V I saw you bright little sprite. IIopping alortg tlte str'eet with the stttt In your ltair. Saw you Alldays. hotdog stattd. Yotr must hardly notice me'.".".’ Box No [.1/336/1.

V I saw you my chocomttnchkin. itt Topsy- Turvy-I.and. It was ortly

3 l8.6()() secottds ago. bttt it feels like art age. Cupid's fiery darts caressed rne cloud-coolly. Yotr streaked away. armour-clad; l watclted. blirtd witlt admiration. Breeze back. beloved. artd cover me witlt hot kisses . . . I'm green without yotr. Your little Princkness. Box No U/336/2.

V I saw you at Pride ‘98 on Sat l3. witlt your friends. Yott asked trte back to yours bttt I couldn‘t becattse of friends. I have dark hair. wltite shirt. sltitty black trousers. You had ligltt hair. black leatherjacket. jeans. denim shirt. Gary. lidinburgh. Box No [.7336/3.

V I saw you Ian. stattdittg at bar. I-‘ire Island. The Vaults. I2/6/98. You: glasses. crew cut. Me: skirthead. arrrty T-shirt. We smiled attd smiled some more! Hope that wasn't your boyfriertd you were with. My friertd tells me you work irt tlte City Cafe. but I've never had the pleasure of your service? l‘ancy a drink'.’ Witlt ttte you cart pull more than a pint? Box No [7336/4.

V I saw you in Pattersons. You were getting highlights. My highlight would be if you joined me for a Sauza and Lemonade.

V I saw you Julia at Kelvingrove Park. Longest Day. You were the prettiest girl there and only ten feet away. bttt evert dog kicks didn‘t make you look my way. I.et's whisper soon sweet baby. Box No [.'/336/5. V I saw you Sandie. far too lortg ago. You gave trte a tape player. Girls keep giving me appliances! Gavin's back. having tttade films. Let's have a pint soon. Box No U/336/6.

V I saw you we kissed under Chambers Street sign a lifetime ago. Are your eyes still sparkling or have you settled for' reading The Potato Gatlterers arid beirtg Cathy. Box No U/336/7.

V I saw you every day we pass looking sexier every day! You even tttake ‘Stevie pops‘ sound cool. Fancy a date arid smooze sometime? Box 1 'o U/336/8.

V I saw you Mastt (1’) Japanese

Vidal Sassoon student. 20 June.

Buchanart Street. You: white T- shirt. jeans. Me: shades. stylish hair (well you had just cut it). From long legs. x. Box No U./336/9.

V I saw you wearing green ball-dress on the Royal Mile 20/6/98. with a clown in a kill who couldn't tie his bow tie arid two right old scrubbers. Box No [3/336/11).

V I saw you irt Bordeaux in cafe-bar rtear stadium. You were blortde front Aberdeen bttt lived irt lidinburgh I think. artd were with another blonde female and your boyfriend . . . aahll Me with pals irt kilts front Glasgow. Get in touch. Box No [3/336/1 l. V I saw you Gordon at Bar ()1. looking gorgeous itt your kilt. You saved me at the Scotland versus Morocco match. I'd love to meet you again and thank you properly. Jacqui x. Box No [1/336/12.

V I saw you grand. bronze. tres beatt. 20.6: Tesco Broughtort

Road. 27.6: demande directions a velo. encore pres it Tesco.

; Retrouverons nous bietttot. sans

epiccr‘ie'.’ Box No [5/336/I3.

V I saw you l‘inger Doctor. .‘s'o need to be shy anymore. you cart hold my hand anytime. Get your medicine bag ready. the baby zebra has missed you!! Keep on perseverirtg. I x. Box No U/336/I4.

V I saw you Glasgow Glamour I’uss dowrting tequila on the Costa Brava. Tickle me to death with your feathers! Let‘s spread the word irt Bar llavarta. Boobs xx. Box No U/336/15.

V I saw you working in llobbs. Buchanan Street. You thin. dark hair. gorgeous as ever. Me small. speccy attd hopelessly devoted to you. I'll see you irt Thorrttons. Box No U/336/l6. V I saw you . . . my best friend. I‘ll be near ‘tho far away. arid sending you nothing bttt love. Box No U/336/l7.

V I saw you at Jtttte RUCC‘ meeting. You said no when I asked for DETR/BTP document hope you wouldn‘t say the same to a drink'.’ You: dark hair. gorgeous smile. Me: fair hair. glasses. Box No U/336/l8.

V I saw you lane. at Glasgow airport. flying off out to Spain. I want to be your co-pilot or navigator. Help you steer your way through air traffic control arid irtto the clouds. No turbulence or bumpy landings. Just a pleasurable ride through life. Doors to manual. The Finger Doctor. Box No U/336/I9.

V I saw you walking through the river ottt by the meadows irt the stttt arid light. You're an angel. ee nu rah. ee nu rah. ee rttr

rah lay. Box No ['/336/2().

0 I see you Kelvinbridge

underground. ant (Mort-liri).

