V I saw you mellow and happy on l.indos beach watclting the sunrise. be mine lorey er. but only iti de bay. Ho\ .\'o [7337/l. V I saw you arid l was born again on the -1th ol‘ .luly. .-\ close encounter oil a train. I wore a ponytail. l)o yoti remember me'.’ Your necklace caught tip it) your loiig blond hair. ()n opposite sides of the isle we sat. The late train is another cltie. 1 saw you. did you see me'.’ Box No [7337/2.

V I saw you agaili aller yoti lel‘l. Has there been too much water under the bridge‘.’ Is it too late'.’ Box .\'o [7337/3.

V I saw you '1' in the Park. dancing with a stiiall l'riend near the l‘ront to Space. Beautil’ul browti eyes/hair with a blue

llow er bobble. Me sunburnt and smitten. Box No [7337/1

0 I saw you :\llltallse Sat l2 .lune. the day below 1 split l'or .lui'a. When 1 got back you'd jtist tjuit. (‘an you bare the sight ol' another cappuccino"? (iayin. Bos .\'o [7337/5.

V I saw you liatidsonie dark- haired guy. l)elnionicas on own. Sunday 12. Fpiii-ish. Yott jeans. leatherl 1’) jacket. drinking piiil tlieti short. Yott lel't too soon. Me: dark blue jumper. l-ancy a drink together"? l3o\ .\'o [7337/6.

0 I saw you | Sauza’d

you at P0 na na. It you feel like a refreshing change why not join me. Some ice, bubbly lemonade and slice of lime is just what your Sauza ordered.

V I saw you reading the itews. You spoke to me with a soil .-\ustralian accent. It made me teel all tingly inside. ('an't wait [III we meet again. See you on Tuesday at 5pm on channel [8. Bo\ No [.7337/7.

V I saw you loads when we tried to be art students. (‘liris 11. Six years later. Be/ l‘rom Ke/ is goitig to try again in lidinburgh. Please please write/phone Box No [7337/8.

V I saw you “I l<.(i‘.s. \y'oi-ltl ('up linal. \'otis gorgeous brunette barmaid. Moi l‘eiiitiie. brown top. specs. Yoti distracted nie l'rom the l‘ootie. Mm-mmm? l.et's celebrate with a trench kiss mon cherie. (ioall’ll Bos No [7337/9.

V I saw you .lersey girl with big trouser pockets lll Is'ely'mgroy'e. You‘re a scared bunny crossed with a pig. Wear more appropriate clothes sooti and look in a hotel mirror ol‘ my choice. l‘IU\ NU [73.37/lll

0 I saw you latte lll Btu). looking lost iii the copper piping, power tools and garden sections. .\'o more l)lY. your handyman is here looking for permanent contract. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Nojob too small. The linger doctor. Box No [7337/I l.

V I saw you '1‘ in the Park .lungle Brothers. Yoti beauty- niarked breakgtrl at front. bopptn' yer sth on. iii green cap and coat with hood tip. Me smiling uncontrollany with goatee. cap and cream jacket. Yoti in my litit now. t.\'B: .\'ot the tied who offered you IIlIckIItstIl Bo\ No [7337/12. V I saw you Sunday 12 .luly. Virgin train journey. You: Reading to Birmingham. Me: Banbury to lidinburgh. You: l(‘[' nurse. Me: es-nurse. You me drink‘.’ Box No [7337/13. V I saw you Bree/linekoy (‘orny'alski He is the Russian spy who has stolen my heart

btit l kinda like it. l.o\‘e your

tliiey‘ing wile. Bo\ No [7337/14.

0 I saw you l.ogan A. for seven years. in tlte UIIICL‘. iii the pttb and always partying. Will miss having you around. See you and l)unks at llogmanay as usual. Box No [7337/15.

9 I saw you 'I‘ it] the Park. l’riday night black zone. Me with brother's l‘riend. you from Borders. ()utside tent on lilos. moy'ed inside. later got interrupted. l)idti't meet again. Box No [,7337/Io.

V I saw you cropped-haired beige-skirted spectre strolling past the Theatre Royal bar on a

sunny Wed 24 June. A decade or

so has passed and mysteriously you can still stop me breathing at teti paces this is iiiipressiye btit a bit hazardous. Whether it's linal sympathy. l'resh curiosity or neither. a message would be warmly welcomed Blil‘()l{li Wli l)ll{l Box No [7337/17.

V I saw you ill Route (to. Also see you ill (‘rown atid (‘tishioir l.et's meet tip. l‘los No [7337/18.

V I saw you Bennetts. 15.1ttly. llandsome man with coke can in his pocket. Nervous wreck in black atid glasses is smitten. Do the right thing'.’ Box No [7337/19.

V I saw you we lost you .\ll' happy at 'I' III the Park. Should hay e thrown you a lil’eboat and iiol a donut. (‘heeky Monkey [y l)iity Birdy. l3o\ No [7337/20. V I saw you outside the

(ll-'1‘ alter The Hanging (fun/en oti 'l‘hursday 9/7/98. We

talked on the tube to

llillhead. You were interesting. articulate and yery attracti\ e. l.e[.s lgllls’ Illol'el llos No [7337/21.

V I saw you Buchanan underground. Tue 30 June. 7pm. Yoti: dark hair. burgundy 'l'-slinl. cords. .-\didas trainers. Me: dark-haired girl. grey polo neck. black trousers. You got oll llillhead. I stayed on. I was impressed. How about you.’ Bos .\'o [73‘7/22.

