THANK GOD WE'RE GAY! .‘vletropolitaii (‘ommunity (‘liuicli is an inclusive (‘hristian church founded within the lesbian and gay community arid welcoming all who seek to worship (iod and explore spirituality. Seiv ices m lidmhurgli and (ilasgow

(all Stephen 0131 332 7088. QUEST

(lav oi Lesbian and (‘atholici’ I St) .it‘c \\ c! (‘7llt'\l Is It self help support group. In times of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397.

livery Sunday between 7 ltlpm.

I Edinburgh bisexual group meets ev cry 'Ihuisday at Spm m the lesbian. (iay and Bisexual (‘t-iitic. 5M Iliougliton Street. Discussion. social and support group. Phone Bisexual l’honeline 0131 557 3020 for tIt‘lttlIs.



Scotland’s exciting introduction agency for gay men & lesbians.

0845 606 3636

low call rate 7 days 2pm—10pm




Dinners, Golf, Go-Karti'ng, Scuba Diving, Country Walks,

Concerts,an Pigeon Shoots, Parties ' and Weekend Breaks for single people of all ages.

0141-333 1321

611k: Introductions

The unique introduction servicefor Business, Professional

(5' Aspirational people.

9 You enjoy your jolt 9 You read Ilit' l ist

9 You Iiuy ( :l )is

9 You lzkc .\lovics

9 You lt'llsll eating out ° You live day to day

You want more

You are alone .III\I would like to inch .i partner to cxpcricnte and' these and other things.

It you are serious .tl)()tll .1 long

term relationship. lake \UIIIIUI.

(fall liliie and meet genuine people. who want to meet

someone. iust like vou.

.'\ltcr ‘7 years and with 5 otiitcs

ill(i(‘!‘.1!.ll 5.or!.m.l. It works.

".litt‘ IIIII()\III\II()II\.

It's as logital .is .\It Spot's.

0131 620 7777 0141 236 7777 10am to 10pm

Open 7 days.

Offices across the UK 0" 1:71“?

GPM Introductions

The very best ii'a v to meet your type of people - nationii'irfe! l'sing .i tllsvlt'tt‘ personal approach married to the latest uriiiptitci technology, we will find your perfect match.

\k'hetlier yoti are looking for .i companion or partner.

friendship or romance. we .tt'c‘ here to help you. Your new tomorrow can start today!

liltlilil’HONli 0800 .528 0553 l-‘.-\X/'l'l-Il.. or»): rem) l-‘Rl-ll-Zl’tis‘l' .\'\V'\V'17023. l’i-‘..\'.\l:\l-’..\'MAWR 1.1.3.; (37.7.

Registered under Ihe l).n.i l’rotetrion .'\\I l‘lS-i.

XIII/0R 1998

fl'm: irritamf. rmr' ritual/(d

Our Approach is still the most successful to date!

. Istahlrshed in Scotland since I‘)‘).3

. (her 1000 members .iII personally interviewed by principal

. “lklt‘tl one to one Introductions with all clients petsorullv IIUI\I1C\I . I \terisive SOUJI calendar of '(lccasions' .it eulusnc names

9 An average often weddings .1 year

. Worldwide opportunities for friendship via Initial Approach International . Holidays and short breaks overseas next destination (ianary Islands

23' 01 786 825 777

I'Itlllllt’flqllll'c'y‘IIIIHHI-Hflln'ntlt Ii «lemon ( ii iii: M ii ll‘.I'lllllllktlplll'rult h c ii iii:

98 THE “ST 23 Jul 6 Aug 1998

funtimes, the club that burned so brightly summer ’97 VVLTM financially stable partner with cool bar and loyal pissheads (205-305) dedicated to pulling the fun back into clubbing must love eccentric people, glamorous OUllilS and opulent Surr0undings - together we can Create a night to remember to save or steal to be at - together we can make great music and dance all night interested in sharing wild times?

indulge yOur ego saturday 25th july, at the shooting gallery reply box - the basement discretion not guaranteed

I Gentlemen If you area business or professional guy. 35+. who's lifesty Ie dictates yoti don‘t meet the kind of lady you would wish to share your life. ('all lilite Introductions. It works. (ll3l (r20 7777, (ll-ll 230 7777, See our main ad in

the groups section.


