nyoufeel that you're totally fucked, then you've gotno responsibility to behave in any kind of moral way.’

Irvine Welsh

heroes. But I‘m not interested in just portraying someone as a stream of evil aets without investigating why they are behaving in that kind of way.‘

The Welsh way may soon he to abandon literary endeavours for more varied pursuits on which he is already beginning to make his mark. The future sees him working on a TV lilm about the lirst hlaek l‘oothaller in Britain. the l‘ilm of The Add Home is part of this year’s lidinhurgh liilm liestival. and he has just returned from Ibiza alter a dizzying spell of disc—spinning. ‘l‘ve always been into music in a kind of hall—arsed way.’ he admits. ‘l‘m a

hit ol‘ an imposter. really. when I see some ol

the top DJs doing it. I think that I can’t mix eement. never mind do what these guys are doing.‘

For those who believe that the literary domain is not meant for the likes of Irvine Welsh. their day may soon come. ‘I think it I don‘t wean myself off writing quite soon it eould become just a habit to have a hook out every year or two years. and I'd hate to he like that. At the moment. it's ideas-driven. hut l can see it getting to the stage where it‘s like. “time I got writing a hook." and I think it‘s quite destructive if you‘ve got nothing to say.‘

Filth is published on Thursday 6 August, priced £9.99. The Acid House Trilogy has its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on Saturday 29 August.


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