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The End Of An Age Portfolio Gallery, Tue 11 Aug—Sat 19 Sep.

Out to catch pre-millennial tension on camera, British photographer Paul Graham visited the nocturnal land of clubs and bars to snap young Europeans at play. Caught up in silent, solo reverie, these clubbers are no playful party animals. The solitary figures look as if they are contemplating future mortgages rather than the next chat-up line. Chewing the cud of the final years of the 20th century perhaps, these young things inhabitant the century’s twilight zone.

Richard Prince

Stills Gallery, Wed 5 Aug-Sat 26 Sep.

Ever the adolescent, US artist Richard Prince is still having teenage kicks. The body conscious Prince has definite leanings towards boy's own laddism, and is best described as an artworld equwalent of a raunchy, stand-up comedian who spares no blushes for political correctness. The American Dream is frequently the butt of his sure-handed humour Borrowing imagery from ad world culture most famously that icon of US wholesomeness, the Marlboro man and bad jokes of yesteryear, Prince delivers a punch to the belly of ’the land of the free‘.

Carl Andre

Inverleith House. Royal Botanic Garden, Sat 15 Aug-Sun 4 Oct.

He gave us controversy and a 'pile of bricks’. American artist Andre was the man whose Equivalent Vl/l, an installation of fire blocks shown at London's Tate Gallery in 1976, gave the press a ton of ready- made brickbats to throw at contemporary art. Without doubt one of the century’s most influential sculptors, Andre is showmg new work at the Botanics, appropriately using local raw materials of red sandstOne, quarried in Dumfriesshire.

Family Credit

Collective Gallery, Sat 8 Aug-Sat 12 Sep.

In an era of the so-called dysfunctional family, brothers Dinos and Jake Chapman are perhaps the most subversive of siblings. Bros Chapman have given us mannequrn kids With anuses for mouths and penises for noses, a genetic nightmare that has also spawned flesh-pink pre-pubescents iomed at the hip, like Siamese twrns. Taking part in a group show, the Chapmans ]()ln forces With Scottish young bloods Beagles and Ramsay, Deborah Holland, Chad McCail and others.


Clockwise from top left Untitled by Richard Prince: a portrait from the End Of An Age by Paul Graham; Equivalent Vlll by Carl Andre and Tragic Anatomies by Jake and Dinos Chapman

23 Jul—6 Aug 1998 THE USTTI