Scottish comics

As Scotland’s legendary comrc, The Beano, celebrates Its 60th anniversary, a new trtle, Crackl, signals what may be the future of Scottish comics. DC. Thomson’s Dennrs The Menace (below) rs strll gomg strong as the anti-hero for a nation’s yOuth, whrle anle The lvlrnx has been tipped as the perfect replacement for cheeky Glnger Spice. Meanwhile, the launch of Crack! (subtitled 'An Edrnburgh Festival Of Stnp Comedy') wrll rntroduce a new cast of funnies to readers of all ages Among the characters created by more than twenty contrrbutors are Stovre’s Gary Oke and Slater’s Flyrng Baby Elvrs (bottom, from a cover by Terry Anderson), Crack! IS one of two from Edinburgh’s brand- new Grantlove publlcations, the other belng an action/adventure anthology, provrsronally entitled Crann Tara, to be publrshed later this year. Watch IhIS space.

A double-length anniversary issue of The Beano comes out on Sat 7 Aug, priced 45p. Crack! is launched at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh on Mon 3 Aug, priced [ 3.50. For an

vs Alan rner invitation, pro—order from Deadhead, Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, City Centre Comics,

Buchanan Street, Glasgow, orA 7, Parnie Street, Glasgow.

It mrght seem an unllkely unron, but raveheart author Warner and Introspective gurtar band Superstar have Jomed forces. They hooked up after Warner saw the band play at T In the Park a year ago, and included some of therr lyrrcs In hrs latest novel The Sopranos. Now he and SlngE’T/SOHQWTIIOT Joe lvchlrnden (above, left) are fully fledged collaborators. ’We seemed to have so much rn common -- morbrd and saucy thoughts,’ says lvchlrnden. 'I loved the Idea of crossing over.’ The package Includes one co- wrrtten song ’Hum (Whole New Meaning)’, plus Superstar songs, ’Llfe ls Elsewhere’ and ’Every Second Hurts’ and Warner’s monologue ’One Minute Story’. If you need further entlcement, it’s a llmrted edltion on lOin vrnyl, and each copy comes wrth a poster pnnt by Glaswegian artrst llm Lambie.

The EP ’Superstar Vs Alan Warner’ is released by Camp Fabulous records on Mon 3 Aug.

Justin Osuji

It’s nearly twenty years srnce a BBC documentary, Big Time, followed Glasgow drama student Sheena Easton’s progress from shy wannabe to tyro recording artiste. Now a new BBC SGTIE‘S, The Fame Game, er| trace the naked ambitions of four teenagers, includlng 14-year-old Justin OSUJI, a reggae singer from

Glasgow. Spotted by Edinburgh- if; based producer Iarn Shaw, Osuy wrll 4%, A

.war'" 3 soon be releasing his debut record, a . cover VETSIOH of The Beatles' B-slde, may; ’Thls Boy’.

The Fame Game has just started on

BBC? on Tue 8/ Thu at 5. 70pm. ’This Boy’ is released on Streamline Music on Mon 3 Aug.

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