V I saw you Saturday at Bennett‘s. Help? 1 tell my grandads watch at your house in lbro\. (ireal sentimental \altie. Please contact me .-\S.-\l’. 'l‘hanks l’hil. Bos .\'o [7337/2 3. V I saw you 7.1uly'. Broughton Street. lam. You: esottc looking lady. short black hair. elephant pendant. long dress. ()ur eyes met. now I beliey e iii lo\ e at lirst sight. Bos No [7337/24.

V I saw you Scotty. sleeping when 1 was the outside spoon ibut not on the ferry. 'cause the table was in the w ayl. ('an 1 always be the outside spoon. ()r at least until you shave oI‘I~ the l'urry' bit. Say y‘es. (‘hris. Bos .\'o [7337/25. ' '

V I saw you liinger l)oclor. llicking through 'art' in Waterstones. l.et our adyenture be ‘bi/arre‘. Your loye is my medicine attd addiction. Awaiting my nest home yisit bound atld gagged. Bos .\'o [7337/20



0 I saw you James (l’alllel' a lot ot‘youl 14/7/98. Me: :\_\l'.\lllt'c lad who knows about thistles. (iet in touch for some outdoor pursuits. A dirty weekend iii the country”.’ Box No [7337/27.

V I saw you again mother ol (‘as‘sandra ()n 29/7/98 it w ill be another proper year. I make that two. Cassandra. howey er. makes it l‘ourteen? I love you. Bos .\'o [7337/28.

V I saw you at 'I‘ ill the Park. you sesy. denim clad. tul'ty bearded man with a backstage pass and linglish accent. I l'ollowed you l'rom the Talent tent to the Slam Mil/.ik tent. bill you wouldn‘t take my beer. I hay e to know who you are. (let tll touch. llox No [7337/29.

V I saw you and your l'riend signing in the Polo and later in a club. I'M SORRY. Just as 1 had plucked tip the courage to speak to you. you were gone? Maybe nest time. Box No [7337/30.

V I saw you playing table football with your brother.

The Bare Story. 9/7/98. Me. on-l‘orm deleiidet‘. black jeans. pale shii'l. II‘ we played

together we could be hotter than the chilli pix/a1

Ilo.\ No [7337/3 l.

V I saw you bright llttle

sprite. llopping along the

street with the still in your hair Saw you .-\lldays. liotdog stand. You must hardly notice me" "’ Ilo\ No [7336/1

V I saw you my chticoniunchkin. lll 'l‘opsy -

‘l'ury y -l .and. It was only 318.600 seconds ago. but it t‘eels like an age. (‘upid's liery darts caressed me cloud-coolly. You streaked away. armour-clad; I watched. blind with admiration. Bree/e back. beloy ed. arid coy‘ei' me with hot kisses . . l'm green without you. Your little l’rinckness. Bos No [7336/2.

0 I saw you at Pride ‘98 on Sat 13. with your triends. You asked me back to yours but I couldn't because of blends. l have dark hair. white shirt. shiny black trousers. You bad light hair. black leather jacket. jeans. denim shirt. (iary. lidinburgh. Box No [7336/3.

V I saw you lan. standing at bar. l‘ire Island. The \'aults. 12/6/98. Yoti: glasses. crew ctit. Me: skinhead. army 'l‘-shirt. We smiled atid smiled some ttlot‘el Hope that wasn't your boyl‘t‘iettd you were with. My lIIClItI tells me you work in the (‘ity (Kile. btit l'ye ney'er had the pleasure ol' your sery'icel l-‘ancy a drink'.’ With tile you can pull more than a pinll Bo\ No [733(3/4.

O I saw you Julia at ls'ely‘tngroy'e l’ark. Longest Day. You were the prettiest girl there and only ten feet away. but even dog kicks didn't make you look my way. l.et's whisper soon sweet baby. Box No [7336/5 V I saw you Sandie. l‘at' too long ago. You gave me a tape player. (iirls keep giving tiie appliances? (iay'in's back. haying ttiade lilnis. l.et's hay'e pint soon. Box No [7/336/6.

V I saw you we kissed under (‘hatiibers Street sign a lifetime ago. Are your eyes still sparkling or have you settled for reading The l’otato (iatherers and being (‘atliyz Box No [7336/7.


V I saw you eyery day we pass looking sesier ey'ery day? You ey en make 'Stey‘ie pops‘ sound cool. Fancy a date and smooze sometime'.’ Box No [7/336/8. V I saw you Masu (2’) Japanese Vidal Sassoon student. 20 June. Buchanan Street. You: white '1‘- shirt. jeans. Me: shades. stylish hair [well you had just cut it). l‘rom long legs. .\. Box No ['7336/9.

O I saw you | Sow Zar‘d

you at EH1. I was the boy in black you were the promotion girl serv- ing Sauza and lemon- ade. You were doing a great job. I am sold on you and the drink!

V I saw you wearing green

ball-dress on the Royal Mile

20/6/98. with a clown in a kilt

who couldn't tie his bow tie and

two right old scrubbers. Box No [7336/10.

V I saw you in Bordeaux iii cal‘e-bat' near stadium. You were blonde from Aberdeen bttt lived in lidinbtirgh I think. atid were with another blonde female atid your boyfriend . . . aahII Me with pals in kilts from Glasgow.

(let III touch. Box No[,'/336/1 l.

V I saw you (iordon at Bar 01.. looking gorgeous iti your kilt. You saved me at the Scotland y'ersus Morocco match. I‘d love to meet you again and thank you properly. Jacqui x. Box No [1/336/12.

V I saw you grand. bronze. tres

beau. 20.6: 'l‘esco Broughtott Road. 27.6: demandé directions

a y'élo. encore pres ii Tesco.

Rett’otiy'et'ons nous bientot. saris epiccrie'.’ Box No [1/336/13.

On 0131 557 8500

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