I Professional female lidinburgli. 3(). seeks other I‘l‘oft‘ssiotial fcliittlc's for fun. friendship. pubbing. clubbing. restaurants. cinema and theatre. If you genuinely want to make friends and go out and live. please reply. Box No 15/33b/2. I Professional female, 30 always" considered herself to be straight until affair with a woman suggested otherwise. Affair now over but lifestyle changed for good. would like to meet gay women who have had similar experiences for nights otit. conversation. friendship Discretion assured. liox No 15/336/3.

I I need to get out more ('an you help'.’ Straight

female (early 3()s) into

cinema. music. theatre. wining/dining. having fun. seeks female/male friends to enjoy lidinburgh's hiin life.

Box No I'/337/l.

I Two gay pals with shrinking social circle (not our fault!) 21 and 30. looking for s/a. witty. intelligent. m/f mates who are interested irt on and/or off scene nights out. We're not sad. just looking for some innocent socialising. (iod forbid! Box No 17337/2.

I Quietish male at times! Seeks other males/females to explore type thingies! lispecially the liestival! Box No l‘/337/3.

I Kind, easy-going professional. lidinburgh male. 37. interested in the arts. outdoors. travel. seeks thinking. cultured. younger female for romance. good-titties and a shared future. Any nationality. Box No 336/15.

I Sensitive, intelligent man (43) good listener. in artistic profession. offers uncomplicated but loyal friendship and carnal sharing to hedonistic lady. 3555. Box No 337/1.

I Sincere professional male non-smoker. with passion for Jill l)ando and Viv l.umsden. seeks nearest lookalike. 40+. for fulfilling relationship. .\'o hung-up divorcees please. Photo appreciated.

Box No 337/2.

I Edinburgh, attractive female. 34.1ntomusic *- l’uccmi Prodigy. books. art. film. football and travel. \\'l.'1‘.\t emotionally mature male.

35 40s with S011 and a lrist for life. l’ltolo Ltppt‘c‘ctatL‘tI. 130\ .\'o 337/3.

I Nice Edinburgh man (34) ('anihiidgc graduate. seriotis minded but rarely serious. seeks kmd. intelligent and lovely younger woman for intellectual relationship and. you know. stuff.

Illustrated synopsis. preferably of self. appreciated.

liox .\'o 337/4.

I Male (24) open. warm. emotionally aware. intelligent. allegedly cute. seeks female to share friendship. fun. affection and growth. intimacy with independence. romance. joy in life and I.i'.vr_v and other pastimes. (‘ome as you are.

lidinhurgli. :\I.:\. Box .\'o 337/5.

I Is there a good woman for this good man‘.’ lidinburgh- based. 3b. sweet. sensitive. devoted. gentle. sIIICL‘l'L‘. loves music. hooks. walking. friends. poetry. cinema. seals. being out. being in. Box No 337/0.

I Youthful, late forties male. optimistic artist. likes fun. hugs. dancing. singing and brave attempts to change the world. l)oing well. btit WIII‘M attractive. intelligent female with similar outlook. Box No 337/7.

I Lonesome cowboy Bill seeks (‘alamity laiie for campfire conversations and occasional stampede. l'm Glasgow (wild West lind) 4t). caring. intelligent. professional. seeking rootin' tootin' (htit n/s) (ilasgovv gal

(30 ~38). Photo'.’ Box No 337/8. I Intelligent, attractive male 24. ii/s. professional. graduate. caring and easy -going. linjoys travel. outdoors. eating out and cinema. Seeks similar female. lidinhurgh. Box No 337/9.

