Them super slick, finger-snappin', scooby-snackin' king; of New York are back in town. This time 3 got so much lovin' to give. Wottl'. AlastalrMabbott I

THE MIGHTY BARRY WHITE'S CONTRIBUTION to good lovin‘ is surely without equal. Wherever that considerable shadow falls. romance has a habit of blossoming. Indeed. there are people on this eath today who owe their very existence to the power of lie (in! So Much 'li) (iivc to weaken even the strongest resolve.

And so. continuing the sentimental streak evident in their coy er version of ‘\\'e Have All The Time In The World‘. the first track to etnerge from l’un l.ovin' (‘riminals‘ second long—player. l()()‘/} ('o/om/iiun. is love L'nlimited‘. a personal tribute to the '\\'alrus of l.ove' by fronttnan llttey.

‘lt ended tip being a tribute to Barry White.‘ lluey explains. ‘but it began with me exploring the part of my life when I started the journey to becotne a man. I think that's an important part of any man‘s life. It ended up tttrning into an lmmmugc to Barry White. He got me looking at ladies differently when l was a kid. He flipped the switch. that guy did. They turned

from icky to "hmm . . . women”.’

The full album. due out in mid-September. is still

shrouded in mystery. but love L'tilitnitetl' is good enough to slot alongside those established l"l.(‘ greats ‘The Fun Lovin‘ Criminal‘. 'Sc‘tmby

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liast Side. ‘and this is defin- itely the most

Snacks' and 'King Of New York’. Truly appreciative of tnusic with soul and groove. and rarely seen without tongues embedded deep in their cheeks. l‘un l.ovin' (‘riminals were The Beastie Boys as imagined by Martin Scorsese. and things have gone absurdly smoothly for them so far.

lirom working as bartenders in .\'\'(”s Limelight. lluey. Steve and liast stepped straight into a record deal and have tnanagcd to enjoy big hits and prestigious tours while avoiding tabloid crucifixion. lluey himself has sailed through it all with a permanent expression of wry amusement. ()r is that jttst the way his features naturally fall'.’

‘()h. l um amused. This is rock ’n‘ roll. and I think a lot of people take it way too set'iously. I don’t. and the gttys in my band don't. and we kind of think it's funny. and I think a lot of people who like our music think it’s funny too. and that‘s why they like ottr music. And they like our mentality. where we lattgh and take the piss ottt.

and it‘s something that a lot of bands should be doing more of. :\ lot of people take themselves so seriously. Please. come on. It's not like we‘re writing .ll()/)_\' 1):} 'lt or anything over here.‘ No. and it‘s a far murkier racket to be in than the publishing world too. 'l've been in other rackets.‘ says the ex- tnarine frotn l.owet‘

'This is rock ’n' roH,and| think a lot of people take

it way too seriously. Please, come on. It's not like we’re writing Moby Dick or anything over here.’ Huey

cut-throat. But you gotta look at it this way: it is what it is. and it’ll always be what it is. and if yott can deal with it and keep your persp— ective. then I think you're ahead of the game.‘

lluey‘s still one step ahead of us. in that he’s still keeping mtttn about about a film project he hinted at when he was over here two years ago. At the time. he let on only that it would be a comedy and that British people shottld like it. He isn‘t giving away much more now. other than that it‘s ‘still in production.

‘I don't want to be one of those guys who is going to be a multimedia idiot. you know what I mean'.’ It‘s kind of hard. I'd rather the film came out and then I‘ll talk about it. But it‘s something that we‘re doing slowly and surely. and just trying to make sure it's cool and trying to not make it part of the hand. It's not going to be. ".\'ow lluey's doing film". it‘s more something that‘s going to be on its own. It should be pretty fttnny. though. Yeah. I’m going to have to appear in it. It’s a pretty famous story written by a pretty famous author that we got the rights to. I will give you that much.’

Fun Lovin' Criminals play The Magnum Centre,