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60 THELIST 23 Jul~6 Aug 1998

rock & pop


Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances Will be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Rock & Pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Rodger Evans (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 5151 Tower Records Argyle, Street. 204 2500.

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 227 5511.

Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 70l0. ,

Assembly Rooms George Street. 220 4349



I Coaster, Starsky tiiitl Superdrug King 'l‘tit‘s \\'ah \\'.ih lllll. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘), Sitlpiii. £5.50, llolsh_\ indie guitar pop.

I Snap Her Niee 'n' Slea/y. Sauehiehall Street. 353 0057. 0pm.

I Intrigue, The Slipper Limpets,

Mellowberry and The Indian Bone Strawberry l‘ieltls. ()sthltl Street. 22l 7X71. ‘liiii. t5.

I Nint Circle The Arena. ()sw .tltl Street. 22l 3010. Seottish hardcore band. who reeeiitl} supported l’itehshitter. gig in support ot their current single ‘\'oiees'. I The Blues Poets The ('lutha Vaults. Stoekw ell Street. 552 7520. 9pm. liree. Resitleiie} troin the Rtle \‘c‘lt‘lflllx.

I Live Music The l.‘~th Note (Kite. King Street. 553 1038. ‘lplll. L2.

I Live Music Kilkeiin} s. John Street.

552 3505 ‘lpiii. lii'ee.

Edinburgh I Bigger Than Bob (‘aiitiii‘s (iilll.

('anongate. 550 448i. 8pm. Free. l.arging it with acoustic rock litil‘slt‘H.

I El Cometa 10 Kulu's .la// ,loiiit. llt‘lll'} 's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 221 I288. Itlpiii 5am. L4, Jan} action with L‘tllllt‘llllitll';ll'§ daneetlooi' grooves.



I 10 Day Weekend see separate


I Nerve, Buzzbomb and Strawberry King 'l‘ut’s \\'.ih \Vtih lltit. St \'iiieeiit Street. 22] 52“). N..“ll[‘lll. £3.50 l.oc‘;il hand ti iple bill.

I Red Canyon (il'.llltl ()le ()pi'}; l’ttlslt‘§ Road loll. 42‘) 5590 7.50plii. £2.50

it 1.50 iiieinhersi. ('ouiur}:

I Drift, Jay tllltl Dynamo (liter-ii liar. Stiatliehde l'nixersily l'iiion. John Street. .552 l3‘)5. 3pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Albaroot sit-(intuit. High Street. 552 2135. lllpiii. l‘ree. Roots reggae.

I Billy Rivers .\le('htii||s \\';i_\ Hill West. Keh inliatigh Street. 22l 550‘). 9.50pm. l‘ree. Blues guitarist.


I The Singletons ('aiitin's (tttii. ('aiiougate. 5504-181 hl‘lli. l‘iee ('o\ ers guitar hand.

I Hub Central (Its Rock. West Port. 22‘) 434 l. 9pm. £3.

(‘ate (irat't'iti/Kulu's .l.i// .loint dwelling tunk} popstei‘s with loeal l'ollow ing.

I FBI (‘a\entlish. West 'l‘olleross. 22C

3252. ltlpiii to. tree hel'ore llpiii. liritpop.

H it list The only reasons to get out of bed in the morning.


3 Run DMC Dig out the three stripe

Adidas sneakers, slide into leisure wear With whatever the appropriate label is and get down for some hardcore

, bodypopping and breakdancing ' courtesy of these three headmasters of

the old skool. See‘preview, page 54. Glasgow. Barrow/and, Tue 28 Jul. Fun Lovin' Criminals New York's louchest lounge lizards head to downtown lrvrne to explain at what

point they stopped thinking 'girls . . .

wk and started thinking 'laydeez . . . hmmm’. See feature, page 6. Irvine; Magnum Centre, Sun 2 Aug.

10 Day Weekend Gigs, talks from bigwrgs, films and workshops will make this first instalment of the periodic music fest one of the more entertaining spots

in the fOrtnight. See previews and

listings, page 52. Glasgow: various venues, Fri 24 Jul~5at 7 Aug.


Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

Exploring jazz and blues from the popular to the esoteric, the jazz and 2 blues festival presents ten days of

entertainment. See prewew and listings, page 56. Edinburgh: various venues, Fri 37 Jul—Sun 9 Aug.

' I Wilderbeasts Tap ()' Lauriston. S0

l.atiriston Place. 22‘) 40-1]. l0piii. l-‘ree.

Back to the garage with this highly rated 'l’haiies/Kaisei's/Milkshakes splinter group.

I Cantalope Kulti's Jazz Joint. Henry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street. 22! I288. lllpni. {5/};4. New grooves. l’unkyjalz. hip hop.



I 10 Day Weekend see separate


I Summertime Special Part I QM l'nion. l'niversity Gardens. 33‘) 978-1.

7pin-2aiii. £6.50 in advanee l'roni

Missing Records and ()siris. 487 (ii'eat

Western Road. The gathering of the goths starts here with the Sisters Of Murphy.

a Sisters tribute hand from darkest

lttittttersi‘ielti. These Crimson Dreams,

Gentech anti Fragile Existence. Party hats and streamers will not he handed out

at the door.

I The Beatles Beat Bourbon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 014 l. 7pm. £5

ti l‘).50 with dinner). l-‘ab liour tribute


I Straw, Goldrush and Sneak Attack

Tigers King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. St

Vincent Street. 22! 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50. l.oea| hand triple bill.

I Country Dream Grand Ole ()pr)‘. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £2.50 (L‘ l .50 iiieiiibersl. Usual hoedown