You small and suntanned man

; with (‘arltott TV bag. I get off at Buchanan Street. Will yott get

ttffttlle day \ViIIl me. Box No [7336/21.

V I saw you are yott a gardener“? I cart lighten your wheelbarrow. Box No [7336/22. 0 I saw you Solid RRRRock ('afe. You with married. curly haired road raget‘. why not try my devil gatedrive. Box No [7336/23.

0 I saw you in Maxie's Bistro on 26/6/98. ()ttr eyes met more than once. Me: long curly hair. dressed in black with red wine. l.et's make more eye contact over the red wine. Box No [7336/24.

0 I saw you Polo Lounge. Tuesday 30/6/98. Me: orange

shirt. standing at centre of bar

with female friend. Yotr: handsome. black jacket. white

shirt. standing alone. drinking

Rolling Rock. I wanted ltt speak to you btrt was too shy. My loss/mistake'.".".’ Hopefully llotI Would love to speak to you! Box No [7336/25.

V I saw you at Glasgow airport. I July. You helped with my bus fare to Iidinbur'gh. Jet lagged. proper words of thanks



failed me. A wonderful welcome back to Scotland. Thank you. Box No [7336/26.

V I saw you Ann. Thanks for everything. I hope future holds cool days. exciting nights arid yellow flowers. Good luck with

. the new life plan. G xox. Box

No [7336/27. V I saw you crazy German girl

frotn Dresden. Would love to see

you again. Borrt to study like

you said. it's a shame to waste a

brain. l.et's go crazy! Box No

[7336/28. V I saw you John. Bennets.

28/6/98. Your friend introduced tts. I had a great time btrt left too ' quickly. Hoping to see you

again. Maybe this time the lights

will work. Gavin xxx. Box No


V I saw you 19 Mmmmay. Kits beach. Vancouver. I had a book. you had my dreams. One night wasn't nearly enough. Such a surreal farewell my mind burns for lost possibilities . . . too shy was I. My face is blue until you return. Yoshi. Box No U/336/3(). V I saw you at Dean's Tarts & Vicars party. I hope to see you again at his next party. Get your groove-tastic 70s arid 80s outfit ready to wear on Saturday 22 August. Box No U/336/3I.

V I saw you latte irt

Stockbridge. trty animalistic instinct made ttte want to eat you. It's a jungle ottt there let me be your zebra crossing. your l.ion King or dare I suggest 'l‘ar/an. Assume the position.

The Finger Doctor. Box No

['/335/l. 0 I saw you 29/5/98 'I‘enerife airport and agatrt in Glasgow. l

know you saw ttte. Yotr: with six tatttted cltunts you stood ottt.

Me: nice belly (coward) with friend. We were delayed bttt still did ttot ltave enough tinte. You're front lidinburgh so what

, would you say if I cartte over for

a private session (I don't mean on a sunbedl'.".’ Box .\'o [7335/2

V I saw you Bu. attd we will rise above the sludgy tide of mediocrity to sltirte like comets contittg to the ettd of the world party. somewhere rottnd St Vincent Crescent. and all surfer boys and girls catt catch the

biggest wave right on their 3 doorstep. Lots of love. Ree. xxx. Box No [.7335/3.

V I saw you Yoslti ()oshi. it's a pity you are no rrtore. Acid Rainbow Dada Dance is now Acid angel. dedicated to you. See you iii the next life. you groovy trip-master. Blessings attd light. The Seagull Man. Box No [7335/1

V I saw you Saturday 6 June. Dels and Polo lounge. 5.3()ish.

You: dark haired. dark bltte T- shirt. sntoking roll-ups. Me: dark grey jumper. ligltt hair. I

liked what I saw. You‘.’ Box No [7/335/7.


V I saw you for a long tinte.

tltett l rttet you. You're a hip hop and happening. funky. red-eyed dude. I'm for real? l’ttgsly. x

Box No [7335/8

V I saw you Settoby I)oo‘s. where are you‘s'.’ Velma arid Daphnie are ready arid willing to ltartd ottt scooby snacks! Freddy artd Sltaggy need rtot reply. Box

No [7335/9

V I saw you l’ride Scotland. Did you see me'.’ l.igltt grey sweatshirt. short ‘dirty' blond hair". sittittg on grass'.’ Box No [7335/10.

O I saw you at Chapel

Home Farm. You were drinking a G+T with a short blonde man. Can I suggest a Sauza and Lemonade with a tall dark and handsome stranger. It would be a refreshing change.

V I saw you itt front of 7. gallery. You called my rtante artd changed my life. Denver. Iidinburgh. or New York . . . (‘ody. where ever we are. we are forevermore. You are my best

f friend attd my greatest love. I

i am so proud of yott. Time to go home. Box No [I/335/I l.

' V I saw you iii the Pacific. You

great white wltale. rite nautical amputee. I'm crazy about yott. Box No [.1/335/12.

V I saw you Ialal at Big Beat (‘afe Graffiti. You long haired

black cat. Me tall white mouse.

attached to wall. Pass the clteese

please. Box No [l/335/l-I.

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