lk‘i'c‘ttc‘es required. Tel 01310200313.

I Room available with double bed from July uittil eitd ol‘ ()ctobei' irt cetttrally located llat. Sharing with orte other. £55 pw inclusive of bills attd (7111s. Tel 0131 557 5024.

I Cat-friendly, n/s, veggie student llatmate wanted l'oi' room iit central llat from 22 July. Sltare w itlt student and two cats. L‘l‘)0 pcitt tntcludes bills except phone) + deposit ‘4 100. 0131 550 8904.

I Room wanted in New Town area by youitg. professional female. from beginning of August itt lriendly. easy-going arid cleait llat. (‘all Wendy 0131 470 007-1.

I Single room available an spacious \1aichitiont flat sharing w 2111 two tetrrales \ s l‘lt‘lt‘llc‘tl.l{t‘t‘111.t‘‘lc 22429.5. L155 pcrtt plus brils .rlltl tlc‘l‘ttsll l’lt‘dSt‘ call 111 51

11'.~ 111‘). I Room in large, sunny flat

lll .tty centi.‘ will. .rfl' Available tront err l o! 1 try to

Septl lclol‘ei wrili possibl- estension L21)” pcitr (all 1 t:.\ l>eepacic on 01 :l 002 1220 i I Two rooms available l'l

spacious lortdi‘n Stine! Ila?

llll.:l large lcrtclieiifdinirig ..:.-a.

(treat lts.itittti.c. heating. electric shower. 's‘..l\ltlfl:.' ittacltine etc \trrt easy goziig people :1") pcrtt 0111 5‘0 (ilk-7 tit US {I “Mo‘s

I Small, funny room 131 l t'lll‘. colonies liat w llll garden available lil'ttlll now onwards LlStl pent including ('otiitcii Ta\ Vegetarianpreterit-«l ls’iir:' \lc'l\\ 01 i1 225 515001 01 i1 55% 55W

I Attractive, large room 111 spat ions. bright. tiarapiil ('ontely llartl.\lotlcons. (1(‘11. pow ei show ei. well*l star: and loyely baclc green Sharing trye iooined llat w 1111 l\‘.tt tilllt‘ls \\lt"ill lllst' .: tllllt‘l. clean. non—sitiola'i tn regular

eittploy titent. L27

5 i‘clll o bills Deposit and :eteiences ietptireil 111: ill yl H3 5323

I Polwarth flatmate married to share with oite other iii .ittt'acltye. inoilein llat will. all ittod cons \Voitltl sttit young prolessional or ttiattiie student. L200 pcrtt plus bills aitd deposit ('all 0131 H0 25‘15

I Available from mid July iiittil Septetttber. ’lwin iooiii or two separate ioortis loi one/two people lll liiertdly. spacious Morningstde llal w llll three others £55 pw pliis bills. lel' (112554511705.

I Available immediately Spacious. \lltttlsllly' llat ietltiiies a new llatntate to share w ith liye students L150 pcrtt lel' THAI SSS 0115‘)

I One double room L200 pcrtt aitd one bo\rooni £1.50 pcm ayailable tit shared. lliinilsl'tcld llat. No 1)SS. Tel: 01 ‘1 22‘) lll‘)ll.

I Large double room ayailable iitnttedtately within [‘l't‘\llgltitls tlL'\L'ltl[‘lllt'lll. l includes large dining kitchen tall iitod coitst liying iooiit. balhi'ooiti. show eiiooitt. two bedrooiits. To share w itlt gay [ll’ttlt‘\\ ntale. L250 pcrtt iitclnsiye escept telephone 111314700154.

I Friendly flatmate wanted to share sunny. spacious. ('ontely liaitlc llal with two postgi'ads. L220 pcrtt é bills or one month deposit. .-\yai|abie iittntediately. Phone 0131 3‘2 5200.

