Monster Night BBCZ, Sat 11 Jul, 9.20pm.

A veritable alphabet of monster madness from aliens to /ombies Among the (reatures on show in this five-hour spectar ular are King Kong, God/illa and King Cihidora

T In The Park

Scottish, Wed is Jul, 11.30pm.

The first in a series of six weekly programmes, mixing up iive performanres, intei‘Viev./s and behind— the-scenes (lCllOll from this year's bash in Balado Coverage (ontinues over the next few weeks

World Cup 98 Live

Scottish, Sun 12 Jul, 6.30pm; BBCl, Sun 12 Jul, 7.15pm.

highlights TV & RADIO

The Young Poiso/iei’s Handbook, Don't ie/l Mom The Babysitters Dead and, for reasons inade Lil‘z( leai, Porky's

Armistead Maupin’s

Tales Of The City

Channel 4, Tue 14 Jul, 11.55pm.

As a prelude to August's More ia/es Of [he City, a se(ond (hanre to bone up on the (omi( events and (hai'atteis from 19/0s lrisro Chloe Webb and Olympia Dukakis star in this RlS Ata'ard-winning serial, ‘.'.'l1!(li was also nominated for an Emmy

Club Culture Channel 5, Wed 15 Jul, 8.30pm.

A steamy salsa (lub in london, a working men's (lub in Barnsley and a singles ( lub in Brighton are the subie( ts of the series \.‘.’l‘.i(lt start‘» \.‘.’|ll1 a far too detailed look at Peter Stringfellow's (lubbing empire ‘l'm addrt ted to girls,’

Little White Lies BBCl, Sat 18 Jul, 9pm.


Tara Fitzgerald: pants on fire

states Stringfellow 'A ( lub without girls, unless it's a gay (lub, is pointless in my eyes absolutely pointless ' lhis man has slept with over 2000 women That's an awful lot of (hloiofoim

Secrets Of Sleep Channel 4, Thu 16 Jul, 9pm.

Did you know that we spend up to a third of our lives asleep) Probably But did you realise that the dream state is (onsidered to be an altered state of (()liS(l()tl'sl1(‘SS in whit h we gain attess to informatioi‘. that is not avarlable through ordinary senses) Not only that, but it (ould help you l)l(‘(il(l the future So, next time I'm in my lotal Sainsbuiy's, the (eieals aisle will be filled by rats doing the (onga and the tills ‘~.‘./lll be filled with snow I rather think not lBDi

It's finally over, bar the (lull final if the last (ouple are anything to go by Who Will irritate you first the Beeb's [)es Lynam for banging on about how Glenn Hoddle's men would have stuffed whoever makes the final with their eyes tied behind their ba<ks, or ITV's Kevm Keegan for his stupendoust inarrurate predit tionsl’ would put the sound off and the Wireless on, if 1 were you

Vile Teens

Channel 4, Tue 14 Jul, 10pm.

Anew film season detailing the nasty, V|(|()tlS, horrid, bitter, (ruel, murderous and evrl side of adolestenr e lvl:( hael Lehmann's 1989 bla(k (omedy, Heather's starring Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen l)oiieity kicks off the season whit h |l1( ludes


Teenage rampage: Christian Slater and Winona Ryder-in Heathers, part of the Vile Teens season, Channel 4, Tue 14 Jul, 10pm

Having your husband die in a tragic car accident would be too much for some, but bereavement is simply the first terrible step on a voyage of discovery for one woman in Little White Lies, Trevor Preston’s two-part

psychological thriller.

Beth, played by Tara Fitzgerald, suspects that her husband, David's death may have been suicide so she turns to her solicitor and friend, Oliver (Peter Bowles) and his wife (Cherie Lunghi) for help. The police soon find that David had a one-way ferry ticket to France and that he had cashed in a share-fund and taken out a second mortgage on the house. Beth convinces herself that David was having an affair, but Oliver’s saying nothing. The mystery deepens when she discovers a note in David‘s belongings saying ‘l’ll still follow you’ and someone breaks into the house.

Tara Fitzgerald, perhaps best-known for her role opposite Ewan McGregor in Brassed Off, was impressed by Trevor Preston’s script. ‘The piece has a special, almost European flavour. It doesn’t shirk its responsibilities, it is not afraid to be dark and ugly and is quite brutal in dealing with its key issues.

‘There is a strange fascination about Beth‘s story. She undergoes this terrible thing of having her world pulled out from under her. She feels she must be going mad because all her truth references are undermined.‘

If Fitzgerald was taken by the script, the director, Philip Saville, has been equally impressed by the actress’s talents.

'One of the joys about Little White Lies is that while Tara is amazingly beautiful, she can be ordinary and grief-stricken no floating along with her hair flowing. Tara has this straight look. She’s not afraid to hold her gaze; she's able to be challenging without looking evil or menacing.’

But Fitzgerald stresses that she is still learning her trade.

’You have to keep smashing things away,’ she says. ’Once you become too secure, you become dull because you stop taking risks.‘ (Peter Ross)



T In The Park Live Radio 1, Sun 12 Jul, 9pm.

Steve lamarg presents highlights from the weekend's performan< es on the Radio 1 Evening Session stage listen out for Bentley Rhythm Are, lat Boy Slim and Cornershop

When Harry Met Sooty Radio 2,Wed 15 Jul, 11.02am.

Ja(k Dee, of all people, tells the rags to i’i( hes story of the nation's favourite glove puppet who is (elebrating 50 years of tomfoolery llie Sooty empire was sold for a tool {1 4m earlier this year and With it the whole dynasty as the next generation of C orbetts have refused to have a hand in it

Disney’s Women

Radio 2, Fri 17 Jul, 7pm.

Julie Andrews alias Mary Poppins, Betty Lou Cierson, the original voi(e of Cruella de Vil, Glenn Close, a more rerent player of the dark VVll( h and

Walt's daughter [)iane are among those sharing their memories of the great and/or twisted man, depending on what and who you read

Dave Pearce's Dance

Party Radio 1, Fri 17 Jul, 8.30pm.

live from lrvme" After the glorious

Stl( ( ess of Dave Pearr e's dance stage at last year's l-logmanay bash in ()ldSQCWV, he returns to the fro/en north for a beat h party \Vllll a (ouple of Srotland's hottest DJs, Jon lVldlKllll and Colin levendale

Mark Lamarr: Shake,

Rattle And Roll Radio 2, Mon 20 Jul, 9.30pm.

A new ten-part series in VVlllClt the butt of VIC 'n’ Bob's Jokes lets his hair down and plays what he (onsiders to be the top sounds of the 50s Among these are dis(s from legends su( h as Fats Domino, Ciene Vlll( ent and Wynonie Harris as well as lesser-known idols, Betty lkauade, Young Jesse and Doc Starkes Lamarr (laims to have over 10,000 retords in l1|S(()ll(‘Cll()l1 so you (an expert at least a (ouple of half- de(ent tunes (BO)

23 Jul 1998 THE lIST89