N64 PREVIEW Bio Freaks

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Ooh, this is nasty. In fact, nasty isn't really the word for what looks set to become the best beat 'em up for Nintendo’s machine. Bio Freaks is so horrible, it makes Resident Evil 2 look like Andy Pandy.

But we'll save descriptions of depravity till later - first the plot. In the future, Earth is no longer divided into nations, it's entirely run by massive conglomerates. War doesn't exist; disputes between corporations are settled by one-on-one, to-the-death combat between Bio Freaks - specially designed fighters with deadly physical modifications. Kinda like

Keith Flint with added bloodlust.

Like Sony's recent Cardinal Syn, the gameplay environment is gruesomely interactive. Opponents can be impaled on spikes, hurled into a meat grinder or shoved into a steaming pool of toxic waste. Plus, you can run away pretty effectively by jumping about and evading your


The fights themselves are spectacularly gruesome. There are ten Bio Freaks, including a zombie with a spiky club, a frog with deadly vomit and a scary clown with a scarier hammer. Each of these fearsome fellows just love to disfigure each other in strange and terrible ways there's a lot of blood and an awful lot of dismemberment. Like John Cleese in Monty Python And The Holy Grail, you can fight on even when you've had both arms lopped off, although you probably won't last long.

The control system is an update on the Tekken model. Each limb is controlled by a separate button, while another two controls operate the jetpack and fire your gun. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Bio Freaks is one of the sickest games ever to emerge and it's likely to be a big hit. Hard to believe that this is available on the same console as

Yoshi’s Story. (Peter Ross)

I Bio Freaks rs releaSed on GT Interactive, Fri 7 I Sep (prowsr'ona/i, around



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Burning Rangers (Sega) £30 at t a: *

Now that Sega have unvelled therr new Dreamcast console you would be forgiven for thinking that the Saturn was a dead man walking A last meal :s customary rn these cases and this excellent release from the famed Sonrc team should provrde some comfort before the sWItch rs thrown.

Fast-paced and sporting some Impressrve Vr’rtua On-type graphics, thus 30 platformer has y0u flying through towering rnfernos to rescue survrvors.

You've got a limited trme to accomplrsh this, and modern archrtecture berng what at rs, your greatest danger comes from getting lost In all the srntrzar-loorcrng corridors Fortunately, help Is avaziab.e from other Burning Rangers, who shout Sega Rally-style drrectrons over the rado Unfortunately, at doesn't always worlc and you often frnd yourself :r‘. a fzre- threatened dead end.

So, (an the Saturn expect a "epreve call from the Governor7 Weli, (hil‘tmqt‘. there (lfOtT'i a huge number of :evefs to complete and some of the later stages get a l)li conf'usmg, Burning Rangers has that endearxng gunlcness that has characterised so mac h of the Saturn's output Hot stuff (PO)

REVIEWERS THIS ISSUE: Paul Owens, Peter Ross


t g t a a. Unmrssable

t t t a Very ood

* it t Wort a shot

* t Below average

it You’ve been warned


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