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7-31 AUGUST 8.00PM PREV‘EW6.AUG PLEASANCE 0131 556 6550

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TICKETS Adults 00.00 (£9.00 in advance) Children/Con: (S 00 (£4 00 in advance) Family £25.00 (£22 00 in advance) Under 5's FREE Discounts until 26th July I998 ENTRANCE TO HOUSE U00 Donation to Cancer Relief MacMil!an Fund (Numbers may be limited) BOX OFFICE & ALL ENQUIRIES Tel 0|896 830323830785 E-mail :raquazrjnouse@scozborders co uk 4‘ Tickets also available from Edinburgh Fringe Office and Pecbles. Hamck. Selkirk and Gaiashzels Tourist Infermati0n Centres

BUSES Regular Buses will run from Edinburgh. Meiresc and Gaiashicls Spenser: Fer detaiisTel:0l72| 720l8| Mum ma .1! k “$2!”ng PLEASE°NOCAMPINGONSITE

There's loads of free parking. so you won't be late for any of our excellent shows. We have a consistent stream of wonderful music evenings including the Buddy Holly mu5ical - Three Steps

to Heaven. concerts by Boys of the Lough and

Great music isn't the only fantastic thing about the Brunton Theatre.

the popular entertainment of Craig McMurdo. Our recent refurbishment ensures you will enjoy every show in comfort - without havmg to worry

about parking tickets.

For a free brochure. call 0131 665 2240.


Theatre Musselburgh

16 me usr 23 Jul—6 Aug 1998