I Double room to let lll lli'iintsl'ield llat. sharing with one other .iitd two cats. L210 pcrtt + bills. littirtediate eittiy (‘all 0151 22‘) 522~ altct' 0pm. I Room available now large. gay llat tn central lidinbtirgh seeks llatittate. Sint young. Ittale [\l‘tlliL'SSIttllal. Rent {150 per calendar rttorttlt r bill slraie ilk deposit). \ery I'ela\ed. l'riendly arid coittloi'table. Home more than bedsitl (‘all aityttitie. 0151 478 029.5.

I Spacious room to let lll

tircridly llat \\'oiild suit student oi piot'essional (it'll. washing niachrite. show ei. all tttod cons.

£5225 t‘ctll Tel 111 51 .554 0040.

I Professional or mature statletrt lot large llat lll \lt~::‘:::gst.le Secure entry. \\'\l geden. coiiyenient loi Sateways and town bus lolly Rent \lldlt‘ ill l‘llls r ("lax llcposit It'slllllt‘tl. Roottt ayaiiable now ('ontact lair llotlsoit 01 i1 02i 2000 day. or it: s: 1.1 ' "1‘ltteye tllaltol entail rdht-t ttss co uk

I’m-ionH orbital co 11b

I Single room available now in \loiningside tlat Student pieleited. sharing with tltree orireis L10250pcirt pltts bills ll-postt t105 Phone 01 ‘1 4-1.2 .ptll

I Large double and single rooms 111 iron smoking. lliiiiitstteld tlat Kllc'llt‘ll.’rlllllll_‘.‘ ioozii. two bathrooms. loiiiige .-\\ar1able early \ttgtist Ll‘lll. :12“ plus ("l‘a\ and bills. Sharing with two girls 01 i1

'iitisii.‘d. all mod cons

:15'5 month o

I Sprawling house 111 .s lilitil‘rnglt w llll espanstye

gardens .itid compost heap.


\ll.tll!l‘__‘ with other lll.l'llllll‘..' students young prolessiotials ls’enl Ll.\0 pcrtt l bills 'lel‘ “1“1001‘15—75

I Belgrave Place I alge. sunny. double ltiitlll. L225 pcrtt pliis t'orinc ll Tas. bills and \yailable l .'\tly'll\l. loi" lim. liteitdly Ilatniate. 01 i1 “2 ssriioi yi :1-1i2230.

I Friendly female required loi gorgeous double iooiit tit happy city centre liat oll liiotir'hton Slt’cct. :\\ail.ible l ;\iignst at L250 pci iitoittlt pliis bills. l’ltorte 01 i1 550 “125

entngs or 01 i1 ~15‘t.\i1.\



I Gentle male (38) set-ls good rooiit Ill y|lllt‘l. rioit-sittolcing l'diiibingh llat ‘.\llll loycly. sensitiye, kindred spirits. laittiy .ipprostirtalely l \trgtist. l’lease leaye a ittessage loi James on (it at 33) (1250,

I Single room wrth a yiew Ill bright. spaetotis. .\1arcltiitont llat. sharing with three. Suited to non slllttlslllg pioti’post grad leitrale l‘lclcllctl, (Kill. .1“ mod cons. 1.10750 pcrtt bills ~+~ ('oiiitctl Tay. Tel: 0131 4-1" 790:

I Marchmont large. double bedtooitt lll spacious. lti\iny llat ‘\ll inod cons Siitt tt/s piotessional. Rettl L220 pcrtt plus bills 'l'el:0|il-1-17 745.1. I Attractive room available trad-July iii garden llat tit (liaitge area. sharing with two others aitd a cat. L200 pcrtt. l’ltotte 01 i1 007 .1720.

NEW TOWN l‘asy -;,‘ttlllf_' llalllldlel st llL'L'llL'yl to share w itlt tlnee others aitd twocats. .-\ll iitod cons. £250 pcrtt plus bills.

Call 0131 558 3523. STIRLING

I Double room available 111 loyely Stirling tlat with stunning hillside views. spacious lounge aitd kitchen. Near to train/bus station. l‘entale pi'eleired Non- sittttlxcl‘. telephone “1730 479724 alter 0pm. Rent negotiable.