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The World Is The Home Of Love & Death

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TALKING BOOK Brought To Light

never has retail been so good for the soul

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Way To Go

Alan Spence (Rance-m House, £I2.99)

As famous last words 90, Wilde’s may be the cutest coil-shuffling epigram - ’either the wallpaper goes, or I do.’ Whatever your take on mortality, be it the ultimate one- Iiner, a choice of faith or a biological explanation for human atrophy, it is the one universal truth. God's democratic way. Beginning from the perspective of an undertaker's curious son trying out one of the coffins for size, Spence takes a peep behind the many masks of death to I. see how those left behind cope. Troubled by the nature of his father’s business and professionally dour countenance, the boy heads for swinging London, a place of obligatory free love, psychedelics and the Zen philosophy of tea drinking. Further world wandering follows, but death, its rituals and celebration, are never far away. Way To Go is a spiritual quest and a big, daft adventure. It goes for the jocular, but spills over with as much empathy as hilarity. There's grave- dancing Hells Angels, whisky-shaped coffins, an exploding Minister, relentless terrible gags and all the musings on death one could possibly care for short of imagining the colour scheme in the hereafter. Oscar would doubtless have approved. (Rodger Evans)


inner of the Scottish Writer of the Year awarc

However, trrrs sp(;‘.»\‘/trr(l adaptatron rs not the rdeal format I.‘roore's fake Amerrran attent rs passabie but :rstrattznrr, though not as off-puttrrx; as tollaborator Gary Lloyd's 'rrusrt, and the taie rs so (or'rplex that you'ri need to pause the CD frequently to keep up A fan brt of subtlety has . been last n the translatron too Buy Mountaln l ‘flr's fy'rtr (arr't net the r;rap?r:< William Dalrymple (Flamingo £8.99) r‘o‘.'e7, {int (21) get '2 :r‘. serrre form Tlfl‘) *2 >2 *«s ‘R’

A the staff that The X~f'//es rs to“,

be the son he had presurrred was dead. Coupled wrth hrs seart h for three

mrssrnn men, Lew's latent alroholrsm rarses rts unly head A streetvrrse and : (orrrpellrrro portrayal of bla<k Amerr<a 18.21)

From The Holy

All good travel wrrtrnr; rnvolves a blend l r of rrremorre, myth, hrstory, strarrrht desr rrptron and more than a lrttle frt trtrrr But rt takes a very rare orft to bury; the narrative alive and tarry the reader off on an rrrrarrrned Journey far rr( her than anythrrrr; whth (ould be experrerrced by srrnply bernr; there

That erlzam [)alryrrrple rs su<h a

L’LtkUH\ re.v'vaHiM/Y'/l.



Britisha (Flarrtir‘rto £6.99) Lf)l‘.tl()r". and sha.|o\.'.l ex sterrr es seem to no hand ;n harrd for the

toriterrzpzrrafy honest In 8.<:':s.’ra's ‘.‘.'.':te.' rs beyond drspute In thrs, hrs

:rrrpressrre debut, t're uh‘ortrrnate'y .'.rdely atrlarrrred thrrd book, he

rrafrietl F‘a'e Jesse“. nas a winner; effett {llf()l‘rl( Ies hrs travels III the footsteps of 'r r: 'r; e-rrm'a '.'a-;a,".t ‘.Irr‘.nrai;er yr sexenth century monk around the

-r‘ I a";t.."-:I then: are Titrr'l'} early r‘.IrddEe Eastern monastrt (errtres

rim-w a .tr 's ".et r'ws about ti) fate the rrssrrrr power of

1' to v2 '. ,hr'ff, s gre .s‘ar". Ho's: rnore than a rrrrllennzurr

' ' .' ‘r; ' ‘1':",'. it" .‘ 't' air-r, the East Mates of a orr(e mrrrhty '.".::" ::' ‘:"'. .re away: EiIZ‘ (:hr'stzan enrprre are drsappearrnr; from

the anti cf rts brrth But thanks to Dairyrrrple's <;.fts of easy stholarshrp, gentle humour and delrrrhtful style, By/antrum rs dryen a brref, but oirtterr to, f.rraI flowerrnr; before rt .‘.‘11ll(?i8 anaray (or rpletely (RH)

Larry's art

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