I Tall, slim, professional guy (41) with a warm heart. honest and sincere. likes theatre. cinema and eating out. WIII‘M lady. 30 -4(). for ftiii nights out. excellent company and hopefully romance. lidinburgh. Box No 337/10.

I Can’t promise to be anything near perfect but I'm definitely worth a letter! Attractive. friendly. genuine. (ilasgowisli guy. WIII'M warm. witty woman. 20 -35. for fun. food. beers. talks and laughs! Box No 337/] l.

I Good-looking professional male from (ilasgow. WIII‘M fernale. 20 to 35. for fun. friendship and romance. 1 like comedy. theatre and pubs and am looking for someone who would enjoy coming with me to loads of shows at the lidinburgh Festival and l-‘ringe. Box No 337/12.

I Professional (Edinburgh) female. 30 years. attractive. whimsical. earthy. enjoys all sorts. Would like to meet a clever. comical. kind. irreverant man. for Lord knows what. Photo appreciated. Box No 337/13.

I Searching for that seemingly elusive female who enjoys the erotic delights of a loving ‘power exchange' relationship. I'm male. submissive. 34. 5ft ()in. educated. musician. don't smoke. slim. single. healthy. Box No 337/14.



I Feminine, slim professional. gay female. 3tls. varied interests. seeks similar female for fun. friendship and maybe more. Photo appreciated. Box No 330/53.

I Genuine, blue-eyed, 24 guy seeks active. s/a. s/l. male. 25—40. Interests music. gym/ fitness and food. Need fun in my life. Wli. preferred. ALAVI'P. Box No 336/54.

EDINBURGH GAY GUY, 32 attractive. easy-going. straight- acting. non-scene. linjoys the great outdoors (camping. hill- walking. cycling. skiing. travelling) as well as cinema. socialising and scruinpy! Seeks honest. straight-acting. educated and exciting guy (non-smoker) for ftiii. friendship and potential relationship.

Box No 337/50.

I A tall order? lidinburgh professional. 35. seeks like- minded. straight-acting. well- adjusted guy for 1-2-1. Ideally. you are youthfully mature. unbelievably sincere. realistically romantic. seriously humorous. horribly good- lookitig . . . and tall! (Compromises considered.) Box No 337/51.

I Edinburgh male, 22 seeks similar 'riornial' gay guy (23-30) -— no queens or blokes -- to share cinema. pubs. TV. whatever. Me: 5ft 1 tin. dark. ()K looking. honest and caring. Non-smoker. Box No 337/52. I Glasgow lesbian early 20s. fun-loving. easy-going. sensitive. non-smoker. WI.TM similar female. Interests include sports. world travel. movies. dining out. music and good conversation. Box No 337/53.

I Edinburgh/Glasgow good- looking. 22-year-old. 5ft 9111. smooth. Chinese student. seeks 20—26. good-looking. sensitive. intelligent guy. for friendship and possible 1-2-1. Interests include films. arts. night in and out. Photo please. ALA. Box No 337/54.

I Vivacious vixen (36) hi- sexual. seeks wayward woman to sniff out fun iii and out of the den. lidinburgh based but Glasgow friendly. Send letter marked with your scent. Photo appreciated. Box No 337/55.

I Glasgow professional man 35. ()K looks. s/a. smokes. Enjoys non-Li'sry pursuits. Seeks similar s/a guy to brighten up my summer. Box No 337/56.

I Gay man (31) intelligent. attractive. leftish. into personal growth. books. films and food. seeks friendly. educated guy for beer. boogies and sex. Edinburgh. Box No 337/57.

I Calling all dykes! Femme. professional. Glaswegian (27) looking for lurve/lust/just good friends. I'm witty. wanton and quite nice really. Butch. feinme. bi. gay all genuine nymphos considered! Photo. Box No 337/58.