Bug out

It was a shame to see another reviewer caught Out by the ingenious hoax that is Mimic [Issue 335]. The whole thing was a thinly dngUISC’d clone of the Alien series, Spliced onto a JurasSIc Park style genetics-gone- wrong scenario.

All the ingredients were there. We had a rapidly diminishing group of characters, led by a tough but glamorous herome, being chased through a gloomy subterranean world by giant bugs. We had ectoplasm, we had egg-cases, we even had a child to bring out the heroine’s maternal side. Given these blatant similarities, calling the film Mimic looks like either an admission of its lack of originalin or a bad JOkC at the punters' expense. David Sanders Penicuik

Rock of ages

Poor lolrli Jarvis Cocker. PreViously criticised for his obsession Willi all things Juvenile, he now gets slated for showmg his age. Jenny Nelson-Wright [Letters 336] misses the point, however why dismiss pop as a form of throwaway youth worship7


Start scribbling, because the best letter each issue wins a bottle of Smirnoff Blue

Cocker’s take on pop stardom is more one of neurotic boy outsider makes good by accident Pulp’s best work simply oozes the kind of alienation and well-channelled rage which characterises great art songs like ’lvlis-Shapes’ and 'I Spy' were no

exception to this. As brilliant as Different C/ass was, it would have been artistically stagnant to make the same album again. This Is Hardcore is musically darker but contains similar passions and is leavened wrth the same self-deprecating humour. Further proof that the band has in no way lost it is offered by the recent ’Cocaine

SOCialism’ as effective a swipe at

New Labour as any commentator has


Jarvis’ refusal to sell out at any level

is more rock 'n' roll than nice

cheekbones. Long may he continue to

whinge, so we can treasure him like a British Gainsbourg.

Colin James


Editor: Hurrah! Someone who thinks pop music is about more than posters on a teenager’s bedroom wall. Enjoy some Smirnoff B/ue.

Manga (Issue 335): P Sri Ranganathan (Glasgow), Tim O’Connor (Edinburgh) Del Amitri (Issue 335): M-L Downie (Glasgow), Baz McDonagh (Edinburgh), U. Weller (Glasgow), Jane Ballantyne

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Copycat killings: the cast of Mimic

When N64?

As an avid reader of The List and an owner of an N64, I am writing to you to ask why you constantly have so few N64 games up for revrew. This week [Issue 336] I count five Playstation reviews, one PC review and, surprisingly enough again, no N64 games. This is a recurring theme. If this is because no one sends you N64 games, that's fair enough,

Laurie Piper

by e-mail

Editor: Because N64 games come in cartridge form, fewer are given out for review than P/aystation CDs. Also, there are quite simply fewer N64 games entering the market Turn to page 708 for our latest N64 preview


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