Remember the promo for Radiohead's 'ParanOid Android’ With the weird cartoon guy.7 Well that was Robin, sometime musician and full-time slacker, whose adventures cow- tipping, killing mime artists, di'iying tight-ass neighbours to suicide are chronicled to a soundtrack of loungecore, hip hop and reggae in a new Video compilation. With dialogue like, ’When I woke up I was lying on the floor, I’d pissed my pants and it was no fun anymore', it's no surprise that Magnus Carlsson's character ended up in the Visuals for Radiol'iead’s pre-inillennial blues.

Robin is re/c-Pasecl by Fabulous Films on Mon 2/ Jul, priced [9. 99.


Trees and their relationship to people are the themes of Arborea/ Living In Trees, the new show by stilt-dance troupe Scarabeus. The Danish/French/English trio's sources for this piece include a story by Italo CaIVino in which a boy resists enVironmental destruction by IiVing in the trees and Sutherland’s Crocacli Crannali project, which aims to reinstall indigenous trees to Scotland’s north-east coast. This spectacular, outdoor performance Will have you craning your neck as the performers defy graVity on a five-metre-high set. Tarzan, eat your heart out.

Arborea/ is at the Mac'Robert Arts Centre, Stirling, Fri 24 81 Sat 25 Jul.

Something to whet your appetite for the Festival. . .

Music: Fun Lovin' Criminals The wave "‘ag"e’.s "o"‘ the Lower fiast

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were; the: forthcoming second a no” Bung i.o..' out.“ scoooy seat \s See ‘eata'e, page () Iii/ine Karo/xi") (e'if/e, Sun 2 Aug Books: Filth ll‘.'ll‘.(‘ Welsn sets his scata sigl‘ts on 08 Bruce Rohe'tsor‘. ‘.‘.ltc) delights :n Class A (l'le , ouital sex and staric Violence :e !;te."aily icllis.l‘.(] out of his arse. See featare, page 10 lonathan (ape, {9 99, lnu 6 Aug Film: Psycho lne ‘\./acancies’ sign at the Bates' n‘otel .s swtched on again as Alfred ll1tcncock's masteipiece :s re-ieleased into British cine'nas Just keep an eye on the door the." you are taking a shox'.‘e.' See prevzew and reVIew, page 31 Glasgow Film Theatre from in fl Jul

10 Day Weekend Bac lc after a I‘.‘.'() year layoff, this eight day set of events marks the first series of' gigs, interViews and snec ial lz'ni sc i‘eenings that make up tn s celebration of the more le‘t-f'eld rnusica; landscape More ;oodies are planned here and there until the end of 98 See preVIews and istings, page 5? Glasgow various venues, in 2/1 lu/ Sat I Aug, Art: Mona Hatoum The multi-media conceptual artist who was shortlisted for the Turner swallows a camera and documents its Journey. See featu'e, page 1/1 lf(lllll)(/f(}l) National Gallery of Modern Art, from Sat I Aug

Film: The Daytrippers The dysfunctional Malone family band together when daughter Eli/a suspects her husband is haying an a“a:r A chaotic indie comedy that boasts an hilarious script and brilliant cast See preView and reVIew, page H [clinhurgli Cameo, from Fri 24 Jul

Music: Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival fron‘. the traditional to the bright glint of the cutting edge, there's ten days of the finest sounds to both caress and blister your lobes. See [)f'(".'|(’\.‘.’8 and listings, page 56. l.clrnhurgh various venues, Fri 37 Jul Sun 9 Aug

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